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Thank you to everyone who is always watching the column.
My name is Ito from the Tokyo branch.

Between a man and a woman who are not lovers
Reason why hesitant women refuseWhen,The meaning of not choosing todayWhat is.

* This article is a combination of opinions and feedback from members and Ito's personal opinion.

◆ If you are lovers

I'm on my period today...
I just got rid of unwanted hair...
It's cold, so I'm wearing woolen pants...

"I'm a little bit of that right now... a little bit (>_<)"

If you are a couple, all you have to do is say this word.

However, this does not apply to women who are likely to have physical relationships from day one in dating clubs.

◆ In the case of a dating club

First impression: Can I have sex with this person?

People who think "Oh! Impossible!" at the moment they meet

・I have a lot of dandruff on my black coat
・The nails are long, and the nails are clogged with dust and are black for some reason.
・I obviously didn't brush my teeth before the date
・Ear hair sticks out
・There is some kind of eye mucus on it, etc.

(Even if you look in the mirror in the bathroom just before...)

All the petty things I think.

Women are watching a lot just because they can't say it.

Don't look for rough spots!If so, it's different.
I don't want to see it, but it catches my eye,
Many women may be such creatures rather than details.

◆Is it okay to have sex today?

Here, I will proceed with the premise that I have cleared the previous [first impression, can I have sex with this person].

The criteria here are
Would sex today make you worth more or less?

That's it.

① If the value goes down, I won't do it yet.

Does having a relationship with someone today make me less valuable to them?

Are you going to be thought of as a simple and boring woman?
Do you think that this woman has already figured it out?

Women will refuse if they feel uneasy that this may be the end.

(XNUMX) If the value goes up, or as you feel

Today the distance will be shortened and you may be able to take care of yourself more.
You might be the best among the other women you're dating.
You may be able to communicate your determination and develop a deeper relationship.

Women are more likely to accept an invitation if they think there is hope ahead.

It is also possible that they just want to be together without thinking about values.

* Please think that the value mentioned here is not something planned, but something that comes to mind unconsciously.

◆ Relationship type values ​​(male/female)

It depends on each person how many dates are OK.
Although there are different types of relationships, each person's sense is different.

Same as blood type

・Are type A serious and cautious?
・Type B is a one-sided, self-paced type?
・Are blood type Os generous and open-minded?
・Type AB is a free-spirited pacifist?

It is often expressed in this way on the internet and in books, but humans are not perfectly divided into these four.

The relationship type is the same, and it is divided into 5, but it is roughly.

・ Dating type B is possible after the second time
Male = Can I go from the second time?
Female = Never on the first date, but there is a possibility if you are a good person who has been dating many times!

・Dating type C depends on the feeling from the first day
Male = OK
Female = first meet and check appearance, after that it depends on the escort, so there is a XNUMX/XNUMX chance of refusal

You can't get everyone to understand one thing exactly the same.
However, there are men who take advantage of this and drop dating type A and B women from the first day.

◆ In the end

I hope that this article will be of some help to you.

In the women's column, we give advice to women about dating clubs and dad activities.

By having men read the column for women, I think they will be able to understand what kind of image women are aiming for when registering for dating clubs.

Female staff nationwide are updating, so I would be happy if you could see it.

[There is no 100% safety]
I wrote about the safety of dating clubs for women, along with the flow of dad activities.

Thank you for watching.

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