• Did the level of female members registered as CA drop?eh, black?There are many people who think. Black for CA...


Question date: 2020/07/10 17:03

Did the level of female members registered as CA drop?eh, black?There are many people who think. Is it a bias of the staff to make a judgment that blacks out if it is a CA?Thank you.

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Female member


This is Marika, a female member.

It may not resonate no matter what the lower class 40's say...
Postscript: Moreover, it was the staff who wanted me to answer, sorry for the rant!

① First of all, the level of black itself is lowered by the salon.

(XNUMX) In the first place, the level of CA itself has been declining since CA has not been a popular occupation for women for quite some time.

(XNUMX) Male members have longed for CA since they spent their youth and adolescence when CA was the star profession, and CA is still popular in dating clubs.

For this reason, if you are unsure about CA, you can choose black, or if you are originally platinum, but CA is black, I think it is possible.

Recently, I haven't seen a beautiful flight attendant on an airplane, but I wonder if she lives quietly in the first class of international flights.

After reading Mr. Maezawa's answer, I thought that CA's brand power was more than I had imagined!
Nanako Matsushima is definitely cute.
Exactly 20 years ago, Nadeshiko Yamato.
But even at that time, CA now! ?I thought.
After all, Ritsuko Shimada, who is making a fuss, is the royal road.It was 1994 when it came out.
Currently 51 years old.The popularity of CA at that time was incomparable to what it is now.
Still, it's after the bubble burst (far eyes)...

  • Answer date: 2020/07/10 18:43
Male member


column article

This is a male member's paper airplane.

Of course, you may have dropped two ranks...

In the first place, there are not many beautiful people in CA

If you become a CA who registers with the club, the level will go down even more.

PS What I noticed from recent beauty stories

To a wonderful woman, all men become wonderful people...

The outstanding beauty of PPS.

The actual drop is

It's almost the same reasoning as Mr. Maezawa explained how to drop the staff of the universe before.
If you do that, they will naturally remember your face and name, come to greet you every time, and even if you don't say it, you can tell that you are approaching them.

  • Answer date: 2020/07/10 19:09
ス タ ッ フ

Maezawa (Staff)

column article

Blog post

Maezawa from the Corporate Planning Office will also answer.

>Is it the bias of the staff to make a decision to black out if it is a CA?
>You wrote that "if you're in a certain profession, one class goes up unconditionally", but does that mean CA?


The bias is not the bias of the staff, but the bias of the male members.
The standard for class setting is whether an offer is entered

CA women get a lot of offers from men just for that job.
You can get an offer even if you don't have a photo.
I think that there is a brand built up by senior CAs.

I think there is something like that if you are a female CA, you can't go wrong.

It may be that they are receiving training from the company regarding hospitality.
I'm sure you've been taught very hard.
If such a woman
I think that men can feel happy just by being together.

Of course, even if it is a CA, it is important which company it is.
I think it depends on whether it's a domestic flight or an international flight.
I think it will change depending on whether you are in charge of first class or not.

Still, I think there is a brand that everyone wants to offer.

> Eh, Black?There are many people who think.

If you're not interested, just ignore it.
Just because the questioner thinks so, the offers are flooding in.

It seems that the CA who was registered during this time increased the setting fee by 1.5 times.
Maybe you've been flooded with offers and now you're out of sight?

Lady Luck only has bangs.
The goddess of chance only has bangs, so you have to grab them when they come at you.
Even if you try to catch it in a hurry after it passes by, you can't catch it because it has no back hair.
That's a story I often hear.

Perhaps the questioner has missed a valuable opportunity.

Maybe you can only come to register now with the influence of Corona.
They are coming to register now that their income has decreased due to a significant reduction in the number of flights.

You can date people you can hardly meet normally,
I think that's how it is now.

Sorry if you are not interested
If you're even slightly interested, I'll make an offer right away.
If you think later, it's better to think it's gone.

  • Answer date: 2020/07/10 19:59
Male member

It's Mr. Saito♪

column article

This is Mr. Saito, a column writer.

I only see if I can get an offer for 10 yen in black.

If there are many men who want to meet CA even if their personality is moderate
Even if the face is platinum class, it's black.

And it seems that the CA offer is actually amazing.

It's been a while since I signed up and I've met 20 people.

  • Answer date: 2020/07/13 08:43

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