2021 dad life article summary

Changes in physical relationships that can occur in Papa-katsu

For women who start dad activities, change in the partner's man is always possible.

The change in men brought about by Corona and the bargaining with women who are tossed by it begin.

"From 1 yen to 6 yen once" Dramatic change in "married men" that popular daddy girls keenly felt


Are you really happy?Compensation that exceeds the main business and its consideration

Even for men, most of them think about the allowance according to the woman.

But there is no doubt that women want to get as much as possible.

What awaits a woman who receives an allowance that makes her main job ridiculous?

"I just want to be luxurious" A book about a university graduate office worker who sells her body for 5 yen and earns 50 yen a month as a dad


Papa-katsu is a microcosm of the Japanese economy.

According to an article by the economist Mr. Kadokura, "The economic effect of adultery is said to be 5 trillion yen."

Meanwhile, even in places that move Japan, dad life remains a desire.The actual situation.

``I have a lot of sexual desire, so if I can get 3 yen,'' the reason why a bureaucratic girl ran into a daddy during telework

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