• "Papa-Katsu Producer Yuto" introduces a large number of female members to the Universe Club as scouts, but...


Question date: 2024/02/11 23:38

``Papa-Katsu Producer Yuto'' introduces a large number of female members to the Universe Club as scouts, but he has committed illegal acts as described below.

Also, at the online salon (LINE group) that he runs, there are conversations about how to deceive dads, and Yuto gives advice.

Mr. Yuto's other account, ``Landmine Detection Dog Patrasche,'' exposes personal information such as facial photos of father-active men.

Will the Universe Club continue to provide referral fees to such people?
Is it okay to receive membership fees from male members?

As shown below, they are not only trying to get an allowance, but are also trying to exploit men who are in position to be dads, so I would like Universe Club to take measures.

  • gender male
  • Age: 50s
  • Member: Universe male member
  • Member ID: 89987
  • We would like you to answer: Representative, staff, male members

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