A Little Coffee Break Lounge Edition ③: The second female member

■ Synopsis up to the last time

The heart-pounding lounge debut is in full swing!

When I asked the staff to introduce a recommended female member, the first person was finished!

Because she is a model, her style is good!Besides, she's also an industry person, so I'm sure she's used to talking to her uncle.I think she had a good time.

This point is truly UL!That's what it feels like.It was a female member who seemed to be hungry.

However, time out in the middle of the excitement!

I really want a timer!Even though I thought that, I still couldn't fully understand the UL system. . .


■ The second female member

A female member enters the room with a half-drinking drink in one hand.After all, it looks like a cabaret... wry smile

She was my favorite slender office lady.

However, I feel a little uncomfortable...

He consciously hides his mouth while having his teeth straightened, and his lively language is bad and difficult to hear.The front teeth of the braces that I sometimes see are not clean, and I was distracted by that.


Me: “Hello!

Woman: "Nice to meet you!"


When I was talking with various women while looking for exciting points, there were many statements that they came from the countryside, so I asked them a little.


Me: "I heard that you moved to this area, where did you come from?"

Woman: "I came out of 〇 tree!"

Me: "It's a 〇 tree, isn't it? It was a story that came out of the countryside, so I wondered where it was. It may be a little far away, but it's not the countryside at all. I immediately went down to the south. I live in 〇!"

Woman: "Is that so?"


that?Even if I talk about the geography of where I live, I've completely ignored it.

Wait, it's my first time, so I can't help but be shunned. .


Woman: "Do you have any hobbies or things that you do?"

Me: "I like traveling! I used to go abroad a lot before Corona!"

Woman: "I like going abroad too! Where did you go?"


Oh! ?It looks like we are finally having a conversation!

It would be boring to talk about a standard country, so let's talk about something a little different.


Me: "I climbed Ayers Rock and went to see the Northern Lights."

Woman: "You went to Uluru!"

Me: "Huh? It's pretty good to know that word. Have you been there by any chance?"


・・・ (Omitted) ・・・


He doesn't really get into the conversation. .What a bummer.


Woman: "Did Aurora go to Northern Europe?"

Me: "Yes. I was only able to watch it for about XNUMX minutes during my four-day stay."

Woman: "But I've heard that some people can't watch it, so that's amazing!"

Me: "I was only able to watch it for about XNUMX minutes, so I'm thinking that I want to see it again in a different country."

Woman: “So you’re going to watch it in a different country in Northern Europe. That’s great!”


Me: "Speaking of which, I also went to Egypt!"

Woman: "Did you go inside the pyramid?"

Me: "Of course I did!"


・・・ (Omitted) ・・・


I had finally found the exciting point of the story, but as usual, the curtain opened,


Staff: "It's time."

Woman: "Thank you very much!"


The female member left the room as if there was no excitement until a while ago. .


Staff: “How was it? Who is this woman?”

Me: "I'm sorry... this time..."

Staff: "Okay. Next woman. I'll take you."


■ Reflections on this time and second person's impressions

Since she was the second woman, she was more knowledgeable than the first. I thought I was talking.And honestly, it's hard to get excited if you don't keep the conversation going in order to be guided by the woman's question. .

However, the only high evaluation was the clothes that the chest is loose, so it is a floating bra that can be seen and hidden when you lean forward.I was pretty intrigued by this.LOL


It was the same when I was the first one, but on the inside, Good!Would it have been much better without the orthodontic treatment?

However, considering that it was difficult to find the exciting point of the story and that I was easily left when the time was over, I thought that women were not very interested in me.

And what was this woman's expectations of me?I thought about it again.

Does this regular guy have money?I wonder if it's something like that.

That said, you can't let a woman who has her teeth straightened flirt with you, right?It can't be helped because I have my own thoughts. .


Wait.Each person has their own wavelength, so I'm finally picking myself up and finally the third person!

It would be nice to have a nice lady to decorate this lounge debut. .

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