[Sapporo off-line party] Isn't a dad active girl an enemy of men?

◆The beginning comes suddenly◆

"I'd like to go drinking with Mr. Sapporo once (laughs)"
The Sapporo off-party that started with just this sentence.
What is the scale?
How many people?
This is a short but long 3-hour story about a hot night spent with a male member by an unknown and inexperienced Sapporo staff member, such as an off-line meeting.
Mr. A: Have you decided on a shop?
(I.e.: Not yet. . .
As expected...! ! ! !

◆I was more nervous than when I was on the date◆

The title is Ishii's imagination.
Arrive 20 minutes before the appointment time (too early) and stand straight in front of the entrance.
(I.e.: Well, who is it coming from? .
Mr. M: Huh?Isn't it early?I'm so nervous. .
Don't worry, I think everyone is nervous.
Mr. A: Huh?Isn't it early?What are you doing?
Super frank and friendly Mr. A
Mr. I: Am I the last one?I apologize.
No problem, let's visit the store.
[Inside the elevator]
Everyone: ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・
Is this okay! ! ! ! !

◆Let's have a toast for now◆

(I.e.: That I was able to meet you today
Everyone: Hurry up!
(I.e.: Good luck! !
A brief introduction
Mr. I in his 30s, Mr. A in his 40s, Mr. M in his 50s
It is a miracle that we gathered by age group.
After the brief introduction of the items, the comfortable off-line discussion begins!

◆Didn't the difficulty of Universe Club increase? ◆

Mr. A: The number of admissions has increased since this time last year.
Mr. M: Ah, I think so.
Mr. A: That's what I thought, and I think the difficulty level for women has increased.
(I.e.: Difficulty?
Mr. A: It's decided after the meal.
        I think it used to be better.
Mr. I: Is it the effect of increasing the number of daddy active women?
Mr. A: I have the impression that there are many women who are more clear in the past.
(I.e.: Is it clear?
Mr. A: It was almost 100% with a relationship type C (laughs)
Everyone: Oh.
(I.e.: Mr. A has been in Universe Sapporo for over 4 years.
Mr. M: Were you the current dating type in the past?
Mr. A: It didn't change much, there were almost no A types!
Mr. I: Isn't there a lot of A's all over the country now, did you have B's?
Mr. A: There were a few B, but I wonder if there were many women who said that it would be okay if it was the second time.
       The first time we met face-to-face and from the second time onwards, there was a woman who could go with B even though it felt like it.
I: How do you feel now?
Mr. A: Nowadays, there are many women who say, even after eating, it's a bit... (laughs)
Mr. M: Oh, I see that.
        I'm not bragging, but isn't it the most rejected? (smile)
Mr. A: Even B has to go out to eat 3 or 4 times...
Ms. M: I'm a C-type woman and I went out to eat 5 or 6 times, but she wouldn't even let me hold your hand (crying).
        It's good because she's a woman who talks and looks good, but...
        I don't drink and eat a lot, but I wonder how much I spent once...
Mr. I: It seems that the amount of allowance has exceeded, are you still seeing him?
Mr. M: I already gave up...
Mr. A: If you spend money on meals, you can accompany a bar!Sometimes I think.
Mr. M:However, it is good to be an amateur woman!
Everyone: I see~

◆Who is the next woman? ◆

Mr. A: There are many patterns that go out for a long time.
Mr. M: Youth.
Mr. A: Whether it will end in one time or last half a year (laughs)
Mr. I: After all, we have to talk.
Mr. A: I don't drink much, so a woman who eats well is good.
Mr. M: There was a woman who was a heavy drinker...
Mr. I: Oh, it's the woman from earlier (laughs)
       Will the woman contact me?
Mr. M: Ah, he came, but I've already cut it. . .
        I'm the only victim...
Mr. I: No, no, if you say that, I will too.
Mr. M: Is that so?It's a little easier...
Mr. A: Without a place like this, I don't know the situation of other men (laughs).
        But even with women I meet regularly, I try to meet only once a month.
Mr. I: Is that so?
Mr. A: I tell the woman in advance about my schedule for about 3 days and meet.
        Instead of just going to a hotel, I ask what you want to eat and start with a meal.
Mr. M: Are you going to make an offer at that time when you don't meet?
Mr. A: Right now, I'm fine with just that woman, so I'm refraining from making offers (laughs).
Mr. I: Oh.
Mr. A: Instead, I praise you a lot for the time we spend together (laughs).
Mr. M: I see, you are good at handling women.
Mr. A: It's time to have fun together, so I want them to enjoy it too.

◆What do you talk about during your date? ◆

Mr. A: I don't want to tell you that (laughs)
(I.e.: It's a great opportunity, so come on!
Mr. A: I often ask the reason why I joined immediately after meeting.
        Where the heck did you find out about the Universe Club?And.
Mr. I: Really?I prefer the last one.
       If I hear it at an early stage, I wonder if he will tell me the truth.
Mr. M: I hear that too, but the timing is difficult.
Mr. I: How does Mr. A hear it?
Mr. A: I will start with what I can frankly at the beginning.
Mr. M: Huh.
Mr. A: It seems that the introduction to women is a very frank person (laughs)
Mr. M: I'm just a serious person!
Mr. I: I'm quiet...
(I.e.: No, no, I write more (laughs)
Mr. A: I make use of that prior information to appeal to women that there is no danger.
        I have an ulterior motive (laughs).
Mr. M: After all it was set (laughs)

◆How many dates do you spend each month? ◆

Mr. M: It depends on the other party, but I can't use 100 million or 200 million.
Mr. A: If I like it, I decide the amount of money to give to a woman.
Mr. I: Is it a generous amount?
Mr. A: Yes, by the way, XNUMX (laughs)
        Oh, this is a secret (laughs)
(I.e.: Maybe I can't write (laughs)
Mr. A: Other than that, there are places where you can save money by not drinking alcohol, so I will focus on meals.
        Even if there are many Japanese restaurants, it's about 4 for two people.
Mr. M: Japanese food?
Mr. I: What!Isn't that expensive?
       I'm about half 2.
Mr. M: I also go to a shop that fits in about the same amount.
Mr. A: On the first date, I change the shop and hold it down (laughs)
        If I like this woman, I'll go to a good place for an after party, not a hotel.
Mr. I: I've never been to a second party...
Mr. M: It's good to be young (laughs)
Mr. A: This woman wants to look good if you think about it (laughs)
Everyone: I know, I know.
Mr. I: In the first place, what kind of store is 4?
Mr. A: There are a lot of sushi restaurants and puffer fish, and they are completely reservation-only restaurants.
Mr. M: That's good, I have to stock up...
Mr. A: The most troublesome thing is teppanyaki ~, how far can you see it (lol)
Mr. I: When seafood is added, the price jumps at once.
Mr. A: In such a case, I will cheat with yakiniku.
Mr. M: It would be a problem if only Japanese food was listed on the member page.
I: Kaiseki cuisine, sukiyaki, and shabu-shabu are also Japanese cuisine.
Mr. M: The category is too wide!

◆What do you pay attention to when making an offer? ◆

Mr. A:The target women these days are women in their 30s.
Mr. M: Whoop, actually, I've been thinking about it recently.
        But I tend to go to young women (laughs).
Mr. A: In real life, young women feel different.
        First of all, the traces of underwear disappear quickly (lol)
Mr. I: If you say that, you will get angry (laughs)
Mr. A: Another thing I think is good is that you can be spoiled by women in their 30s.
Mr. M: Are you talking about maternal instinct?
Mr. A: It's not like that, but it's something teenage girls can't do.
Mr. M: As expected, it is a career of 4 years.
Mr. I: There was an interesting opinion on an old bulletin board, and there was a post saying that only standard women would be offered a lot.
Mr. M: Eh, only Standard?
Mr. I: Yes.
       The advantage is that there are few competitors.
Mr. M: I see.

◆How is the hotel going? ◆

Mr. A: I have a lot of love hotels.
Mr. M: There are many city hotels.
Mr. A: It's kind of surprising.
Mr. M: There are circumstances (laughs)
Mr. I: Have you ever been told that you don't like love hotels?
Mr. A: Even if a woman says she doesn't like love hotels, I'll talk about the good benefits of love hotels and go after understanding.
Kurano: Does it feel like a spacious bath?
Mr. A: Yeah yeah (laughs)
        To be frank, even if there is after dinner, if I think that this woman will not last, I will go to a cheap hotel (laughs)
Mr. M: I see, it's clear!
I: I have never been to a love hotel.
      I don't think it's a waste of money, and if you add a little more, you can go to a city hotel.
      I use it because I can stay as it is and calm down, and I can do my own work slowly at night.
Mr. M: Breakfast is also delicious.
Mr. I: If you apply from the official website, they sometimes upgrade your room.
A: I didn't know that.
Mr. M: Are you by any chance related?
Mr. I: No, no, it's completely different (laughs)
       It's no good if it's easy ● or ●● ran...
Mr. M: I don't use it anymore (laughs)
Mr. I: And the important thing is the distance to the hotel.
Mr. M: After all, the closer the better.
Mr. A: On the contrary, I go far away and go by taxi.
        The negative point of walking with two people disappears.
Mr. M: I'm too used to it (laughs)

◆Do you care about women who drink alcohol? ◆

Dear I: Do you care about the strength of women's alcohol?
Mr. A: It doesn't matter what the woman drinks.
Mr. M: Have you ever been told by a woman that you want to drink?
Mr. A: I don't have one at the moment.
Mr. M: If you are a woman who can drink, I will drink and have you drink together.
        That's more fun (laughs)
Mr. A: To be honest, it's a sad story, but if you drink too much, it's after the meal (laughs)
Mr. M: You're still young, so it's okay!
        There is also a method called doping.
       It will come soon, so you should be prepared (laughs)

◆Sapporo off-party is still going on...◆

* To make the article easier to read, the color of the concierge name has been changed.
*In order to respect the frank opinions of the members, the content of the article is posted as close to the original as possible.
There were extreme content and expressions in the article, but it is not the content managed by the club,
Please understand that this is an individual impression and not the direction of the club.

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