Thoughts on Numbers

This time, I wrote a column about the mystery of women, not about uncle's love.
I will post about my uncle's love if there is any development.

The purpose of my club activities is to be able to do naughty things with cute girls and to get my heart pounding by touching young women.
I have one more wish besides uncle's play

It's about looking for a woman with a ceiling and playing against it.
What is Kazunoko Ceiling?
I will explain about the herring roe ceiling later so as not to say that this guy is an idiot.

When I was young, I once had a relationship with a woman with a herringbone ceiling.
That's why I know what the Kazunoko Tenjo woman feels like, and how that feeling changes when you change positions.

Perhaps there are various things in the ceiling of herring roe.
Also, I've always wanted to meet that girl who has that feeling, but like an illusion, I haven't met her yet.

Kazunoko Tenjo is a famous device with a special structure inside the vagina that is said to be one in a thousand or ten thousand people.
There are XNUMX people, so I think there are not many men who have had this special experience.

At 56, I've only met one woman in my life who felt that way.

Of course, if the number of women who played against each other increases, the number of mothers will increase and we will be able to meet.
Even after living for 56 years, she is a woman who possesses something so rare that it is difficult to come across it.

It seems that there are various kinds of things called famous instruments

Honda Hills Tower Clinic Dr. Masaki Honda General Director
According to it, there are 6 types of classification of famous instruments.

■ Kazunoko ceiling (fold type)

"The upper part of the vagina and the inner wall are rough. One in 1 people have a rare vagina. When a woman lies on her back and puts her finger in, the G-spot part swells." (General Director Masaki Honda, same below)

■ XNUMX earthworms (fold type)

“There are many folds in the vagina, and each one is thick and long. When you touch it, it feels like pasta is sticking to the inner wall.

How much tatami mat type (fold type)

"(Mr. Honda's) original structure realized by treatments such as hyaluronic acid injection. While the herring roe ceiling is in the upper part of the vagina, the tatami mat is shaped like a wart in the lower part."

■ Purse type (tightening type)

"It's characteristic is that the area 3-4 cm from the opening of the vagina is narrow, as if it was squeezed with a purse. When you insert it, it grips the root firmly. It's impossible to reproduce even if you do vaginal training."

 ■ Takotsubo mold (clamping mold)

"Like a takotsubo, it has a narrowed part in the vagina. When you insert it, the tip feels like it's being sucked deeper. It's like a deep throat."

■ Bale clamping mold (clamping mold)

“It is a combination of a drawstring bag and a takotsubo. Furthermore, since there are many takotsubo inside, it can be said that it is both a fold type and a tightening type.


The other five famous instruments also have their peculiarities.
I don't have any recollection of a woman who thinks this might be the case.
I just don't remember, but that part is a mystery of the universe, so I clearly remember
There is only one woman in the herring roe ceiling.

If you're a man, I'd like to meet not only Kazunoko Tenjo, but also a woman with a thousand worms.

Now, let's talk about a woman who has a herring roe ceiling that I experienced.

The feeling in the woman's vagina is really squishy and pleasant, but it certainly feels good.
The feeling of being jolted inside is clearly different from other women.

I think that this was a feeling that could not be felt unless the penis was inserted.
This jolting feeling is the feeling of the penile part and the glans part.
It feels like I'm being rubbed

In my memory, it's not rough, it's jorijori
If you are a first-time man, you may ejaculate immediately.
I hope you understand

However, this jolting feeling changes depending on the body position and the female system.
I remember that there was a position where I felt a strong feeling and a position where I felt a weak feeling.

It is the stomach side above the vagina that is jolted
I don't think the whole thing was jerky

That child doesn't have that kind of rough feeling, but still has a loose feeling.
It's really the most appropriate word

The position is a woman's upper body, slightly raised from the waist with a pillow or cushion, and the waist is sunk.
It was the most jolted when I inserted it in the missionary position

If the woman sleeps completely flat and raises her waist and inserts it, it feels loose.
Becomes weaker or loses its jolting

Try it out tonight!

I started dating that person when I was still young.
I think she was about the 3,4rd or XNUMXth woman.

30 years ago
But I still remember it clearly, so it must have been a shock.

At that time, the Internet was not yet popular, and of course there were no mobile phones.
I remember feeling that this child was different from the other children, and that I spent several months there, but after that it disappeared.

At the time, I had no idea that this woman was rare.
Now that I think about it, I did something regrettable

In my life after that, I have never met a woman who feels this way.
It means that you have dated a woman who has a very rare item.

where are you now
It's no longer a dream, it's another world

From the memory of my actual experience, there is a woman who has a belonging called a herring roe ceiling.
I would like to say that it is not a legend

Right now, I don't think I'll ever let go of my partner, but I may never meet again.

“I have been told that I have a number of children.”
If you could write it in your profile, you might be flooded with offers (laughs)
Or soon it will disappear and disappear...

Last but not least
i also like sex with love i love it

Love saves the earth

It was a question of numbers

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