[Sapporo off-line meeting] I don't like that feeling of binging

◆The second off-line meeting◆

Continuing from the last off-party, this is the second chapter of the hot night spent with the three members.
While showing excitement from beginning to end, alcohol is also included and it's crazy!Talking!
Can you make it into an article?

◆ Isn't there a mistress diagnosis ◆

(I.e.: Do you already know about the lover diagnosis that is a hot topic these days?
Mr. A: I saw it!Let's make it mandatory.
Mr. I: I would like to see not only new women but also existing women.
Mr. M: Isn't it okay for new women to answer with a flip during the interview?
Mr. A: Do you want me to write it?
Mr. I: Shouldn't it be mandatory for everyone to do it?
(I.e.: I thought about that too, but how about a thin mistress diagnosis?
Everyone: Ah...
(I.e.: I want people who are prepared to be mistresses to appeal to me.
Mr. M: I see, it's difficult.
Mr. A: But it's a big point that women can appeal.
Mr. I: Isn't that what makes even Standard women shine?
(I.e.:That's right!
Mr. A: I wish I could do more.
倉野: I've started making some videos, though some videos were rejected. . .
Mr. I: I want to see a lot of that kind of thing.
Mr. A: It's better than a psychological test that doesn't make sense (laughs)
Mr. M: Certainly, I do not understand the meaning (lol)
(I.e.: I don't use it anymore (laughs). It was mainly about the voice and gestures of women rather than the content.
Mr. I: If you think so, that was good.

◆Resurrection spells◆

Mr. A: Zaorik mail is good.
Mr. M I: Huh?what email?
(I.e.: It's a resurrection spell for an adventure RPG game (laughs)
Mr. A: Is there a woman who says she's already cut?
Mr. M: There are many (laughs)
Mr. A: When I contact him after about a year, "How are you doing lately?"
Mr. I: So did you actually meet?
Mr. A: I met you.
Mr. M: Is it just a meal?
Mr. A: Even after the meal (laughs)
Mr. M: I didn't think about contacting you after that when I thought it wasn't good.
Mr. A: The best thing is that there is no setting fee!
Everyone: lol

◆Pros and cons to that selfie stick? ◆

Mr. A: I was proud of that selfie stick that suddenly appeared, but what is it?
(I.e.: That's the new weapon of the Universe Club.
Mr. A: Isn't that subtle?
(I.e.:picture!I'm gradually getting used to how to use it, so there's room for growth (laughs)
Mr. M: There are a lot of selfie videos these days.
(I.e.: It was expensive (whisper)
倉野: It's not just a selfie stick, it's electric.
Mr. A: Electric?Oh I see.
倉野: That's why you can take videos where you can walk together and move your whole body without blurring.
Mr. I: Yes, that's right.
(I.e.: I want to see this kind of video!Do you have that?
Mr. A: I like walking women, I like women with good posture.
Mr. M: How long can you allow it?
Mr. A: Hmm, what do you think? . .
倉野: Is it like the first machine?
Mr. A: That's right!It's like a stoop.
(I.e.: Because it's Eva, it's okay to pass through (laughs)
Mr. A: Also, a video where you can see the shape of the ear would be nice (laughs)
Mr. M: Disgusting!
Mr. I: Don't you have a fetish? (smile)
Mr. A: Ishii-kun's photo has a lot of ears sticking out (laughs)
(I.e.: It's a fetish (laughs)

◆Favorite female figure in this flow! ◆

Mr. M: After all, a slender woman is good.
I: Are you a thin woman?
Mr. M: A woman who has a proper waist and tight ankles is good.
(I.e.: Don't you have many requests? (smile)
Mr. M: Because it's a request!
Mr. A: I don't like big breasts so much, and I don't like that feeling of binging.
Everyone: How are you doing?
Mr. A: If you're a man, you'll understand (laughs)
Mr. I: The expression is too unique (laughs)
Mr. A: I get drunk for some reason when I see it.
倉野: There is also, that kind of thing.
Mr. M: Yes! ?
倉野:wrong!Do you get drunk when you watch a blurry video with a camera or something?
Mr. A: That's it!
Mr. I: Is it about C?
Mr. A: Well, it's not easy to make an offer above D.
(I.e.:That's right.
Mr. A: However, I think it would be nice if it was a well-balanced woman, but I don't think so (laughs)
Mr. I: You are very picky.
Mr. M: Ah, too young women and over 160 cm are NG, I don't really like tall women.
Mr. A: Conversely, I like big women.
Mr. M: It would be nice if the offer overlaps (laughs)
Mr. A: I'm not very happy that my tastes are different (laughs)
Mr. M: When we meet next time, I will be a little troubled by my brother (laughs)
Mr. I: I don't care much about the appearance, I'm focusing on the contents.
Mr. M: Oh, I don't wear it (laughs)
Mr. I: If you don't meet and have a good talk, you won't feel like that after that.
Mr. M: I understand that feeling, honestly there are women who are boring to meet.
Mr. A: I understand (laughs)
Mr. M: But there are many tall women who are beautiful, so I can't offer them (laughs).
I: Well, balance is important.

◆Unpopular?Selfie Post

(I.e.: By the way, do you see the selfie post?
Mr. A: I haven't seen it (immediate answer)
Mr. M: That's a scam, isn't it? (laughs)
Mr. I: I think it's good to see it, but I don't use it as material for the offer.
Mr. M: I think it's good to put it out.
倉野: There are a lot of processing apps out there.
Mr. A: Isn't it giving a negative impression by uploading that?
Mr. I: I feel negative for women.
Mr. A: The diet was successful!I know you upload it for that reason, but it's because everyone is processing it (laughs)
Mr. M: You can also enjoy comparing photos and selfies.

◆Effort to meet women from other branches◆

Mr. A: There is a striking woman at the Hiroshima branch.
Mr. M: Is it Hiroshima?
I: This is a relatively recent branch, isn't it?
(I.e.:that's right.
Mr. A: I'm trying to incorporate a business trip schedule somehow, but it's absolutely impossible due to the nature of the industry (laughs)
(I.e.: Wouldn't it be great if you could come to Sapporo!
Mr. A: Don't say it so easily (laughs) And that woman dating type B!
I: Wouldn't it be nice to go on a business trip to Osaka or Fukuoka?
Mr. A: No, it's slightly far away...
Mr. I: Would you like to arrive in about 2 hours by Shinkansen?
(I.e.: It takes two hours.
Mr. A: It seems like I can go, but I'm still reluctant to go for work.
倉野: Hiroshima is far away.
Mr. M: Come to think of it, I went to Hiroshima to see the Japan Series last year.
(I.e.: Two consecutive losses...
Mr. A: It takes courage to offer a branch woman.
Mr. I: How about taking the plunge and going privately?
Mr. A: Please wait a moment, I'm dating type B (laughs)
Everyone: Ah...

◆Do you change the transportation fee depending on the woman? ◆

Mr. A: I've wanted to change it, but it's still 1 yen.
Mr. M: I think so.
Mr. A: I put it in an envelope in advance, so I will give it to you as it is.
Mr. I: You don't decide after meeting.
Mr. A: It's troublesome to change bills even if you think that this girl doesn't fit in conversation (laughs)
(I.e.: For example, are you the kind of person who just fiddles with your smartphone and gets irritated?
Mr. A: I have never met such a woman.
Mr. M: Me too.
Mr. A: Even if you meet, isn't it because of your lack of talking ability?
Mr. I: You are like a mass of ambition.
Mr. A: Thank you (laughs)
Mr. I: I have the same idea as everyone, but I've been worried lately.
Mr. M: What happened?
Mr. I: I heard from a woman that she received several times the amount for the first transportation fee.
Mr. M: Isn't that a phony? (smile)
A: Hmm, I've never heard of it.
Mr. M: Did you see the information on the recent papa katsu site instead of the rules of the universe club?
Mr. I: My guess is that the man felt indebted because he forced his invitation and was turned down, so I gave him more.
Mr. M: I see...
Mr. I: I think that the amount of money as a rule can be seen cheaply.
Mr. A: I heard that a male member who came to Sapporo on a business trip got a lot.
Mr. M: I guess the market price is different.
Mr. A: If you try from here, don't raise the market!I think (laughs)
(I.e.: What about Mr. M?
Mr. M: I have handed 5 yen only once.
Mr. A: I guess it was too much. . .
Mr. M: I usually give cash directly, but at that time I put it in an envelope for some reason (laughs)
Mr. A: Also, in order to leave an impression, I will put it in a pocket bag and give it to you (laughs)
(I.e.: Pochi bag is novel (laughs)
Mr. A: It seems that the woman I met before kept that pocket bag (laughs)
Mr. I: I also give it in an envelope, but it seems that there are few envelopes.
Mr. M: That's right.
Mr. A: When I handed it in an envelope, I told him to take a look at the contents on the spot.
Mr. I: On the spot?
Mr. A: Well, this also depends on each person (laughs)

◆Have you ever been to other dating clubs? ◆

Mr. M: Actually, I recently entered (laughs)
Mr. I: Oh, it's timely.
Mr. M: At the moment, we are getting offers from women.
Mr. A: Isn't it amazing!
Mr. M: After I started submitting the necessary documents, they started coming all at once (laughs).
(I.e.: I hope you have a good meeting!
Mr. M: I just started (laughs)
Mr. A: I'm looking forward to this report.
Mr. I: I also have one.
Mr. M: That's right, is it the same place? (smile)
Mr. I: I've never met him just by entering.
Mr. A: I was also worried about whether to enter there.
Mr. I: Looking at the registered women, there were women who were in the Universe Club.
Mr. M: Yes, there is.
Mr. I: I'm worried because the setting fee is cheaper than Universe Club (laughs)
Mr. M: It's an important item for honest men.
Mr. I: But Universe Club interviews me well, so I feel a sense of security.
倉野:thank you!
Mr. I: I'm happy to hear your impressions and images.
Mr. A: Also, I sometimes get calls from the dating apps I used to use (laughs).
Mr. M: Is it a dating system?
Mr. I: Can we really meet?
Mr. A: You can meet, the market price is cheaper than Universe Club (laughs)
Mr. M: Should I use that? (smile)
Mr. A: Is it cheaper at Universe Club?I am very pleased with the treatment (laughs)
Mr. M: So then?
Mr. A: It's just that the loss is huge!
Everyone: lol
Mr. M: Somehow there's a cute girl in the universe club, isn't there?
(I.e.:Thank you smile)
Mr. M: At first, I got nervous every time I went on a date (laughs).
I: How are you now?
Mr. M: I'm not nervous anymore, but today was the most nervous (laughs)


Mr. A: No, it was a blast.
(I.e.: 3 hours and 11 minutes (laughs)
Mr. M: Long! !
Mr. I: When is the next time?
(I.e.: Hmm, I think there will be off-line meetings and round-table discussions like this all over the country from now on.
Mr. M: Good.
(I.e.: If it starts nationwide and has a good reputation, there may be another one!
Mr. A: By the way, what percentage of today's content can be used?
(I.e.: About 3% (laughs) Too many personal names!
Mr. M: What to do with leftover food?It's bad for the shop, so take Mr. Ishii home.
(I.e.:thank you!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to speak with us today.
Thank you for your continued support of Universe Club.

It contains a lot of real talk and contents that do not usually appear on the table.
I think it's good to be able to deliver such a raw voice.
Thank you for reading this far.
As many people as possible at off-line meetings and round-table discussions that will be held nationwide
We hope that members will participate.
* To make the article easier to read, the color of the concierge name has been changed.
*In order to respect the frank opinions of the members, the content of the article is posted as close to the original as possible.
There were extreme content and expressions in the article, but it is not the content managed by the club,
Please understand that this is an individual impression and not the direction of the club.

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