• [Automation] Hide profile after introduction

    From May this year, after the introduction is established, the profile information of the other party is confirmed...


Question date: 2023/04/30 19:41

[Automation] Hide profile after introduction

After May of this year, you will not be able to check the other person's profile information after the introduction is established.
"Changing your profile or changing stars" means "I'm looking for someone other than me", so it seems like you're looking for someone else even though you've met a few times. The person was cutting.
In my case, I'm not looking for a "hostesses" or "prostitutes" for personal business, I'm looking for a "lover", so I'm not willing to share my female member with other male members. is not.
(If you are looking for a "hostess" or "prostitute", go to a shop that has a "professional")

I think there are quite a few male members who think the same as me, but who is this change for?

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Male member


column article

I think it's for women who are annoyed by people like the questioner.

  • Answer date: 2023/04/30 19:43
Female member


It's been a long time.
This is Ryo, a female member.

If you are satisfied with the treatment, date content, and frequency, you don't have to search for multiple.
I think it's going to be a multiple relationship when you can't do it.
I am one of them.
There are always three people.
I was one of those people who thought it would be hard to meet someone who would make me feel okay even if I was alone. ,

  • Answer date: 2023/04/30 22:18
Male member


It seems that I was able to hide my profile from the man I met with the will of the woman.
If so, the questioner's criteria don't seem to make much sense.

In any case, rather than having too much or too little allowance, if you do not reach the desired amount of the other person, I think that the other person has no choice but to have multiple relationships.
Then, even if you meet the criteria, if you have doubts about continuity, I think you are in multiple relationships.
In the first place, men in dating clubs, including myself, have one or more favorites, and if you don't choose your words, it's an environment where they can be replaced. It's a group of people who have no experience of continuing with one person (I'd say my ability to continue is low, but I also have the ability to see the luck factor of meeting a good person...), so it's easy to narrow it down to one person. If I were a woman, it would be impossible.
I'm too scared to narrow it down to a man who cuts just by updating his profile.

Making a lover is more difficult than getting married, or rather, in the absence of any legal contractual relationship, the female side is at a disadvantage, so I think it's natural that it's difficult.
That said, aside from the truth, it is better for women to behave like that because it is more stable when they are squeezed, and I think there are a certain number of girls who do so.
(Same for female respondents)

  • Answer date: 2023/04/30 23:39
Male member

adventure merchant

I agree with the questioner's point of view.

I was active with the stance of seeking ``one partner who can be in a serious relationship with each other'' (I've found that kind of partner now, so I'm not doing club activities anymore..) As written, if I find out that it's a woman who immediately looks for someone else, I'll cut it, and I don't think I'll run out of ingredients for it.

I just want to tell the questioner
If it were a few years ago, it would have been fine, but at the dating clubs today, I think that people who are serious about dating with the other person they met are in the minority, both men and women.about it.

I think it's better to recognize that the search for a "lover" as written by the questioner is becoming less hopeful.
With that recognition, you can stop the dating club activities.
You can search for a mistress for the slightest possibility.

A good place to start is to understand that the current situation is difficult.

  • Answer date: 2023/04/30 22:19
Male member


column article

I'm in a bad mood about Mr. Early's case, so I'm going to write something harsh, but I think it's impossible for someone who can't make a "lover" outside a dating club to try to find a "lover" at a dating club.
What the questioner wants is simply a masturbator for himself, and the root is not love or anything, it's just an ego that wants to monopolize.You want money to buy slaves, right?in short.
First of all, I would like to ask about a million times whether the questioner is married or single.If you want chastity from your partner, get married.Marriage is a legally binding contract.

  • Answer date: 2023/04/30 23:25
ス タ ッ フ

Maezawa (Staff)

column article

Blog post

You're a selfish person.
If anything, who do you think I am! !
I would say

I think that even women don't want to meet men who are dating multiple partners.
Why is it okay for women to meet only one person, but I can date multiple women?
It's funny.

In the first place, if you have decided with one partner, you should withdraw.
If you unsubscribe, you won't be able to see the other person's profile, right?

But I'm always looking for another woman
It's not good for the other woman to look for another man
I have a bad personality.

If you're just looking and you're not dating another woman unless you're done with that woman
I'm just looking for a woman, not dating.

Even if you take in the opinions of strange people
I think the club is just going out of business.

A system that both men and women can agree on (of course, compromises are necessary).
You want men and women to be equal, don't you think?

Make it a system that only men want to register
Do you want to pay to join a dating club where only men are registered?

  • Answer date: 2023/05/01 08:08
Male member


column article

Kazu-san awesome

  • Answer date: 2023/04/30 19:55
Male member


column article

I think it's as Kazu wrote.

Be a man that women don't look for other people after meeting a few times.

Also, if you think about it, I think that you already value your dating partner and you don't have to make an offer after May...but...is that wrong?

  • Answer date: 2023/04/30 23:55
Male member

It's My

In the profile, Mr. Toki's hobbies and preferences are carefully written, so I used it when making a date plan.

I will not use it as a criterion for deciding whether or not to continue the relationship w

It's up to the woman to decide how to use her time outside of dating and whether she wants to find another partner.

If the rules of the club change, you can switch so that you can enjoy it within that range.

I think it's a change for you because you don't have to worry about things like extra stars.

It's My

  • Answer date: 2023/04/30 20:06
Male member


column article

Do you have any questions?

If the questioner is also a mistress
If you date one person, check out this profile
Should I not come?

I've been dating the questioner until now.
"I'm going to post my profile"
I wonder if it was seen to confirm
It's a little sticky and a little scary

For those who have ever had an offer for a smart woman
Go to the club that hides your profile
I was able to declare it, so I'm already a questioner
Ms. could have been deceived a lot
Yes, we have it

without using palliative means
"All necessary allowances
I'll pay you, so be my only mistress."
What if I say
After saying that and paying a lot of allowance
Then I can understand your angry feelings

with cheap allowance
Asker only
The questioner is dating multiple people.
women are not allowed
Hey, I can't balance with women
It seems to be hated by women quite a bit

In the first place, as a mechanism here
share with other men
women get a lot of benefits
In a system where high-quality female members gather

If you're looking for a lover only for me
Do you have no choice but to look for it on your own?
'Cause the female member here is a profile
Are you making it public?for all male members

The questioner's request is quite unreasonable

  • Answer date: 2023/04/30 23:55
Male member

date ◎ dream

column article

I'm more of a mistress type of relationship, but

Oh dear,
If you go out with someone for a long time, it will gradually become like that.
At first, everyone (both men and women) is skeptical and fumbles around, but while fumbling around, it feels better to the touch.

Don't worry too much, it's good if you take it with persistence, one person disappears, two people disappear (laughs)
I'll be like a true lover... (laughs)

  • Answer date: 2023/04/30 23:46

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