Daddy activities that anyone can understand Part XNUMX Daddy activities in real time

1. Real-time part XNUMX

Hello, I'm Y.Actually, I'm right before the meeting.I'm writing from my Kindle on slow Wi-Fi.

Today, let me tell you how I feel right before I meet a woman in real time.

Today I am traveling far away, and I have to work tomorrow morning.

I'm going home on the last bullet train today, so there's no need to worry about dating.

For a moment, I feel at ease.

We still have about an hour left.

I was going to buy flowers in the hotel lobby, but the store clerk was out of the office, so I'll try again later.

My heart is pounding today because she is the type I met for the first time.

The grade is good, but as far as I saw the picture, it's not a very sophisticated person.

However, as I was writing it, my heart was beating deeper.

Some people criticize Papa-katsu, but if you think about the so-called morality, it will not be praised.

But I think this excitement is good.

When I say this, I think the other authors have decided to be dandy, but I'm the opposite of that...

Earlier, I asked the hotel concierge sister how to log in as a Wi-Fi visitor, but she replied, "Hmm, what happened?"

I came here directly from the university, so it's very casual.

I only rely on my watch, and my shoes are sneakers.

But Wi-Fi is slow.i want a keyboard

Next to the sofa in the lobby is a German who is presenting at an academic conference and is busy typing on the keyboard.

On the one hand, the academic conference, and on the other hand, it is a papa katsu.

Even as I write this, the moment to meet you is approaching.

It looks like my eyes are getting tired too.

I will continue writing on the Shinkansen on the way home.

Hope it's a good meeting.

I wrote more, but the flower shop is not open yet.I'm in trouble.

So, we still have a little bit of time left, but I'm getting pretty nervous.

The lobby of the hotel was empty, and there was a somewhat lonely atmosphere.

Oh, it looks like there's a wedding, and you look happy.

I want to be happy too.

I could buy flowers.

If it's already like this, I'll write it until I get a call on my smartphone.

2. Real time Part XNUMX

Hmmm, the temperament of the first part is odd.

I'm on the Shinkansen now.

What is your impression?

I feel like he's the purest person I've ever met, but I'm not sure because he's very good-natured with women.

The restaurant I booked was much quieter than I expected and it felt awkward.

Also, the time to close was early, so I was able to go home early.

I'm not sure if I'll see you next time.

You may meet, but you may not hope for progress.

Can I come all the way here to see you?

Actually it's up to me.

But, I always think that being able to meet myself like this and have a good time, even if only for a short time, is a bonus in my heart.

There have been times when you registered for the universe because of a certain event, and then you found something, and sometimes you didn't.

Chasing the illusion, knowing the reality.that repetition.

Well, this is how real time passes.

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