• Are there any cases where a female member's introduction page was exposed by a male member?I'm a female member, but I feel resentful towards the person who refuses to contact me...


Question date: 2023/12/01 18:28

Are there any cases where a female member's introduction page was exposed by a male member?I am a female member, but I am worried that someone who has refused to contact me will hate me and expose me. .

It seems that disclosure to third parties is prohibited in the membership agreement, but I think there are ways to record pages such as screenshots, so I think it would be difficult to identify what is being exposed.
Are there any patrols being carried out to see if there are any members exposing themselves?

Also, if you can just cancel your membership if you break the terms, it wouldn't be such a disadvantage, so I think it would be easier to expose it.

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I have never seen anything that seems to have been reprinted from the Universe Club website.

Also, exposing people's photos without permission is a crime, not just a violation of the rules.

Personally, I think it's rare for a man to hold a grudge over someone refusing to contact him, and even more so, I think it's hard to imagine him committing a crime and exposing himself.

  • Answer date: 2023/12/01 22:46
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As for the app, I've heard of a man being exposed even though he didn't have any trouble.

I don't know if there was any trouble or not, and I don't know if he's actually a member, but I've seen male members of other social clubs being exposed.

Also, although this was not strictly exposed, I had a problem with a certain man at another dating club and when I blocked him, someone sent my company a printed copy of the introduction page for that dating club. I once met a woman who was called by her boss.

In any case, it would be difficult to identify, let alone find, those who are exposing themselves, and I don't think there is any way to patrol them.

I think it's too much to ask of a dating club that just introduces you to someone.
Marriage agencies won't take care of you if you get married or get divorced later on, and sex shops may help you if you have trouble while playing, but they won't take care of you if you're exposed online.

  • Answer date: 2023/12/01 19:30
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Why did you refuse to contact me?Also, what kind of person is that man?
I think you can read it to some extent if you understand the extent of the trouble and the man's personality.

  • Answer date: 2023/12/01 20:43
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Where do you think you will be exposed?
Dad is a follower on SNS
If you have a lot, it will spread
You can, but if not
Isn't it likely that it will spread too much?

The person with the most followers is the one who is the dad.
Even if you spread the question that you are doing it
It looks like my dad's trust is going to drop as well.

Even if exposed
In the first place, the member name is a fake name.
Cannot be limited to specific individuals
The photo is an excuse
Recently, image processing using AI with Devefake
Someone did it because it was easy to do.
Is that okay?

That dad has the address of his company and home.
It would be confusing if I told you that.

  • Answer date: 2023/12/01 22:45

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