When all the experience points were used for "attack power", "defense power" suddenly became zero

It has been a while.flag maker.I wish I could write a column about once a month, but I was so busy with work that I couldn't.

I'm sorry that I've only been writing columns that deviate from the main line of the dating club lately, but there are a few people who are looking forward to it.As far as I know, there are XNUMX readers, so I would like to continue writing for those XNUMX readers.

Well, this column lives up to its title.

I have all the experience points in the dating clubFull swing to "attack power"I was doingbecause in the dating club"Defense power" is unnecessaryThat's why.In other words, it's unlikely that you'll be pressed by a papa active girl.Besides, even if I don't bother giving experience points to 'defense power', I've had a lot of experience, so my defense power should be decent.

The experience value is all swing to "attack power".So I've spent my time in the dad life area without any problems, but I noticed this incident.Before I knew it, my ``defense power'' was zeroTo have become.

From a woman's point of view, such an attack might be a light jab.That level of punch made my consciousness faint and stopped thinking.I would like to write about the whole story of one day when I fell into such an unexpected chaos and festivities in my brain.

That's how I feel.I remember that scene from that cartoon.


"Ah... let me tell you what just happened! 』

* Manga "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" Part 3 Episode 136 Jean-Pierre Polnareff's line


break up with her

I said, "See you later."

She said, "If you say something like that, you won't contact me anyway. It's a social comment anyway, right?"

I said, "No, this is serious."

She said, "Really?"

Then I give her a deep kiss as she sits on the bed and slowly push her down.

She ``N♡''


・・・ Pururururu

The phone from the front desk rings.


I said yes

Front desk: "The taxi has arrived."

It's time to say goodbye.

I said, "Shall we go out now?"

She said, "Yes."


My girlfriend and I quickly get dressed, leave the hotel, and get into a taxi.

She said, “Are you going to say goodbye?”

I said, "Today." I will contact you again."

She said, "I understand."


A taxi arrives at the station and drops her off alone.

I said, "See you later."

She said, "Yes."


The taxi door closes.


... tza!Huh!Huh!Huh!What the hell happened to us!? ?


A heartbeat as if you had just held your breath for five minutes.Did she follow her plan or was it taken?Or is it not a plan but a serious one?

No, is it really possible?

Take a deep breath first.Calm down first.


I can't catch up with my thoughts because of the unexpected development.Until just a little while ago, she was doing her best to calm down, but her brain was actually in a state of chaos.

Was my action correct?Or is it a dangerous woman after all, and is this some kind of trap?Is it a honey trap?Are you someone's assassin?who is she?


My actions and behaviors until just now.What was right and what was wrong, or was it all wrong?Totally unknown state of chaos.

The taxi that took me in a state of confusion rushed to a date with a sexy actress who I have been dating since I was in Kanto.

She took the trouble to let me work in Kansai and came to see me.This is what happened just before that important date.You can't be late for a date.

Calm down first.Change your mind and now focus on the date you have in a few minutes.


An event that just happened.Let's calm down and organize it after the date.


meeting her

I was transferred to Kansai from April.I renewed my Univa membership for the time being, but I can't get an offer because my dad's motivation doesn't go up and I'm too busy with work.

So I changed my profile to public.In addition, added in the comments section that "I am writing a column under the name of Flag Maker".

In other words, I took the palliative method of saying, "It's nice," if there was a good encounter.

thankfully"I'm watching the column!"I received some wonderful comments such as:I would like to take this opportunity to thank the women who took the time to comment.

And the girlfriend in this column is one of the people who sent me nice comments.


"Huh? I also sent a nice comment with a comment, but why didn't I get an offer!?"

A few female members who thought.Don't be hasty, let me make an excuse (laughs)


Why did I make her an offer?

it's herIt's niceis.I will post the original text below.


"nice to meet you.I love Flag Maker's column,I changed from Salon to Universe and joined!It may sound bad, but it's true.I would love to meet you even just once! ! ”


yes.To my surprise, she had passed the salon, but for some reason she changed to the universe after reading my column.

It was such a spirited “unfortunate person” (laughs)

By the way, she was a high-ranking woman at Univa with no face and a premium price.She probably has the best beauty, but she's too pitiful.


But I'm the reason.


As expected, I exchanged contact information and applied for a letter date because I wanted to convey my apology and gratitude to her.This is an important point, so I will emphasize it so there is no misunderstanding.


Because it is "premium price without appearance of upper class"I didn't ask for a letter date.Never.never.

It was a nice commentI submitted an offer.Please do not misunderstand there.


And I will connect with her on line immediately.

She doesn't seem like much of a person, even though I just connected with her on line, she seems quite happy.She should be grateful, but honestly I feel sorry for her.I'm like this


"Eat a fan"


It feels downright rude.In the first place, I'm a vulgar person, but even I feel a vulgar feeling when I say "eat the fans".So keep your relationship with her as normal as her friend.


On the other hand, I don't have a good image of "my fans" at all.The fans are a little scary.

why?I'm going to use a rude expression here, but when I was in a band when I was a student, all the fans who followed me were ugly and strange women.Everyone.I wonder why (laughs)


A beautiful cute girl is a fan of guitar vocals.

And usually good girls are fans of drums.

Other strange women are my (bass) fans.

I haven't decided on such a rule at all, but for some reason my fans are all weird women.A woman with a strange hairstyle, a woman who always wears a huge ribbon for some reason, a woman who always behaves suspiciously.

From this experience, I have a preconceived notion that women who approach me are "strange women".That's one of the reasons why I think it's about Iitomo.


But I still feel bad for her."I'm like this? 』and show meI want to free her from the curse of her fans.


If it's just a casual lunch.Afternoon of the day when there is another date from the evening.I feel like I can meet you for lunch on such a day.

I just got an appointment for a Kansai date with a sexy actress.The date starts in the evening.Just right.


I said, "On the day of ○, if you're free, would you like to go for lunch?"


Since the date and time are pinpointed, there may be cases where her schedule does not match.But that's okay.The fact that I invited him to lunch remains, so I feel like I've done my job.

However, for better or worse, she managed to arrange a lunch date for us.It makes me a little nervous for some reason.

Well, I have a favorite date from the evening, so let's make it a casual date.In the first place, I have no intention of living as a dad with her.I will make that clear to her in advance.


Me: "No adult dating, let's just have a lunch date."


lunch date with her

I arrived at the restaurant first, so I put my luggage on the seat and went to the restroom.When I got back from the restroom, she was sitting there.


I said, "Hello."

She said, "Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you! (Glitter)"


No, she's a beautiful woman.She's beautiful enough to appear in a normal cosmetics commercial.is.A beautiful face that can be seen all the time with a beautiful woman.

However, she makes her eyes sparkle and sparkle at me.Her glare is such that you can't see her in front of her.

I should have put on my sunglasses (laughs).

However, I dare to take off my sunglasses and replace them with glasses, and I also remove my cap.Yes, I dare to produce a sense of regret.


Me: “I am like this (laughs)”

She said, "I didn't think you were such a young person! (Glitter)"


Oh. .yes.

The back of this guy's eyes is probably rotten (laughs)


And I don't have the confidence to meet this glittering expectation (laughs)

By the way, what should I talk about?I don't know her at all, but she knows almost everything about me through my column.I feel like I'm in a terrible predicament.


She said, “Flag Maker’s column.

Me: “Oh, thank you.

She said, "That's not true! It's by far the funniest writer out there!"

I said, "Oh, thank you."


It's kind of hard to do.


She: “By the way, are you going on a date today?”

I said, “Yeah.

She said, "Is that the sexy actress by any chance?"

I said, "Oh, you're right."

She said, "I did it! I got it!"

Me: “You know me well (laughs).”


It's kind of hard to do.


She: “By the way, Mr. Flag Maker, you’re not my type, are you?

Me: "No, that's not true. I'm honestly surprised that you're so beautiful. I feel lucky!"

Me: “But to be honest, cute tits are the correct answer.


Hard to do (laughs)

She really reads my column, she knows everything about me.


And no matter what I say, it sparkles.

Even if you say something vulgar, it will sparkle.

It sparkles even where you want it to be popular.

Anyway, the eyes that look at me are sparkling.

Always return sparkling.


I don't think this analogy can convey much, but it's likeFeeling like the Akiba style of the manga "Ushio and Tora"fall into"Don't look at me like that! I'm not that good!"It is a state.


I'm getting more and more impatient when I don't get the reaction I'm aiming for from her.

There is a big gap between her glittering expectations, that is, "her delusional me" and "real me".I don't have the confidence to live up to their expectations.

My mistakes have become conspicuous, such as putting in an unnecessary episode talk in a hurry and blowing myself up.However, I told him that I had a date in the evening, and it would be disbanded after lunch.I finished eating dessert.I feel like I've finished a job.

Dealing with fans is difficult.


I said, "Well then, shall we go?"

She said, "Oh, are you ready to go?"


... Huh? ?


No, I just told you that I have a date after this, right? ?

Besides, if you're a fan of mine, you should be able to support my favorite date.

What's going on?Isn't that the case?


She said, "Is there still time until the next date?"


yes.in trouble.There is certainly time.

But I don't want to invite you to the hotel, so is this Starbucks?


Me: “Oh, there’s still more.

She said, "I'm going! I did it!"


Probably about an hour at Starbucks asking for a drink and talking?One hour overtime.All right.


But it's just kind of weird.

I feel a strangely moist atmosphere.

I have a date after this.She should know that too.But she is the look of expectation that she feels from her.Should I invite him to the hotel?


No more than this, I can't do it (laughs)


I get a drink at Starbucks and sit face to face with her at a small round table.However, the distance to her was strangely close.Her eyes continue to sparkle.


Let's look at her calmly again.


yes.she is really beautiful.She can look at her expectations from such a beautiful woman.It may be the first experience in my life.

My heart was pounding when I thought so.


Tsun Tsun

Hmm? - It's her feet that touch my feet

What is it?ー And sexy body touch

This is okay!


I'm really excited (laughs).


But what is this feeling of being invited?I honestly can't believe it because I don't usually get attacked.what is her purposeUpset.

No no, thinking about it calmly made me feel a little scared.Approached in such an easy-to-understand manner.I can understand if I'm a popular and handsome guy, but the other party is me.It seems unreal.

After all, is she a dangerous woman because she's my fan?Which one?Agitation spreads.

I'm nervous and I'm about to finish my frappuccino in no time.

Let's calm down and sort out the situation and make a hypothesis.I have two hypotheses:


[Hypothesis ① Honey trap theory]

It's wonderful in the first place Everything from the comments,Actually a honey trap theory from her to trap me.Either she herself or a mysterious male member who directs behind her is the trap setter.It's the theory that you're trying to expose me.

With this theory, you can understand her sparkling feeling.She is acting to deceive me.agreement.

Readers may find it hard to believe, but at this point, I thought this theory was the most plausible.

Don't Trust Anyone! (Trust no one) is my credo, because it all makes sense to me, a negative thinker and a skeptic.


[Hypothesis XNUMX: Kana Nishino's state theory]

The queen of love songs, just like the lyrics written by Kana NishinoThe theory that she is in sparkling love mode.

Compared to Hypothesis (XNUMX), I am less convinced, but let's leave it as a possibility.

In this theory, she should be happy if you do what she wants.

Also, if you're a serious fan of mine, I'd like to give you fan service as a thank you.Sorry for looking from above (laughs)


Lunch date with her, then

As soon as I leave Starbucks, she gently wraps around my arm.Even if she usually attacks me, she doesn't get attacked by women, so that alone makes my heart beat faster.

However, at present, the honey trap theory is the leading hypothesis in me.If you know it's a honey trap, you can enjoy this situation a little.

But I'm sorry, don't be fooled.Time out.


I said, "Okay, I'll take you to the station by taxi."

She said, "Oh, are you ready to go?"

I said, "Well, well, it's almost time for the next appointment."

She said, "You still have some time until then, right?"

I said, "Well, I'm sure there are a few more."

She said, "I want to stay with you for a little longer."

And she gently leans on me.


No... what should I do with this? .


Then someone pulls my pants from behind.Looking back,Detective Conan was there.


Conan-kun: Hey, hey, I think it's probably Hypothesis ②.

* Of course, delusions in the brain


on second thoughts?

Actually, I wonder if I've been like that since a while ago!I thought.Yes, this is the correct answer for hypothesis XNUMX.Conan-kun says.no doubt.


The honey trap theory and the Nishino Kana theory, that is, the conflict between reason and greed,Kana Nishino wins.

She's a real bastard.I'm in Kana Nishino's state.When I think so, I fall into a heart-pounding state at once.


Adult dating with an allowance, that is, a race.Ichi performance in that fixed flow"I want to be with you♡"Then I am confident that I will not be shaken even one millimeter.

I basically don't trust anyone.


But this.I feel like I'm serious!

If you think so, you will be floating at once!

Maji's attack is said to resonate directly to the heart! !


The brain, heart, and feet are all on the verge of a KO.I should have had various experiences in the dating club until now,

Was my "defense power" that weak? ?


yes.The experience value in the dating club was fully swinging to the attack power.It wasn't good.All of a sudden the defense is zero.

I lost my ability to make normal decisions, and even though I didn't have time to go on a date with a sexy actress, I said to her in a cool and stylish way.


I said, "Let's rest at the hotel for a while."


at the hotel with her

I checked into a city hotel without thinking.

I don't have time and I don't have rubber, so what the hell was I going to do when I entered the hotel? (laughs)




Before I could organize my thoughts, she hugged me passionately.

What should I do.If you calm down a little, I feel like it's a honey trap theory.On the other hand, I don't think it's a good idea to come this far and do nothing.I was the one who invited you to the hotel.

What you need here is a "decision" for better or worse.should i go or what should i doSo the decision I made was the following mysterious decision.Below is the original text.


Me: “Actually, I didn’t have a condom because the development was too sudden.However···LeeI can do chai cha! !So let's flirt all the time!'


Most of the men reading this are probably"No, no, you can do it if you come this far."That's what I thought.maybe women too"No, just do it."You may have thought.


I still have some concerns.But I also want to do erotic things.

However, if you have sex here, it will have an adverse effect on the date after this.probably not erect.

Each of those compromises has led to this mysterious selfish decision.


I immediately pushed her onto the bed and kissed her.

However, there is still a honey trap theory in the corner of my head.I want peace of mind that it is not a honey trap.I don't think there is any way to be sure.And I came up with a good idea to check.As expected of a flag maker, I am a calm and organized man.That proof of whether it's a honey trap.


Check her underwear and you'll know!


In other words, today is only a promise for a lunch date in the first place.to her in advance"I don't date adults"I'm telling you.

But what if she wears erotic fashionable underwear?What do you think?She's going to have sex in the first place.In other words, the possibility that it is a honey trap increases.

While pretending to be crazy about flirting, I naturally place my hand on her thigh.Then put her hand under the dress and slowly move it towards her buttocks.but.


Hmm, huh?What's this?

What's with these panties?panties?


My hand found no panties.It was like boxer shorts made of thick stocking fabric worn over panties.


I said, "What is this (laughs)?"

She said, "No, it's like corrective underwear. I didn't think this would happen today. I didn't come here wearing corrective underwear."




Isn't that a honey trap or trap?can i believe it?It's normal to have a crush on such a beautiful woman.How can such a thing happen to us! ?

No, she's reading my column.It is possible that she knows my personality and is wearing corrective underwear.I can't throw it away eitherI don't know what the correct answer is anymore if I think about that.I don't know what's going on anymore.



Anyway, I'm flirting right now! !


Time flies when you're crazy and flirting.In a blink of an eye, it was time to really say goodbye.

And it connects to the farewell at the beginning of the column.


I think that some of the men reading this are probably surprised by my abnormally negative negative thinking, suspicion and caution, but this is a true story, not a joke.

I'm too negative to believe in "being liked for no reason".

However, once you trust them or fall in love with them, it becomes extreme, and you become a big-hearted amateur who can forgive lies and anything at once.

I know that myself, and I can't do that sweet response to a large number of people.My kindness has capacity.

So, out of self-defense, I narrow down the people I trust and the people I like.


What do you think of the women reading this?"No, no, don't get me wrong, it's money."Is it?"You are too rude to that woman."Is itEither.


I think this column is probably content that does not gain sympathy from both men and women and is condemned, but this is the truth as it is.

Perhaps the reason I write about it in my column is because I am choosing to live as a column writer even if I die as a man (laughs).


Reliable "My Tanaka"

An opportunity to trust her.It was an unexpected opportunity.

Even after that, I was half in doubt, but I continued to communicate with her on line to solve the mystery.

Meanwhile, there is a report that she has been diagnosed with Corona.


She said, "I feel like I'm going to die from being too busy in the XNUMX-day quarantine. Isn't there something I can do to pass the time?"

Me: “Then, I’ll send you a video that will kill time!”


I send her a comedy video that I usually watch.The choice is extremely safe.Choose something generic that everyone can laugh at.

Just let me hide some of them in my "favorite video".I love those videos, but they're unpopular with women, and I haven't received a very good response.

One of them is the videos of Gakitsushi's "Waga Tanaka" and "Unprecedented Tanaka" series.To put it simply, it's a project where Coco Riko Tanaka is wrong.If you don't know it, please google it.



She said, "Hey ww I just saw that ww"


What the hell (laughs)! ?


I don't think anything even if I react to a safe comedy video"My Tanaka" is different.

"My Tanaka" is different. There is not one bad guy for a girl who can laugh at "Waga Tanaka" (laughs)

I sincerely think so.


That's why my wariness is solved at once and I trust her XNUMX%.The trigger is "My Tanaka"

I trusted her and immediately asked her out for a second date.Of course, this time it includes a hotel.


This time, we were able to calm down more than last time and talk about various things.

from her in it"I've been lying all the time and I'm worried about guilt. Actually, it's 〇〇."There was a sudden confession.It may be the content that is surprised and shunned if it is a normal feeling.

However, as I have already written, if you trust and fall in love with someone, you will instantly transform into a sweet amateur who will forgive lies and anything.Anyway, I'm in the mode of trusting the person himself, so I don't care about lies at all.It doesn't matter (laughs)


After I finished eating, I left the restaurant.


I said, "Well, here we are."

She said, "Oh, I thought maybe this love hotel would lead me (laughs)."

Me: “You know me well (laughs).”


This time you can have sex from flirting without any anxiety.It's great to have peace of mind.

I want to cherish my encounter with her and make it a long relationship.

After all, a woman who likes me, even if it's just an inch, is precious, and a girl who finds "Waga Tanaka" interesting is extremely precious to me.


By the way, I understand that this column is very rude to this woman.

In addition, we will publish it after confirming the contents with her in advance.I think it's extremely rude to do that, but she's grateful to her for allowing it.


A Final Word

After writing this column, I became aware of my self-centered thinking and preconceptions.And an abnormal degree of suspicion and negative thinking about what is coming.and low self-esteem.

However, I think that being able to recognize one's own shortcomings = creating one's own "free space".I've experienced a lot and failed, and I'm still growing.I will keep trying my best.

If you are a man who is usually popular, you can handle this case without difficulty.It may still be impossible for me.


I want to be a better person.

By the way, I want to be a person who is cool with nipples (laughs)


Lastly, what do you want to say?

In the future, it will be nice.Comment"My Tanaka, I like you too!"Even if you send me something like that, I can only think of it as a honey trap!



Until we meet again next time!Adios!

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