How can I meet someone?


Nice to meet you, I'm Asano from the production department.XNUMX months after joining the company, let me write a column as soon as possible

I am pleased to hear that you will be able to do so.

what should i writeI was worried about it, but let me write about my own experiences and encounters

I would like to have it.

It's a crappy sentence, but I'd appreciate it if you could read it to the end m(__)m

everyday worries

The man is over 30 and tired of work.

Going back and forth between home and work... If you meet something good at such times, you will be motivated to work!

Yes, I want stimulation!I want stimulation! !I want stimulation! ! !

And every day I go back and forth between work and home while spitting out curse words.

Until I was in my 20s, I had female friends for some reason, and on the weekends I went to joint parties.

You can spend time having fun, or you can temporarily go to a sex club or a cabaret club as part of a company relationship.

I was getting moisturize.


I can say that now.

I want to have an exciting date! ! !

I want that feeling of excitement like when I was in junior high school! !

I want to go on a date with a cute girl! ! !

I've come to think of that.

However, I don't know where to find such an encounter.

I don't have any connections to go to a joint party anymore.

I'm not a strong drinker, even though I say I should hang out at a bar.

Where can I find such a man?

I'm looking for a place to meet

Q.Where did you meet recently?


  1. bar
  2. dating app
  3. Mixed party / Machicon


[Result XNUMX]

Asano doesn't drink very strongly, he almost never goes out drinking (by himself)! (Please take someone with you)


[Result XNUMX]

I tried it!I went until I actually met one,

It was a strange solicitation w Please help me (tears)


[Result XNUMX]

I went here too!Town con!

After exchanging LINE messages with two women, I went home feeling excited!

I was able to make an appointment to go out for a drink at a later date, but it was canceled at the last minute...

Hey, hey, how about the store I made a reservation for! ! !



Do you have any other good encounters?


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