What is the distance between the father and the woman?

Perhaps men who are thinking about becoming a dad from now on will have a lot of doubts here.


So, is it the end of paying only money?Is there sex?How well do you know the other woman?Such.


I was really worried about this part too.


This is because if you flip it over, it could just be an ATM.


No man hates just wasting money.


In other words, wasted money and wasted time.


In short, an impossible negative chain.


Certainly, there are various definitions of dad activities that women think about.


Among them, the most talked about is a pseudo-romance with her father.


So to say, don't be serious.


Regarding this pseudo-romance, there are various ways to take it, so I dare to omit the explanation.


But that's what I'm saying as I'm actually a dad.


It's really hard to feel the distance from this woman.


Too much prying is no good, and too much contact can lead to putting pressure on the other person.


Honestly, what is a gentleman?I thought about doing a daddy.


There is a very simple answer hidden there.


Of course, before I got there, various things happened, such as signing blank contracts with various women.


However, because there was such a difficulty as a result, I wonder if I can contract with one woman for a long time now?I think.


So what is the sense of distance?


I simply came to the conclusion that it would be fine if I answered what the woman said with a smile.


Surely hard-headed men are lying, right?Are you tired?Do you want to be stressed?And so on, the more you say, the more questions you will have.


But that's really all there is to it.


Of course, there are also sensory parts, but men, please think carefully.


In most cases, the other women are considerably younger than us. (This is not meant to be condescending)


Of course, it's only natural that there's a generation gap, different values, and a difference in attitude towards something.


In fact, I also have a difference with women in this part, and I have the experience of canceling the contract many times.


However, as an adult, I didn't recognize the other person's age group, and I realized that it wasn't good because I was in contact with women in the same age category.


However, when you're with a young woman, you may have the illusion that you've become younger too, right?There are parts where you get a little irritated, right?Very understandable.


However, always having the awareness that "this girl is a young girl" changes the sense of distance with women and the scenery you see together.


A very simple answer is that the approach from the other woman changes 180 degrees just by the way you treat her.


When you're on a date with a woman, you're a little worried about the eyes around you, right?


Is there anything wrong with being in love with a young girl?If a woman has a firm contract, whether it's a pseudo-romance or not, there shouldn't be a problem.


It's not like I'm bothering anyone.


Therefore, a man who is a father, or a man who will be a father in the future, will be able to continue a long-term relationship with a woman he likes by having a firm awareness of such things.


Do you actually have a relationship with a woman?


Many men are worried about this, right?


I will say it clearly.


I had a relationship.


But that doesn't mean I bought it with money.


It was four years ago that I signed a contract with that woman.


At first, it was a contract condition on her side that no physical relationship was good.


It had been a long time since my wife passed away, and I felt lonely and wanted someone to eat and drink with.


However, it goes without saying that people's feelings gradually change as time passes after signing a contract.


One day, we met in the lobby of the hotel, and after having dinner at the same hotel, the woman asked me for a private consultation.


So, do you have mutual trust?I felt that, with the power of alcohol, I naturally invited him, and he accepted it, and we continued to have a relationship.


So, is it OK to have a relationship with a woman who works as a daddy if you are firmly tied in a pseudo-romance?I got one answer.


After that, my contract with that woman ended a few months later, but it remains in my mind as a good memory.


It may be misleading to say that this is the reason.


From the next opponent, I have more relationships.


However, the important thing here is the sense of distance that I wrote above.


It's just a pseudo-romance, and we dads have to be aware that the other woman is younger than us.


Of course, you should also speak softly and politely.


That's why, absolutely stop using "you" or "you". (Call me by name)


At our age, I think there were a lot of households that were a bit of a husband and kanpaku.


However, it is completely different from our time now, so it does not work at all for today's young children.


If you keep your distance by paying attention to this part, you can continue to be with one woman for a long time, and the possibility of having a relationship greatly increases.


It goes without saying, but if a woman asks for advice about something, it's important to respond with a smile.


Anyway, women are looking for answers that don't make time to think on the spot. (This includes consultation on pocket money)


If someone says, "I'm not convinced," or "I'm not kidding, I'm sick of talking about money," that's not for Dad.


The reason is that there are an overwhelming number of women who say, "I'm doing daddy activities because I want help."


So, where do you feel the benefits of a relationship with a dad who can't talk about pocket money?We must be fully aware.


That part is also connected to the sense of distance that must be maintained with women.


If you stick to the above, I think you can have a long and successful relationship with the woman you like.


However, unfortunately, there are cases in which women say that they are only asking. (I also have experience in the past, and I feel like being a dad is useless.)


In that case, you can simply end the contract with that woman early, and honestly that is also a privilege on our side. (Well, if you don't like that one woman)


It is certainly so. (Because there are parts that cannot be compromised depending on the individual.)


That's what I'm talking about based on that.


Personally, I think that if you have been introduced to a wonderful woman at a dating club, I would like you to continue with one woman for a long time.


Even if you can't come to an agreement with a woman, if you talk to a dating club, they will listen to you and introduce you to a woman who suits you.


Those who are going to be dads or who are already dads.


What I am saying may sound very obvious.


However, recently I heard a lot of people around me say that they are not able to maintain a good sense of distance with women, so I was able to talk about this time.


I would appreciate it if you could read it.

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