A Little Coffee Break Lounge Edition ④: A lovely lady making her debut in the lounge?

■ Synopsis up to the last time

I will ask the staff to introduce the second female member. . .

I like the style, but it's a little weird...

We were looking for something to talk about, and just when we finally started to get excited, we timed out again!

While looking at the appearance of the female member who hastily left, I repeatedly ask myself.


Did I react poorly?

Was it unexpected for her?

Where can we improve? ?


What kind of place is UL today?The purpose is to know, so let's pull ourselves together and look forward to the third and final female member!


■ A lovely woman who makes her lounge debut?

Even if you want to be a little hesitant, Mr. OL!A female member with the impression entered the room!

Maybe the oldest for the third person?


Woman: "Hello. I'm XNUMX years old. How old are you?"


eh! ! !It's shocking that you suddenly ask me how old I am!

I can't help but tell a lie,


Me: "I'm XX years old! What's wrong with you?"


Woman: "You said you were in your XX's on your profile, so I came here wondering what kind of person you are, but you looked young!"

Me: "Is that so? Is it disappointing? (bitter smile)"

Woman: "No, no, I'm sorry for suddenly asking something strange."


Woman: "How many times have you been here?"

Me: "Actually, it's my first time today and I don't really understand it yet."

Woman: "I don't know much either, so it's okay. (laughs)"


Woman: "What kind of work do you do?"


I'm going to ask a lot of questions with a lot of forward.

I don't know what to do, but I feel impatience.wry smile


Me: "I'm doing 〇〇 at a company in 〇〇 industry."

Woman: "That's right. I only wrote about the XX industry on my profile, so I asked!"


Ooooo!It's a barrage of questions, as if you're looking for a marriage partner.

yeah?I just had an interview with the person in charge of joining, but I wonder if my member profile has already been made public.And I wonder if the female members are coming here while watching it.

If you think about it, it might be a matter of course, but if you don't know about it and lie and talk about it randomly, you'll get caught.

But what does my profile say? ?be on one's mind.


Woman: “If you say that you are doing XX at work, are you doing things that you normally wouldn’t be able to do in your private life?”


It's a straight question again.

Are you looking for a rich man by any chance?

I don't know what to expect, but I'll see how it goes. .


Me: "(laughs) I don't know what you're imagining, but I've been writing down things I've wanted to do for a long time in a notebook and doing them one by one."

Woman: "What is that?"

Me: “Have you ever thought about what you want to do since you were little or after you become a member of society? I'm doing it."

Woman: "That's interesting! For example, what kind of things did you try?"


・・・ (Omitted) ・・・


Sounds like you're looking for a rich man.

When I told him that he owned two cars and what kind of car he had, his eyes were shining.

I'm sure she has some purpose or something she wants to do, and she's probably looking for a rich man.

But unfortunately I don't think I'm as rich as you're looking for!wry smile


Woman: "I'm sure you're having fun doing various things! (smiling)"

Me: "This is. Someone told me to write XNUMX things I want to do in a notebook. So, by writing XNUMX things in a notebook, I will realize it while looking at the notebook over and over again. That's why I'm doing it, but it's fun if I can achieve one thing at a time that I wanted to do that I had forgotten about!"

Woman: "Huh. That might be true!!"


・・・ (Omitted) ・・・


If you were excited while talking about some other things...


Staff: "It's time."


Ah!It's time again! !


Woman: "Ah! Thank you very much!"

Me: "Let's talk again!"


Staff: "How was it?"

Me: “Thank you!

Staff: "Understood."


Me: "Excuse me! It's my first time today, so I don't know very well, but could you tell me the name of the female member who introduced me this time?"

Staff: "You can check it on the member page!"

Me: “Oh!


Immediately select the talk list on the member page!

Oh!Certainly, there is a list of three people introduced this time.

However, the word "unestablished" is a little annoying.


Now, when I look at the profile of the three people again...

Yaba!It would have been easier to talk if I had read this before asking the female member to come over!


■ Reflecting on this time

If I knew a little more about the UL system, I would have been able to talk more smoothly with female members.This failed! !

Also, if you don't pay attention to the talk time, you can't close well!

I don't like talking while looking at my watch because I get impatient. .

Also, unlike UC, there are women who don't show their faces, so it's risky, but I'd love to meet them!I can meet you as soon as I think, and it might be efficient to know your personality?

However, when will the woman I like come to UL?I don't know, so it might be better to check the female member list again.


In any case, this first lounge was a valuable experience!

I haven't had the bad experience of applying for OK to a female member and getting an NG response, but the members who have completed the admission screening at UL are looking for a P-katsu encounter. Then, since there are no explosive women like P-katsu apps, isn't it possible to meet easily and reliably?

Each person has their own tastes in terms of appearance and personality, so I thought it would be a very efficient encounter.Also, although it was only for a short time, I'm happy that we can talk without hesitation, probably because we have a sense of purpose that each other wants to meet.

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