• I am a former member.
    I was suddenly worried that my introduction page might have been lost on the internet, so I came here...


Question date: 2023/09/12 10:42

I am a former member.
I was suddenly worried that my introduction page might have been lost online, so I came here.Are there any such cases?

Also, I have been receiving calls and contacts over the years from people I met here, which makes me anxious...(I ignore such calls...) .

Wouldn't it be better to tell him why you got a boyfriend, are getting married, etc. instead of ignoring him?
I'm afraid of getting angry, and I don't know the other person's real name, so I want to be as calm as possible in case something happens.

Is it possible for you to deal with such problems after canceling your membership? (Disclosure of information, etc.)

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This is a story about another dating club: I received an advance payment from a man for my future allowance, but the man sent me a disgusting line, so I blocked him. I've heard of someone sending a printout of their profile page along with a message saying, "I was scammed by an employee."

I think it's safe to assume that there are almost no people who would get mad at being ignored by a woman they only met a few years ago, but if you commit fraud or pretend fraud, they will resent you and take such retaliation. It seems that there are some things.
If you think about it, it's obvious.

I think there are cases where the club will take care of problems between individuals, but since it is a problem between individuals, I think it is generally better not to rely on it.

  • Answer date: 2023/09/12 11:33
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Maezawa (Staff)

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thanks for your questions.
Maezawa will also answer.

>Are there any such cases?

Come to think of it, I've never heard of such a story before.
I feel like the introduction page has no value unless you're a celebrity.
If you cancel your membership, your photos will be deleted.
You can't see the unsubscribed women on the introduction page either.
I think there is.

I don't think there's actually a problem with voyeurism or drunk driving.
I feel like they have more reports.

Of course, since you will be forced to withdraw from membership, the voyeur will not make any further offers after that.
I can say that Universe is quite safe.
(However, you should be careful not to think that there are people who do this without being found out.)

Such men will go to matching apps,
Other social clubs that are not members of the social club association
I don't think there is a reporting system, or even if there is, I don't think people will be forced to resign.

Is it okay for women working elsewhere?I'm worried.

>I'm afraid of getting angry, and I don't even know the other person's real name, so I want to be as calm as possible in case something happens.

Yes, I think it's best to take it easy.
In that sense, as Mac wrote, don't mark it as read at first.
Save it as evidence for later
I think it's good to say.

It's best not to reply
I think you don't have to worry about blocking it.
I think this is a question of whether it is better to keep evidence.

In general, I think more people block people.

>Is it possible for you to deal with such problems after canceling your membership? (Disclosure of information, etc.)

We will respond as much as possible.
So, it's okay to ask for advice.
(However, I'm neither a lawyer nor a police officer, so there's not much I can do.)
However, information cannot be disclosed upon request from an individual.

Basically, disclosure is required from the police or court.
(In the case of the police, even if the man does not agree to disclosure, if they determine that the crime is serious, they can forcibly search the house and take information about the man.)

Under the Lawyers Act, a lawyer can make a request.
This will be done on a case-by-case basis as there is a balance with personal information protection.

  • Answer date: 2023/09/12 11:47
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As far as I know, there have been no reports of such things being exposed and becoming a problem.Not likely.
However, I think that many male members save screenshots of women's profiles and photos.According to the membership agreement, if you leak it to others, you will be forced to leave, but was there any problem with the terms of taking a screenshot and saving it?
Recently, a system has been introduced that prevents men from viewing the profiles of women who have already made an offer, so I think the number of men who leave screenshots as memorandums has increased.That's good and bad.

It's best to leave unread lines and phone calls from the guy you broke up with without deleting them.After a while (about a month), mark it as read, and if possible, take a screenshot and save it on your computer or another storage (in case your phone breaks).This is in case any problems arise, such as being stalked.
If anything, it is more important to know what to do if you are sued by your partner's wife.As I wrote before, XNUMX) Don't let anyone write that they're married in a line or other form that remains behind, and XNUMX) If possible, ask your wife to do this in case she finds out, and then say, ``I'm married.'' It would be nice if I could have them lie and say, ``I'm single.''

If you think about it carefully, ``Was he active as a father or not?'' isn't such a big deal.If your spouse or lover places such importance on that, it can't be helped and you should break up immediately.

  • Answer date: 2023/09/12 10:59
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The person who asked the question wants to keep things as calm as possible, and as other answers have mentioned, if it can be done in a calm manner, it would be best to do so.

In the unlikely event that your profile is published on the Internet...

I think the key to a quick resolution is whether public institutions will take action.

Even if you are requesting disclosure of your IP address (a unique number assigned to you when you use the Internet on a PC or smartphone), and not just information about the club, it will be disclosed quickly if the request comes from a court or police. However, I don't think an individual would be able to respond so easily.

To answer this, I'm talking about someone close to me, but I have yet to hear of a case where someone's profile has been made public on the internet.

  • Answer date: 2023/09/13 08:43

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