What is "cleanliness"?


often as the type of man women prefer"People who are clean"is sometimes expressed as

I have lived for over XNUMX years and have never met a woman who says she likes people who don't feel clean, so most women prefer men who have a sense of cleanliness. prize.

But,Cleanliness"What is it?

It won't be right after the war, and everyone takes a bath every day and brushes their teeth.I'm sure the "feeling" of cleanliness they're talking about is a broader definition, but come to think of it, I never really thought about it.
To be honest, no matter how old I am, I want to be popular with women, and I want to have my friends and mistresses play with me so that I can maintain a relationship with multiple women.I want to live a life filled with greed.So I decided to think about it properly in order to maximize the possibility of future encounters.

Refreshing...?Is it?

While drinking, I asked about 5 women, "Wait a minute, can you tell me what you mean by 'cleanliness'?"

*It's just the feeling of the woman I'm dating
* If all are satisfied, it will not necessarily be "clean", and it seems that there is a weight in the impact it gives.

■ Story of smell

  • Body odor (ex cigarette, sweat odor, armpit odor)
  • have bad breath
  • The clothes themselves have some odor (ex cigarette, body odor, sweat odor)

■ Hair

  • please, it doesn't suit me
  • unfit for age
  • have dandruff
  • bald

■Various body hair

  • Disposal of sideburns is dirty
  • The unshaved beard looks dirty (although it's fine if it's a stylish beard that suits you)
  • Arm hair and shin hair are extremely thick and conspicuous
  • Nose hair protruding/visible
  • I have ear hair
  • eyebrows not in shape
  • Hair growing out of strange places on arms and backs of hands
  • I have a mole

■ Mouth

  • bad teeth
  • have pigmentation on the teeth
  • badly colored gums
  • dry lips
  • chapped or cracked lip skin

General skin (face, arms, legs)

  • powdered with dry skin
  • I have blemishes, warts, or boils
  • have atopy or dermatitis

■ hand

  • nails are growing
  • After biting your nails
  • dirt between nails
  • hangnail is conspicuous

■Body type

  • fat
  • sweating

■ Talk about fashion and belongings

  • Wrinkled, wrinkled
  • Collar stretches out
  • Neck and sleeves yellowed
  • my shoes are dirty
  • The bag is dirty and aged
  • The smartphone is greasy and sticky with fingerprints

■ Action story

  • dirty way to eat
  • chewing sound
  • runny nose
  • with eye mucus
  • Nausea and spitting up after brushing teeth
  • Standing when using the toilet

It seems like

There are things that people naturally care about, and there are things like, "Is that a sense of cleanliness?"However, when I write it out again, it takes a very wide range to make women feel a sense of cleanliness.

  • A person who is conscious of how they are viewed by others and takes proper care of their appearance
  • a person who does not behave in a way that is physiologically unacceptable
  • Elements that give a sense of cleanliness are not limited to the person themselves, but also extend to the surroundings, such as the person's belongings and actions.

I decided to interpret that.

Well, on the contrary, the "women I want to meet" as a man are women who naturally take care of these things. I thought again that "I'm not embarrassed to be a man" is probably the lowest line, and that's what a man with a "clean feeling" must be.

of course,

Clean = popular

I don't think so.People who are fat but popular are popular, and there are men who are fat but clean.There are wonderful bald men like Sean Connery and Ken Watanabe, and I'm sure they'll be popular.
On the other hand, there are girls who don't like men's hair removal, and there are girls who like men's body odor (I guess it depends on the degree and direction of the smell).
As one of the elements that make up “mote”, it is “a component of a sense of cleanliness that you should be aware of”. Somehow I was convinced that there was a high possibility that I could do it.

I think it's hard to live worrying about everything, but I want to have fun with women, so the hair problem may not be something I can do about it (no, money can't solve it either). Maybe I should go to Turkey like Ishida ○sei), but other than that, I decided to think that if I just care about it, everything will work out.

To the girls who play with such old men, I say, "Thank you for playing with me." I want to be a person who can feel "", and while renewing my feelings, first of all, I'm going to brush my smartphone and pluck my nose hair.

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