This kind of woman who is surprisingly glad I signed a contract Vol.5



A woman who doesn't use SNS at all

In my personal opinion, I could honestly say it was the best.

In this day and age, it's pretty hard to find a young woman who isn't on social media.

That's why I have the impression that almost 9% of women who are active as fathers use SNS. (I also hear that there are women who are active as dads on SNS.)

SNS may be an inseparable relationship in this day and age.

This is true even in our generation.

Recently, more and more people in our generation are using SNS.

There are various ways to use it.

News that is not known whether it is true or false can be believed and conveyed to people through SNS, and when people believe it again, it spreads. (It was amazing during the coronavirus.)

If we are told, ``We need to hone our ability to see things through,'' that's all we need.

Well, SNS can be said to be common sense in this world.

If you're a father, you've probably experienced the behavior of a contracted woman.

When you go to a high-end restaurant, you are forced to take a photo facing each other to upload it on social media, and even if the delicious food is served, you are not served immediately, and wait for a few minutes before putting your fork in the photo.

When I say SNS, I only use LINE and I don't use Instagram.

That's why I don't take photos with women myself, so I don't understand how they snap photos with their smartphones, especially during meals, and to be honest, sometimes I find it bothersome.

The food will get cold.

Additionally, there are quite a few stores that dislike such behavior.

So, the more I go to a high-end store, the more I find myself worrying inwardly, wondering if the staff will warn me about it.

However, if you deny posting photos on SNS, you will not be able to choose women either.

For that reason, I personally have to put up with the behavior of those women.

I'm sure there are many other dads besides me who feel that way.

However, very occasionally, there are children who do not use SNS at all.

I've been a father for a long time, but I've never met a child who doesn't use social media at all.

For example, even though they don't post, there were surprisingly many people who said, ``I created an ID just by looking at celebrities.''

However, I have almost never met a child who doesn't use SNS at all, so this case was really refreshing.

Children who don't use SNS don't touch their smartphones at all.

The woman I will use as an example this time is a girl I signed a contract with the year before last.

When we first met, he seemed like a slightly flashy apparel salesperson.

I immediately signed a contract with her because she looked like my type.

Then, when I met her about 3 or 4 times, I noticed her behavior.

Compared to other children who have separate contracts, I don't look at my smartphone at all.

When I was with him, the only time I saw him check anything on his smartphone was to check his schedule.

Other than that, I basically don't watch it.

So, you don't look at your smartphone at all, do you?When asked, she replied:

"I don't use any social media, and all I watch is Yahoo News. That's why I don't have the habit of looking at my smartphone."

I was honestly surprised.

I wonder if there are so many differences between women who don't use SNS and women who do.

I don't think she's conscious of it at all, but there's no stress on my part at all.

For example, if the other woman looks at her smartphone during a conversation, she might stop the conversation, and you should be a little concerned, too, right? It's like, "Did something happen?"

That part of me didn't exist at all when I was with her.

I also feel like it's a waste of time and a little stressful when the flow of a conversation stops because of my smartphone, or I have to start the conversation again. I felt it.

But you can't convey that to the other person, right?It may even be an important matter.

I guess you could call it an area where people can't penetrate.

So I have no choice but to remain silent.

In the first place, if you don't do that, the flow of the conversation won't stop, and you won't feel any strange stress.

That's exactly how I felt when I was with her, and I felt comfortable.

When I had a conversation with her about this, she said the following.

"That's true!!! Some kids go into restaurants just to post on SNS. It's a nuisance for the people they're with."

That's true, isn't it?

Honestly, I thought at that moment that I was able to sign a contract with a woman that I really liked.

When you become a father, there are some areas where you have to make compromises.

This is natural because it is a relationship between humans, and it is necessary for both parties to come to an agreement somewhere.

However, I thought that these values ​​regarding SNS should basically be ignored and not brought up as a topic.

The reason is that there are too many users, and I end up being distracted.

Also, I thought that's not the kind of thing I would expect from a woman who is working as a father.

However, this woman is expected to do just that.

do you understand?This feeling of openness.

I'm sure any man who has ever felt that kind of stress would feel jealous that he was able to sign a contract with such a woman.

She is one of those women I would never want to let go of.

When I first signed a contract with her, I didn't expect her to be such a wonderful woman.

However, when I saw him actually signing a contract and not using SNS at all, I told another woman that I felt stressed about this part, and naturally I tried not to see that stress myself. I realized that I had been overlooked.

And by feeling that, my love for her increased every time I met her, and I felt like I was being able to be in my natural state.

How luxurious and comfortable is this space for dad life?I think any man who has become a father will understand.

By the way, I am still in contact with this woman, and I would like to continue to have a contract with her in the future as long as I am healthy.

To be honest, I would like to pay the allowance the most.

The fact that I feel that way is one of the reasons why I'm so glad I signed the contract.

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