Nana Hime no Jitsu final episode first part

[Eye masks are limited to TEMPUR]
 I woke up in the dark again today.When I looked at the bedside clock, it wasn't even 4 o'clock yet.Until last year, I would have gone back to sleep, but now I can't go back to sleep.Because every time I wake up, I think about the princess.She cannot accept the reality that the princess is no longer there, even though it has been more than half a year.Maybe I should say it's still half a year away.
 I still feel like tears will overflow if I let my guard down.So I got off the bed and greeted the princess. She says things like ``Good morning'' and ``It's not morning yet.''It's sad that I don't get a response, but greeting her makes me feel a little calmer.Then, I take a shower, take out the coffee beans from the freezer, and carefully grind them using a manual coffee grinder.At the same time, she puts a pot of water on the fire, sets the freshly ground beans in a flannel, and slowly pours hot water into it.The reason for going through these somewhat troublesome steps is to avoid thinking about the princess as much as possible. Since January, this has been my routine almost every day, and I've been able to brew it much more deliciously.Sometimes she opens a book she is half-read while drinking that delicious coffee, but she doesn't read it, she just follows the words and barely registers the contents.If she feels like it, she may change her clothes and go for a walk.
 I talked to Tomohiro Sensei about my daily life.
"In Joe's case, we don't recommend sleeping pills because he can't sleep. Why don't you try wearing an eye mask, thinking you've been tricked?"
 Following my teacher's recommendation, I purchased a Tempur-Pedic eye mask and started using it.Then, you can sleep soundly until it's time to wake up! What's more, TEMPUR's eye mask gently wraps you without feeling pressure, so you can sleep deeply and feel wonderful when you wake up.Recently, it has become a must-have item.However, even with Tempur-Pedic, the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up is still the princess, and unfortunately it has no effect at all in that respect.

 Although I hesitated, I wrote about three columns in order to suppress the turmoil in my heart.Then she unexpectedly received heartwarming comments from two male members who had experienced the loss of a loved one.However, what the two of them have literally lost is their beloved, and Joe cannot truly imagine the pain and sadness they must feel.I think it's even ridiculous to compare your experiences with Joe's.In the first place, is the princess the most beloved person for Joe?Emotionally speaking, considering the time we spent together, it's hard to call her my beloved.We had known each other for a short time, just under four years, and even during that short relationship, there were times when we didn't keep in touch for more than a month.Until January of this year, I didn't always think about the princess.That's why I'm surprised that when I wake up, I think about the princess, and that her mind is occupied by the princess until I fall asleep.
 It will probably take some time to truly regain peace of mind.As of now, I don't believe that such a day will ever come, and as someone who will turn XNUMX next year, it seems like an unbearable time.Naturally, when one thinks of a princess, the timeline does not advance into the future.I am forced to return to the past.If that's all there is to it, there are wonderful memories, so it can be comforting, but the problem is that the time doesn't just take you back to the past.Sometimes it shakes violently up and down, and sometimes it circles and draws an irregular oval.This movement can also be said to represent Joe's mood, and of course affects his mental state.Of course it was painful, and I had a lot of emotional ups and downs that I couldn't control at times.That's why I decided to follow Osamu's recommendation and see a psychosomatic physician.

 [Osamu's Memo]
 Paisen is a senior at a junior high and high school.He was also a member of the same club.However, Paisen was in high school when I entered middle school, so I have almost no memories of his school days.We became close when Paisen was a working adult and I was a university student.We were both the secretaries of the alumni association, so we called it a meeting and hung out regardless of our age group.Something happened and we became much closer.Paisen doesn't seem to remember, but after eating at the executive committee meeting, the two of them were alone for some reason.Paisen said, ``I'll take you to an adult bar,'' and took me to the Keio Plaza Hotel's Sky Lounge (Aurora).I wasn't a poor student by any means, but Takadanobaba's Tsuboya was the main battleground, and I remember thinking, ``Adults drink in places like this. It's very fashionable.''I still visit the Northern Lights several times a year, and it brings back the images and the feeling I had when I first came here, and it makes me smile.
  Over the past ten years, we have become more involved not only in our private lives, but also at work, and the density of our relationships has increased significantly.I have made education business one of my pillars for the past four years.We recruited Paisen as the person in charge of the Kansai area, and this is the first time we are working together on this project.We took a lot of detours due to the coronavirus pandemic, but just as we were finally getting back on track, this incident happened. I thought, ``Perhaps Paisen would quit this business,'' but instead, he became more motivated and resolved the stagnant issues one after another.To be honest, I've always doubted Paisen's ability as a manager, but his habit of saying, "I'm a guy who can do it if I try?"was true.That's why I'm worried.It's obvious that he's emotionally unstable.According to a report from a staff member at the Osaka office, there were several times when he came out of the toilet with red and swollen eyes.
 I have a classmate of mine who practices psychosomatic medicine (Tomohiro), and since I'm close to him, I suggested that he see a doctor, but at first he stubbornly refused.However, later I received a call asking me to make a reservation.Paisen probably felt something as well.

[Dr. Tomohiro's findings]
  I don't really feel comfortable being introduced to someone just because I'm an alumnus of the school.But I couldn't refuse because it was a request from Osamu, who knows my weaknesses in many ways (bitter smile).Also, even though Joe is in a different department, Osamu told me, ``He's also your senior at my university,'' so I thought, ``Maybe this is some kind of connection,'' so I decided to have him examined.
  The examination began in a relaxed atmosphere.The common denominators are that they both graduated from the same middle and high school and graduated from the same university, so naturally the topic of conversation centered on those two.We started talking so much that it was no longer a medical examination, but I did ask questions about my daily life and took some basic tests.Based on the results and the results of the interview, it was determined that the patient was not at the level to prescribe any medication.He said he had a good appetite and was able to sleep properly.She says she refrains from drinking alcohol because she tends to drink too much.He's a model patient, if only he were a patient.Joe's situation is not at a level where he can write a medical certificate to submit to his company in order to take a leave of absence.That's why I said, ``There are no medications that can be prescribed.''Joe seemed relieved rather than disappointed.He said he could sleep but would wake up before dawn, so he asked for sleeping pills, but I was told that they were not recommended because they could have severe side effects for some people.Instead, I suggested an eye mask, and he said, ``I'll try it,'' and he promised, ``Next time, I'll go out to dinner with Osamu, just the three of us,'' and left.

 [Mika's monologue]
 Osamu introduced me to Dr. Tomohiro's hospital.I can't sleep, I have no appetite, and I suddenly get a rash all over my body.Osamu followed me to the hospital.
 When I entered the treatment room, Dr. Tomohiro, a tall and friendly-looking doctor with long long hair (lol), got up from his chair to greet me, and the first thing he said to me was, ``You're Mr. Beppin, just like Osamu said.'' did.It's something she's used to being told (lol), so sometimes I get a little nervous, but for some reason, at that moment, I felt like my nervousness had melted away.After being asked a few questions, he said, ``What kind of person was Nana-san? Please tell me what kind of relationship you had. Please take your time, don't panic, but just tell me what's on your mind.''Up until then, she had only been able to answer minimal questions, but she started talking so quickly that even I found it strange.
``I have so many memories that I don't know where to start.But is it okay if I start talking about my school days?''
Nana and I attended an all-girls high school in Kyoto.Otsumu's school (lol).He was two years older than me, and we only became good friends when we became high school students.Nana was still in middle school, and she was definitely famous.There were a lot of serious kids, but Nana was a real delinquent (lol).The school rules were strict, but Nana was extraterritorial.Now that I think about it, I wish I hadn't been expelled.Nana is a genius at flattering her teacher.home?Well, I was serious until I met Nana (lol).That's true, but it looks flashy to me.My dad is British, so even if he's half-Japanese or not, he stands out.In particular, junior high school students wore sailor uniforms, and I know now that when we wear them, it's extremely erotic and stimulates a certain group of men (lol).I was often picked up by perverts (lol).I started modeling when I was in high school.Introducing Nana.She must have been in demand because Nana was also in the quarters and exuded a different atmosphere from Japanese people.She has been active since she was in middle school.of course?If the school finds out, you will be expelled immediately.I was acting carefully and carefully.Oh, isn't Nana like that? (lol).
 After graduating, I entered a university in Tokyo through the recommendation of a designated school. Two years later, Nana also moved to Tokyo.She entered art school.We both worked at the same agency and saw each other almost every day.
 After moving to Tokyo, Nana honed her free-spirited nature and not only worked in the modeling industry, but also worked in Ginza.She lives in the world of Ginza Utara Chimi Mouryou, but Nana is a murderer of old men, so she is loved.The grandfather of the family business took a special liking to Nana and paid for her to study abroad at an art school in Belgium, saying, ``It's like having another grandchild for her.''I had a great time taking care of her at home as well.Maybe that's why not only Nana but also my family attended the funeral when my grandfather passed away (lol)
 Even though we are older than her, she was always chasing after Nana.So, the hard part is that I can no longer chase after Nana.And even though we had been relying on my girlfriend, Nana, for various consultations, Nana had never confided in us about her troubles.She groans in frustration at the thought of this.Teacher, didn't Nana think of us as her best friends?Why didn't she come to us for advice if she was so worried?Teacher, why?

[Conversation with Yumi]
 After reading Nana's diary, Yumi started contacting me frequently.It has become a daily routine for me to chat about her ramblings on my cell phone.She wasn't sure what Yumi's intentions were at first, but she was told that "when she hears Joe-chan's voice, she feels relieved."Yumi was acting strong and unfazed, but she was probably in the depths of grief.Joe cannot imagine how her mother must have felt after losing her daughter, who unfortunately shared her blood.But if a phone call brings you some relief, it's a cheap option.
 At the same time, Joe also had ulterior motives.He started writing his memories of the princess at Tomohiro-sensei's request, but the problem was that Joe knew very little about her.Even though they had eaten together many times, she doesn't know the princess's likes and dislikes, and has no idea what her favorite food is.She is also a princess who draws.She had seen many of her works, she had gone to museums many times, and she thought they had talked a lot about art afterwards, but she knew that the princess's favorite painter and the one she was attracted to. I've never heard of the colors available.She probably just did the talking and wasn't listening to the princess.So the more she writes about her memories with the princess, the more she can't see the princess, and only the WHAT, WHY, and HOW come to mind.So she decided to ask Yumi all about the princess.The meeting point was at a long-established cafe in Sanjo.It is also a store filled with memories of her and the princess.With her permission, she recorded the conversation with Yumi on her cell phone.
"Thank you very much, Yumi-san."
"Don't be so scared. I'd feel better if I talked to someone."
“Have you completed the procedure?”
"It looks like it's going to take a little more time. I can't say that the Japanese side is fast either, but the Spanish side is more laid-back and takes a lot of time anyway. Well, maybe it can't be helped because the content is content."
"Now that I think about it, Yumi-san has lived in Kyoto for a long time, but she doesn't speak the Kyoto dialect or the Kansai dialect. She was born in Tokyo, right?"
"So, I'm from Edo (lol). My house was near the Gyoen National Garden. That's right, I graduated from Kojimachi Elementary School and Kojimachi Junior High School. Elite (lol)" "Huh, I didn't know. Shinjuku is a school district. Isn't it outside?"
"My father was a politician. That's why I enrolled across the border."
“Father, excuse me, but Yumi-san was also born out of wedlock, right?”
``Yes, my mother was a geisha in Akasaka.But my father recognized me.That's why I called her Dad.My father was the one who made me cross the border to school in Kojimachi. Because I want to see it up close.”
"Huh? Yumi's father was a member of the Diet?"
"That's right. He passed away a long time ago, but I think Joe probably knows his name."
"Well, I think we'll run out of time talking about Yumi-san before we can ask about Nana. Even I know that Yumi-san's father is a big-name politician, right? Who is he?"
"I choose not to say that. But I look just like him. That's why people can tell when they see it."
“What kind of person was your father?”
``His reputation as a politician is questionable, but he was a kind person. He always received birthday presents and Christmas presents, and even came with a message card. He was a romantic, and I could understand why my mother would fall in love with him. However, my head secretary came to observe classes and attend sports days.I called him dad (lol).Yes, I just remembered that he also came to my graduation ceremony. I came. Just as a guest (lol).”

 Strictly speaking, it's difficult to say what constitutes "normal," but when you compare it to Yumi's life, you can't help but think that Joe's life is normal.Yumi's story cannot be summed up in the words "full of ups and downs."Of course, it must have had a big impact on the princess's life.
 With limited time, I didn't think I could get to the topic of the princess, so I stopped the conversation and ordered a refill of coffee and some homemade cheese, which the princess also loved.Then he asked again about the princess.Then, Yumi slowly began talking about the princess.There were times when Joe's questions would cause her to look down a little and go silent, but she generally seemed to be having fun, and sometimes she would burst into laughter as she continued talking.As expected, the princess that Yumi talks about is full of stories that are truly princess-like, making Joe smile.However, in an episode from his time studying abroad in Belgium, there was a princess that Joe didn't know about.She said that while she was studying abroad in Belgium, she volunteered at a church on weekends.Yumi continues to talk about how happily she served Japanese food and showed off her tea ceremony skills.She visited facilities and dressed the children there in kimono and even made rice balls with them.Her girlfriend, Yumi, had a lot of images from that time saved on her phone, and when she showed them to them, there was a princess with a completely different face.She was especially moved by the photo of the princess stuffing herself with rice balls and her children.Because there was a princess there with the kindest smile Joe had ever seen.
 The princess used to say, ``I am the one who knows Joe best.''Sometimes I think she might be.However, she heard a lot of things from Yumi today, and Joe was made keenly aware that she didn't know about the princess, and that she didn't even understand.

[Joe's confession part 1]
 There's one thing I didn't tell Tomohiro-sensei.It means that sometimes I can hear the princess's voice.She knew she was hallucinating, and she thought she was being drugged.She hesitated to confess that even though she called it the voice of a princess, it rarely meant anything.
 I think it was at the end of January that I first heard the princess's voice.The location was in front of a shoe store on Higashinotoin-dori.It's a store where we have fond memories of giving each other custom-made shoes as gifts.However, what I heard was definitely the princess's voice, but I couldn't make out what she was saying because it sounded like static coming from a radio with an incorrect tuner.She couldn't help but say out loud, ``Princess, I can't hear you, what are you saying?''Since it was Higashinotoin-dori Street, where there were many people dancing during the day, people passing by looked at Joe with strange eyes.Unfortunately, I only heard the princess's voice here once, and although I passed by several times, I never heard it again.

 Then, I heard the princess's voice in an unexpected place.Often the words sounded like noise and had no meaning, but sometimes I could hear them clearly, even though they were short.For example, when she opened the door to the coffee shop to meet Yumi, she could clearly hear, ``Thank you, take care of Mom.''
  Also, when I had dinner with a flag maker (that's the flag maker) at a mizutaki restaurant in Gion Shijo, I could clearly hear the princess's voice.This mizutaki restaurant was also loved by the princess and follows the grammar rules of Kyomachiya.The frontage is narrow and deep, and as is often said, it is reminiscent of an eel's sleeping area.As a store, it is unavoidable to have dead space, which is inefficient, but by taking advantage of this and dividing it into small rooms, it creates a unique atmosphere.It's a popular restaurant perfect for secret meetings.I brought Mr. Flag Maker here partly because I thought he might hear the princess's meaningful voice.Fortunately, the flag maker also liked this restaurant, and she said, ``It's a restaurant with a nice atmosphere and delicious food.''Both of them were in good spirits as they put their chopsticks into the mizutaki and stacked their cups.And it happened in the hallway leading to the bathroom where Joe had left his room to relieve himself.I heard the princess's voice more clearly than ever before.
"You came here. Who is that man?"
"His name is Mr. Flag Maker. He's as perverted as Joe. You like him, don't you?"
"Good. Looks like fun."
 Quiet talk.Mr. Flag Maker, that's a compliment to "pervert" Joe.No matter how you look at it, wouldn't it be ``pervert'' for male members to have a secret conversation in a hidden mizutaki restaurant?
 After a fun dinner, it was still early, so I took Mr. Flag Maker to a converted tea bar nearby.This is also Hime's favorite store.We sat at the canter and each ordered a drink of our choice.
"It's a nice bar. And Joe looks cool for some reason."
  Ah, that's what it is.The princess would come here and she'd say, ``That's funny, Joe looks cool.''In other words, she was a princess who was possessed by Mr. Flag Maker.Flag Maker no longer looks like a princess.So she felt safe talking about Joe, and she had a good time.Thank you, Flag Maker, for inviting me.On this day, Joe laughed for the first time in a while.

[Joe's confession part 2]
  Even if Joe's center is blocked all day, even Joe's modest Nyoibō will not be blocked, and he will sometimes stand up.So if an unspecified number of girls invited me, I would go out with them, and sometimes Joe would invite me.Joe is not at all confident in his sexual skills, but each woman is unique and has their own charm, and when he meets them, they have a lot of fun talking, and most of all, they show off their amazing hip skills.In the past, Joe would sometimes complain that ``sex is just a bonus,'' but now he can't imagine a relationship without it, and his encounters with the girls are increasing.
 Sena is a member of the ``Kyushu Big Breast Girls,'' but they have been estranged for a while because she married a Japanese American living in Los Angeles.She received a message saying, ``She's on a temporary trip back to Japan and I'd like to meet Joe-chan.''She wasn't too keen on it, so she half-heartedly replied, ``It's okay if she comes to Kyoto.'' Unexpectedly, she replied, ``I'll go to Kyoto.'' was there.She hurriedly set up her shop and booked a luxury hotel near Nijo Castle.
 First, I took Sena to a Kyoto restaurant in Muromachi.There are several stores in and around the city, but Joe (and Hime) like the one in Muromachi the best.It's not cheap, but it's not sickeningly expensive like other famous restaurants, and above all, the taste is the best in this price range, which is why I like it.
 We met at Kyoto Station and took a taxi.This restaurant was once again a renovated Kyoto townhouse, and across a long hallway there were counter seats in the open kitchen, and I was guided to a seat in the center.First, we celebrated our reunion after a long time with some casual sparkling wine.Then I started hearing the same noise that the tuner was making, and I couldn't hear Sena's voice clearly.She was sure that the princess was bothering her, she muttered in her heart. "Princess, I don't have that kind of relationship with Sena (just a lie). She just invited me to her dinner today as a wedding present for Sena. I have no intention of having sex after this."                    
 The princess seemed to be very understanding today, and the noises stopped immediately.We will once again report on each other's status.

"How is your life as a newlywed?"
"I'm still so flustered and restless. It looks like it will take more than a year to get my green card. So I'll have to travel back and forth between the United States and Japan every few months for a while. Well, I hope it comes true."
“Hmm, even if you marry an American, you won’t be able to get a green card easily.”
"That's right, it seems like there are a lot of fake marriages."
"I see. Do you usually speak Japanese with your husband?"
``He was an exchange student at university and lived in Japan for a year, so his Japanese is pretty questionable, but I can understand what he's trying to say.However, when something difficult or exciting happens, he turns to English.My English is terrible, so I don't know what he's saying at those times. .I hope we don’t get into a fight.”
 I met Sena through work, not at the Space Club.Joe always liked me, but it took a long time for us to build a relationship.Joe is not very popular and has a hard time wooing women, but Sena is one of the few exceptions.I still don't understand why Joe was chosen.But does Sena always have multiple boyfriends?There was.
  Although Sena was a free-spirited person when it came to sex, she didn't receive allowances or even transportation expenses, and she basically split the bill for meals.But she is an expensive woman.When she was asked for a gift (for example, for her birthday), she never hesitated to ask for what she wanted, regardless of the price or the depth of her partner's wallet.There was a time when I was forced to buy a fairly expensive watch (nearly seven figures), and when I became independent and set up my own private office, ``Joe-chan'' (Sena only uses the ``chan'' in these cases) had OA. I'll put you in charge of the relationship.'' I was once handed a seven-figure bill.That's why Joe, his girlfriend, took the initiative and booked a luxury hotel for her in order to avoid being asked for any more expensive gifts as wedding gifts.Joe had no intention of staying the night with her, and Sena, who is strangely ethical, would not comply even if Joe asked her to do so now that she is a married woman.
 We were able to enjoy delicious food again today, and Sena was also happy.And when she finally got the Japanese sweets and bancha, the thing she feared happened.
“Hey, Joe, can I ask for a wedding gift?”
Honestly, I would like to say, ``It's not good,'' and given my relationship with Sena, I could probably refuse.But Joe gives a reply that goes against his heart.
"Well, since it's a congratulatory occasion, I have to give you something. What would you like?"
"I want you to take me to Paris."
"Pa, pa, Paris, is that French?" I was so surprised that I couldn't help but stutter. "Yes, where else is there? No? "No, but I guess that's the job of the New Darlings."
 No matter how you think about it, that's the husband's role.
"Darling's hobby is surfing, but he doesn't show any interest in places where he can't surf. Besides, I want to go with Joe. He seems to know a lot about Paris, so I think he could show me around."
"It's not so easy to go abroad, let alone in Europe. Sena, you're a newlywed. What will you do if Darling finds out? You can't just lose your current celebrity life."

  Sena's Darling is a successful businessman (in his fifties) who owns a mansion with a pool in a gated area near Los Angeles.Sena is in charge of cooking, but other household chores are handled by a housekeeper who comes in on a rotating basis.She works as Darling's secretary three days a week at an office in the city.On the weekends, she goes to the beach and enjoys her husband's hobby of surfing, and they share a meal at a fancy restaurant.I just heard that he has three cars and is living a celebrity life that looks like something out of a TV drama.
``As I said earlier, I'll be traveling back and forth between Japan and America for a while. Darling rented an apartment in Tokyo and I'm helping her with some computer work, but I don't have a lot of work to do, so I guess I have some free time. No. If I were wandering around the country, Darling would be in a bad mood because of the location information from my cell phone.”
 If people are in a bad mood at home, what will happen in Paris?
"In that case, it's okay. My best friend, who Darling also knows, is in London, so you can just go to London first and go sightseeing in Paris with her. Perfect, right?"
 Hey, Sena, what's perfect for you isn't perfect at all for me.How much do you think it will cost to get to Paris?I don't think I would say, ``Please give me some for my friend, too.''Have you ever heard of someone taking you to Paris as a present for a woman who becomes his wife?
 These were the cries of Joe's heart, but these words never came out of his mouth, and somehow he decided to go to Paris.Moreover, he was abducted into a hotel room, saying, ``I have to practice for when I go to Paris.''Then, in the room, Sena gradually takes off her clothes.Naturally, his tanned, toned, sexy body was exposed from surfing on the weekend, and Joe's modest body became impatient, and even though the date changed against his will, he kept going in and out. It was.In addition, I think I heard some noise along the way, but it was drowned out by Sena's screams, so I didn't notice it (bitter smile).

 Anyway, starting the week after next (bitter smile), I'll be in Paris.




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