• About brand-name products when I meet my dad

    I like branded products and own them.
    When I meet my dad, I recognize the brand...


Question date: 2024/02/01 01:33

About brand-name products when I meet my dad

I like branded products and own them.
When I meet my dad, I try to bring something with a brand that is difficult to recognize.
For example, Hermès' new releases include In the Loop, Lindy, and Garden Party...

Some people turn away when they realize that it is too expensive,
I think that appealing to poverty is better received.
But I want to have something nice, so I have brand-name items that won't be found out.

I have a pride in not wanting to carry a cheap bag.
If you have a bag that you won't know if it's a brand unless you're familiar with it,
obvious brand,
For example, I was taken over by a woman who had an introductory bag such as Louis Vuitton.
Since the person didn't even know the types of Hermes bags, I think they thought Hermes was a non-brand.

The era of taking mental mounts is over, but I have finally done it.

From a father's point of view, it's better to have an easy-to-understand brand such as Louis Vuitton.
Is it easy to understand that that girl is a woman of high value who is being paid tribute to?

If you go into the water business world, I think you'll meet people who will notice new Hermès products.
This is an image that is rare in dad life.

That's why I don't have a brand.
I think it gives the impression that people won't buy it.

I have bought some high-end products.
That's why I don't want to show off, so I usually keep it simple.

Do you find it attractive to be given something?
Is it better to buy branded products rather than looking like you're poor?

I would like to hear your opinion
sorry for the long sentence

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It feels like being poor, but it's actually not!

That performance is perfect for the image I'm looking for (lol)
I think it's fine as is.
Anyone who sees it will understand.

I want to do something about it!
If you think
I think you can get a present as well.
Things are attached to the person (lol)
I thought that the item the person who asked the question had must be very suitable for him/her.
I don't think it's necessary to force yourself to show off.

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