• I am a university student.
    I heard that my friend is working as a dad in a dating club, and I'm pretty disappointed, to the man who uses it.



Question date: 2021/10/05 14:45

I am a university student.
I heard that my friend is working as a dad in a dating club, and I'm pretty disappointed, to the man who uses it.

Looking at my senses and people around me, most of the people who see college students as the opposite sex are the same college students or people of the same generation, and occasionally lolicons (who have a communication disorder and can't get along in society).

Even if an ordinary adult looks at us, it's unlikely that we'll be seen as the opposite sex with the feeling of "You're cute~ (with an expression that looks at a small child)".

How does it feel to want to have sex with a college student?Recently, my friend has started to get sick from being a daddy, and when I hear about it, I'm getting sick of it too.What is the feeling of lolicon among uncles?

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Female member


This is Aya, a female member.

When I was a university student, I had the same idea as the questioner.A classmate who appears in a beauty pageant is being paid tribute by the president in a certain lounge, or a classmate who owns a branded item is making a living as a dad. I used to think, and when I saw an adult willingly buying a college girl, it made me feel like I was looking at a creature I didn't understand, and it made me nauseous.

However, when I became a member of society, my private life and work did not go well, and when I was mentally devastated, I stepped into this world through a scout because I felt like I was hurting myself. I think that the man who offered it to someone was not a lolicon, so I didn't hit a strange dad.

When I meet a kind father and receive a large amount of money, I feel a strange sense of accomplishment as if I conquered the world, and I feel like I've been recognized as a woman.

I was sick, but through papa katsu and lounge work, I met trustworthy presidents, and my work started going well, and I was able to build enough assets to live without working.Thank you for changing my life.My mental health has completely healed.

I'm happy because I feel that my dads now look at me not by my age but by what I'm inside.If it weren't for that, and it was a loli-loving dad, I think I would have been sick more.

But this just happened to be my luck, so I definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone.So the questioner's sense is decent, and please live straight as it is.I sincerely hope that a woman like you will support the world.

  • Answer date: 2021/10/05 15:13
Male member


column article

This is Kazu, a male member.

As you can see from this question, I don't offer college students because they smell like piss, but seeing college students as the opposite sex is not a lolita complex.Lolita is XNUMX years old.

By the time you're old enough to go to college, your physical growth is almost over and you're just going to decline.welcome here lol

  • Answer date: 2021/10/05 14:55
Male member


column article


I think it's a smarter life to be earning than paying back scholarships until your 40s.
If you have any questions, please try joining.There is also an A type with rice only.you can't continueI may write my thesis.

From the age of 18 you are an adult.In the Edo period, I was about 14 years old.

P.S. It seems that one person can repeatedly hit "Like", so I think the questioner is just hitting 1 consecutive times.

  • Answer date: 2021/10/05 16:57
Female member


Isn't it normal for an adult man in his 40s and 50s to sexually target a sexually mature college-aged woman?
I think it's different from lolicon.


  • Answer date: 2021/10/05 14:54
Male member


This is Basil, a male member.

A huge number of likes!

College students are below the main battlefield, but we occasionally offer them.
Sometimes I feel like I want to eat something new.
Children these days grow up quickly, so sometimes I think that they are physically mature enough to be of the opposite sex, but in terms of personality they are still children.

I don't really know the reason why I got sick, but my friend started activities with his own will, so is it one-sided that the uncle in his XNUMXs and XNUMXs is at fault?
A dating club is not a place to find boyfriends of the same generation.
It can't be helped to be looked down on, but please don't hit me in a place like this.

  • Answer date: 2021/10/05 16:59
Male member

flag maker

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column writer flag maker

It's kind of hard to answer, but the other day, I was praising the character of the woman I was dating, and the conversation turned out like this.

"I'm not that good of a person. Or rather, isn't Mr. Flag Maker a really good person?"

Me "No, I'm not a good person when I'm here lol"

It's like this.This is the matching of these people.

Maybe this is still better, I think it's a beautiful way of dating.I think they are trying to make each other look beautiful.It is the result of each other's efforts.

If I could use my alter ego technique and had a lot of money, I could deal with many women, but I'm the only one and I don't have that kind of money.

I wonder if the universe will hire me as a professional dad and give me a salary lol

  • Answer date: 2021/10/05 20:50
Male member


This is Dai, a male member.

I have come to think that I will try not to offer female college students as much as possible.

An increase in the number of dads who think so is an annoying question for female college students who need this activity.

  • Answer date: 2021/10/05 19:44
ス タ ッ フ

Maezawa (Staff)

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Blog post

Maezawa from the president's office will also answer.

I made some modifications to the question.

I don't quite understand what you mean
The questioner is saying that he denies marriage due to age difference (for example, Mr. Cha Kato).

In other words, it means to fall in love or marry someone of the same age.

In Japan, there is no law prohibiting age gap marriage.
although not prohibited by law
I have to say that the questioner's nerves are strange to criticize it.

Also, the definition of the word lolicon is wrong.

Motomoto, lolicon = lolita complex, in the novel "Lolita" by Russian novelist Vladimir Nabakov,
It means "to have a special feeling for a teenage girl", likening the male protagonist's love to a 12-year-old girl "Lolita".

that age group
Lolita Complex 12-15 years old ~ junior high school students
Alice Complex 7 to 12 years old ~ elementary school upper grades
Heidi Complex ~ 7 years old Little girl to lower grades of elementary school
Baby Complex From 0 years old to babies to young girls

It is said that.

When did Japanese college students start being 12 years old?
Well, the range is until the age of 15, but you can't become a college student even at the age of 15, right?

Since when did college students become young girls?
I will think.

No, just looking at this question
Little girl

Could it be that an elementary school student is pretending to be a college student and asking a question?

If that is the case, if the law also targets people under the age of 15
I think it would be against the law.

Perhaps he is trying to get his point across by mixing things up and talking about it.
A college student is not an adopted daughter.
If you are over 20, you are an adult, so you are an adult.

As for 18 and 19 years old, it has been decided that they will be extended to adulthood from now on, so they are adults.

What's wrong with adults falling in love with adults?
why do you feel bad

It is annoying even if the prejudice of the questioner is forced.

In the first place, if you really want to get your point across
Make the law first.
If the law is enacted, I can be sure that the questioner's opinion was the majority opinion.

What adults and adults do without disturbing others
I don't think anyone can be blamed.

  • Answer date: 2021/10/05 17:54
Male member


It's BB7

3 digit likes?I've never seen anything like this before
I can't help but think that you're doing something on purpose.

It's a world that children can't understand no matter what they say, so they try to understand
it's better not to think

The dating club is a world where adult men and women enjoy

child, shut up and go to sleep

  • Answer date: 2021/10/06 17:44
Male member


This is Osaka, a male member.

This kind of writing is just putting your own independence on the shelf and just passing the responsibility on to the other party.
No one asked the questioner to do papa katsu, and he probably had the freedom to choose.

I didn't know that the questioner killed a person and there was so much blood in return, and it was disgusting.
Run away and survive! It's really disgusting to be killed!
It's the same as saying

The police won't listen to this allegation.

Well, that's an exaggeration
Anyway, I know you have the energy to hit something lol You're rough, aren't you?
If anything, I would like to ban UC students, but that would bring complaints, right?

But in reality, if Ikeoji's offer is there, it's quick to change, right?

Ikeoji: "Did you write this?"
Questioner: “Eh, it’s not true~ Some kids are like that, but I’m different. I love uncles♡”
Ikeoji "You're a good boy!" Nadenade
Questioner: "Let's go quickly. I wanted to visit that restaurant♡"
Ikeoji "Fufufufufu"
Questioner: "Ufufufu"

I think that change of young people is also cute lol Forgive, forgive lol

  • Answer date: 2021/10/05 17:59
Male member


column article

Three digit likes? ?What do you mean?

My hands are shaking as I write...

Brains, memories, physical strength, and skin gradually age after peaking around the age of 20...

I think it's natural to cling to the peak.

This is a paper plane of a male member who used to say "18 years old is an aunt" or "grandmother" and was called a "living fossil" by a daughter approaching her age.

Also, whether you're a man or a woman, your feelings aren't that different from when you were 20...

  • Answer date: 2021/10/05 19:45