Characteristics of women you should pay attention to Vol.2


The principle is not to waste time even if the other party is a woman.

The tension when a man meets a woman for the first time.

The fun and thrills are immeasurable.

For that reason, you can guess that the feeling of loss when it is different from what you imagined, or the immeasurable damage to your mentality.

When a man had sex, he hoped, "This woman is quite good," and after it was over, he realized, "It was tuna."

I believe there is something close to this.

why do you feel that way?I wonder if it's proportionate to the time it takes to get motivated.

If everything happened in an instant, there wouldn't be much damage.

However, unfortunately, the relationship does not end in an instant.

Isn't this exactly the relationship with a woman who works as a dad?

In particular, men meet by choosing from a large number of women.

That's why you have to spend time.

If I hadn't met this woman, I could have spent time with other women. (some regrets)

And time = money.

This is also an important part to be proportional.

Then, how not to waste everything?At the beginning, it may be limited to "preparing resistance" or "preparing information" to some extent.

The number of women working as dads has increased compared to a few years ago.

That's why it's so important to know the other side. (It's just my point of view.)

A woman who smokes unexpectedly is not bad

Nowadays, many people quit smoking.

That's exactly what it's like to be a boom, and it's tough for smokers.

I'm actually a smoker too.

That's why I love cigars besides tobacco.

However, no matter where you walk in the city, there is almost no place where you can see smoke.

Even if there is, you have to smoke with a narrow mind.

This is the same for women who work as dads.

Anyway, there are many women who don't like cigarettes.

That's why, even when we were together, how many times did he spit out the line "Papa smells like cigarettes"?

Basically, if it's a place where it's okay to smoke, I go there alone and smoke.

Even if you are with a woman, you can say a word and disappear from the spot.

The reason for this is that they can't respond even if they talk about the smell.

In the first place, I don't like being taken to an unpleasant place (smoking area) and having an unpleasant experience.

I think that this is surely the same feeling in the case of female smokers and male non-smokers.

Smokers can understand each other.

Since smokers are marginalized in society, I have noticed that female smokers tend to be more open and considerate than non-smokers.

That's why, in my experience, they often forgive me even if there's something wrong with me. (Tardiness, etc.)

So I don't have a very bad image of myself.

This time, the story progresses step by step.

The story from here is a topic unrelated to men who completely quit smoking, so please understand.

A woman who can't smoke cigarettes is annoying even in papa katsu.

In the old days, you could smoke everywhere. (even on an airplane)

Nowadays, people often look down on us, and the worst people are those who quit.

Anyway, as if he had taken the demon's head, he held up an unsubstantiated reason and set up a smoking cessation campaign. (I am sick of)

This is also the case with women.

"Papa, quit smoking because it's bad for your health."

"You know why I don't like cigarettes? It's the smell."That's what I'm talking about.

So-called smokers and non-smokers are playing cat and mouse. (I don't think we can understand each other)

I hate smoke, I hate smells.

Very fine.

However, only such women tend to make only their own requests in dad activities.

For example, I can't do it without this, or I can't do it unless I'm a man with this kind of personality.

It's a simple story, it's not a conversation.

Don't you think it's important to accept the other person?It's called compassion.

I feel like that's missing.

Of course, I'm not saying all women.

It is said that many of the non-smoking women I met (or women who forced them to quit smoking) had this tendency.

In particular, isn't dad activity a relationship that consists of mutual consideration?

That's why the men also pay attention to women who are dads, and there should be a lot of things to give away.

However, I think it is important not to say, "I will be careful, so the other person should also be careful," but that it is important to naturally yield to each other.

Say that because the other person is a smoker, It is better to quit or smell.

I can understand that some people are thinking about their bodies.

However, if that's the case, I don't think it's possible to say that it smells or smells like that.

A woman has good intentions and sprinkles strong perfume on her.

How many men can say that?I can't say even if my mouth is torn.

In that respect, I have never felt uncomfortable in such a part as a woman who smokes.

Anyway, there are many women who accept anything.

And the glue is good, and I don't care about the details.

Every woman I've ever met who smokes has that image.

There are some men who don't like smoking women, so even if I recommend it, I can't say it's unreasonable for everyone.

However, what I want you to understand is, "It's better not to refuse as much as possible just because you're a daddy active woman and a smoker."

The same goes for women with tattoos.

He's really upbeat and friendly.

In our time, tattoos were unthinkable for women, and the image was a little scary.

But times are completely different now.

Tattoos have become a fairly popular perception.

When I talked to a woman with a tattoo, she said, "It's normal overseas, and I think Japan is behind."

Judging people by their appearance is the worst thing an adult should do.

Women who work as dads have types with various humanity and have various ways of thinking.

That's why I say, "You should be careful" about contracting with a woman who has a fixed concept that "discriminates" people too much.

Perhaps there is a story about this among men who have already become dads.

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