Voluntary dad activity roundtable → 5p dinner held ♪

[Meeting and rank change incident]

 Mr. Oshiro from the Universe Club was able to come "considerably" earlier than the scheduled time.

I received several explanations, such as the membership rules, such as "You can't set up with more than one person at the same time", and I received OK on a trial basis, and I asked you to write the details in the column. rice field.I thought it was just for fun, but from Mr. Oshiro's point of view, it was work.

"No, I'm very grateful that I can get data on a trial basis without spending money (on the contrary, I receive an offer fee). I also reported all the contents of this day to the president, and what kind of service I can use in the future. I will teach you

He responded with a little anticipation of my feelings.

Next, Mr. Nanase and the sommelier came in quick succession.

I had the first greeting with Mr. Nanase, and the sommelier made a list of wines. disappeared into the restaurant.

(There is a sommelier at the restaurant, but I don't want my daddy to listen to the whole story, so I decided to call the sticky sommelier.)

Next came standard, gold, platinum, and black.


Mr. Oshiro and Ms. Nanase are surprised to see a standard woman.

"Who interviewed you? Do you remember?"

"Even the name...was a woman."

"Come back for another interview. You are definitely not standard."

Both of them were very surprised and responded.

"I'm glad the issue was resolved quickly."


There's something like this.

However, she herself has become thinner than at that time, and everything from the clothes and makeup she wears is different from the photo on her profile.

I was very happy that the troubles of the standard women were cleared up early.

She was a very nice woman who didn't feel out of place in the atmosphere of a city hotel.

I mean, they were all really nice.

I think there is definitely an awareness that there are many other women, not one-on-one.

Black women were the nicest ever.smile

And everyone, on a cold day like this, asks for iced tea as I learned on the right.

It was like my heart was pounding and my body was trying to cool down.

When everyone gathered and looked around, only the platinum woman was in a bad mood and was a little concerned.


[dinner start]


1,Standard female first setting
2, gold female first setting
3, Platinum women 4th time (including 3p 2 times)
4, Black women 4th time (including 3p 2 times)
5,President of listed company
6,She is a listed company
7, Universe Staff Oshiro
8, Universe staff Nanase
9, male sommelier
10, Mr. Saito♪

(From now on, we will proceed with the story using the rank as the name for women.Four women are also reading this column, so I'm nervous.)

First of all, as a black woman's job celebration, I sat down around her,

The sommelier and Mr. Oshiro proceeded to sit down.

It starts with a self-introduction, starting with a unique self-introduction such as how many dads you have and your monthly income.

The talk wasn't going to be very lively from the beginning, and I felt again that it would be difficult with a large number of people.

The food was brought to me, but I myself couldn't pass my throat at all, and the quiet private room was completely frozen in the first half...

At times like this, the president of a listed company talks about the sexual situation of women in Japan and overseas, Mr. Oshiro spreads the topic, Mr. Nanase excites with a wealth of topics, and black women talk about it.

Little by little we started to communicate.

Gradually, both gold women and standard women

"How should I approach men?"

“When should we start talking about allowances?”

And so on.

Allowance amounts, precautions when staying overnight, thoughts on overseas travel,

All of them seemed like they could have been put in the anonymous question box on the Universe Club website, but the intonation and pauses in the voice that gave a sense of realism were very helpful, and again, I couldn't figure it out with [characters]. You can learn

Also, I thought that women wanted a sense of sharing that they were worried about the same thing.

Despite being the youngest, the black woman answered the questions of the women who were hesitant with clear intentions and answers.

In any world, people will start to look at people who "know" and "experienced people".

It was interesting to see her, who is a listed company, suddenly open her mouth with all the amazing stories.

I wonder if it's getting excited even though it's awkward.

While thinking that it was good, I was sending a line to the black woman under the table.

“Aren’t platinum women in a bad mood?”

"Soudato Omoimasu"


[Employment celebration and sales activities]

Originally, it was a dinner party held to celebrate the employment of a black woman, so I enjoyed the wine of her birth year.

The sommelier also prepared wines from other women's birth years.

They took pictures of their vintage etiquette, and black women took pictures of their celebration gifts.

On the other hand, the platinum woman, who had responded to any question with nothing but "not sure...", left her seat.

She got up from her seat, and although I omitted it, the problem was solved.

I had requested that the food be served in 90 minutes, so they arranged three waitresses (a technique I often use), and the time passed smoothly, but the second half was too exciting, and it took 3 hours and 2 minutes. has passed too.

The standard women seemed to be asking various questions about the jobs they would get in the spring, and the gold women were talking about how they could continue working with men.

Mr. Oshiro even started talking about joining the universe with his girlfriend, who is the president of a listed company, and handed him his business card saying, "If anything happens, please contact me anytime."

Finally, even the sommelier man in front of me began to explain how to join.smile

After the final closing, I handed over the presents to everyone (it was like a strange gift exchange) and urged everyone from the private room.

Mr. Oshiro did not miss the fact that his girlfriend, who is a listed company, looked quite surprised when he received the present.

Furthermore, at the time of parting, the sommelier and Mr. Oshiro said, "Let's talk a little."

Finally, when I tried to give the transportation fee to the gold woman who set it up for the first time,

“Do you mind if I go to the room with everyone else?”

I was told, so shall we all go together?

As a result, the five of us moved to the room.

I thought that even if 4p became 5p, it wouldn't be much of a problem.

It's Mr. Saito♪

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