Papa activities that anyone can understand Part XNUMX: About the style that can not be read from the profile


Hi, I'm Professor Y.

Last time, I talked about how to register for the Universe Club.


When I see blogs written by senior bloggers...

Everyone, what an enviable experience...I'm getting my money back, and I'm usually popular, aren't I?

After all, it depends on me once again thinking that I don't have man power.


More recently, thinking ATMs (not reeds, less than reeds)only seen.

Of course, if you don't send me a message from here,It wasn't sent from over there...

Maybe forever.We support volunteer activities for Universe Club and Papa Katsu Joshi.I'm a lone NPO.

That's it, it's becoming a strange the first place,It's strange or dead.

Daddy girl for the first time

If you think about it, I stumbled from the first dad active girl.

To say that she was a girl, she had a high degree of maturity, but the meeting time was....

I'm sorry, but due to work reasons, it was extended by 30 minutes,I was very late.

My original plan went awry.

A meal at a high-class restaurant becomes an American diner,Feeling depressed and the lower half of the body is also depressed.


As a bonus,

"Because LINE messages are real names,Let's exchange messages by SMS. "

No second time!I thought, but I was worried about the S-like part,I paid a high transportation fee.


The second time, after going to a sushi restaurant that doesn't rotate,I finally got around to dating.

The result is not S at all,As a result, it feels like a normal estrous period.

From the woman "Come on! Next time too"Because I was convinced that it was not acting,I wish I could say it was good.

However, he is bullish for his "age",I didn't feel a sense of division.

Actually, about the second girl offered from here,I tried to speak with great enthusiasm,I changed my mind.


Let me tell you about the hentai style.

If you are not interested, let's quickly jump to the other column.

metamorphosis rules

As I said before, my past girlfriendsThere were many perverted S women.

My wife was normal, so it's like getting divorced.It's difficult for super-masochistic boys to keep playing normal.

Sometimes I want you to play as a slut, butI can never say it, so I can't stand it normally.


I will talk about how I was bullied when I was a student next time I have a chance.I will stop here because it will pull considerably.

After becoming an adult, first of all, the first person,When I went to my girlfriend's room with whom I was in a long-distance relationship,I was asked not to go home today.

I had an important lecture the next day, so I decided to take the bullet train home.

But, threw my glasses away,In the midst of my short-sightedness panicking,A large amount of sleeping pills were poured with bourbon by mouth-to-mouth,I'm in a drunken state at once, and my memory is flying from there.

I did something pretty weird.

One time, in a twin room at a city hotel,They forced me to drink alcohol and said hurtful things.

Watching my eyes moisten from above,Like taking off your underwear with just your mouth.

For me,There was an exciting situation.

I can't drink alcohol at all.


But it's important from here, and we'll get to today's topic.

S and M refer to the establishment of a master-slave relationship.

In other words, the Queen will never be a slave,Don't expect a paycheck.

It is a position to receive slaves from the Queen.

The reason is that a mistress who receives an allowance from a slave cannot be established.

When the slave pays the allowance, the master-servant relationship is reversed.

in short,It is correct for S to look down on M more as someone who despises M.

Therefore, the customs of SM areIt is established as a style of S boys,It doesn't work for M boys.


The M man who goes to the customs is not the M man.He is the king's joke.

Daddy activity is roughly summarized as a play between men and women.This feeling is important.

I don't know about that, but Prof said I might be S at night...I would like you not to write it out of the blue.

It's not like I'm going to pay my allowance.Well, if I get teased, I get excited, but... verbal attacks...m(_ _)m, it's just a king's joke.


To the end

The first papa-katsu "fine" witch is.

Regularly, I was asked for a so-so allowance.

If she will take care of her allowance,That's fine.

The "SMS" message only sends the next schedule,idle play.


Did you aim there, or did you aim only there? !


But when we were dating, he actively used me as his horse to exercise.

He was a very good horseman and jockey,I think it was a bit of a shame.

Well, I might have been trained as a horse.


Next time, we plan toI would like to talk about the second offer.

Professor Y

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