• This is Maezawa from the Universe Club staff.

    This time, when I asked Mr. Kida the following story, what do the respondents think?


Question date: 2023/03/17 19:10

This is Maezawa from the Universe Club staff.

This time, when I talked to Mr. Kida about the following, he asked me to write in the question box because he wanted to know what the respondents thought, so I will write it.

Mr. Kida also replied. (Looks like I'll be able to see the answer after a long time.)

"Regarding the anonymous questionnaire, currently the system is such that the question is displayed immediately.
There is a fair amount of malicious writing, so other respondents seem to prefer the previous one (the question was hidden at first and then displayed later).
Perhaps readers feel the same way.

A little while ago, there was an answer from another respondent saying that the previous one was better, and I wish I could go back.

I think there are quite a few male members who have seen the question box, so I think that by restoring this operation, more people will find the information useful. ”

So, no, no, I think it's better to display it right now
Other than that, it would be better to do this more
Please let me know if you have any requests. (That's the question. Lol)

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column article

If you hide → show like before, you will think that ``this question will not be displayed anyway'' and your motivation to write an answer will be weak (After writing a long answer, Mr. Maezawa will say ``I will keep it hidden.'') It would be quite dented if it was rejected with a single word).
If it's displayed → hidden as it is now, even if it's only for a moment, it will be displayed and someone might read it, so I feel somewhat rewarded.
So I prefer the current one.
Also, I don't think the number of so-called "malicious questions" has increased or decreased even if the display changes from hidden to visible to hidden, but what about the data? ?It's just a matter of comparing the rate of hidden → visible and the rate of visible → hidden, so I think it's good to compare this kind of problem with numbers.
By the way, after that, the questioner ID became known to the respondents, but this seems to have reduced the rate of "malicious questions".It's probably because you can't make consecutive pitches by pretending to be someone else.

As a proposal, add a button for "Severity" next to "Gender", "Age", and "Membership". (XNUMX) I want you to tell me quickly because it is troublesome to do my own research or contact the branch office. (XNUMX) I have a simple question. I think it's good to have them. After declaring, "This is a provocation," it's possible to enjoy pre-established harmony like a professional wrestling of words.Taro seems to be good at it.
Surprisingly, sometimes I can't tell if it's a "malicious question".Especially if the writing is poor or slanted.Therefore, it is best to ask the person asking the question.

  • Answer date: 2023/03/17 23:11
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column article

I'm fast and interesting to mix cobblestones, so I'm fine with it now.

P.S. I think it's good that Kazu-san has the basis for deciding whether to show or hide.
Hide less.


In the previous system, after Mr. Maezawa decides whether to display or not, it is displayed at once.
It was relatively quick, but sometimes when Mr. Maezawa is busy, no questions are displayed for the whole day.

  • Answer date: 2023/03/17 21:20
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Spring Summer Autumn Winter

column article

I think it was better before too.However, I think that Mr. Maezawa will have a lot of burdens.

Although the number of mothers is small, when I asked four women, "Do you look at the question box?", half answered, "Nanisole?" .

I think it's good to review the question box fundamentally.

  • Answer date: 2023/03/17 23:08
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President Kida Mr. Maezawa 
We become indebted to.

I don't know how to do it before, so it's hard to answer which one is better...

I don't think there will be any change in either display-to-hidden or hide-to-display because anything that is malicious or not a question will be hidden.
I don't understand why the person who writes maliciously is doing such a thing, but I think it can't be helped because they know that it will be hidden.

Rather than that, isn't it better for me to be able to see the answer immediately when I'm really in trouble and asked a question?I think it's better to stay as it is now.
I hope you get an answer.I think there are some people who are waiting for the question.

However, I think it would be better if Mr. Maezawa had less of a burden.
Thank you. 

SALON female member Rin

  • Answer date: 2023/03/17 23:50
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column article

I think it would be good to display it at the stage when a certain number of previous answers have been collected.

I think that it will be more meaningful for the reader, and there will be a lot of information that can be obtained and used as a reference (especially for the reader who needs it).Also, I think it will be very beneficial for the club.I think that the positive side of the club will be reduced considerably if the question box remains as it is.

So far, I've tried various things, such as staff other than Mr. Maezawa being in charge of things other than the display, and staff members answering every time, and I think I can pretty much see the direction.

And Mr. Maezawa's processing ability is wonderful and indispensable for the survival of the question box, I think it can be said that it is a unique ability.

On the other hand, is it possible for Mr. Maezawa to switch to the display one by one like before?Does Mr. Maezawa need to do it?

Considering decades later, it is necessary to automate as much as possible.There is also a need to be successful without relying on Mr. Maezawa.

In the past, while I was working on various things, there were times when column writers would upload it.

What I think is the current better

It is up to the respondent to enter the answer and switch it to visible, starting with the previous hidden.

If a certain number of various answers are collected, or if the question is a decent one or if you want an answer quickly, the answerer who was able to answer it will switch to the display.

If a respondent like Mr. Mac wants to display quickly, it can be displayed early.

In addition, if no one answers questions that cannot be displayed, they will not be displayed.

Then, if it is necessary to switch from display to non-display among the questions displayed by Mr. Maezawa or President Kida, the display can be changed to non-display.

I believe that readers, new members, and the club will be able to benefit from the question box only when it becomes useful information not only for the person asking the question, but also for other readers.

I think that we can provide fair information without giving readers and those who are considering joining a group a solid selection.If you don't have that responsibility, the question box won't function properly and I think it's a waste.

When I became a respondent, I was surprised and impressed by the fact that the questionnaire was so honest and honest.

The current situation is the situation described by Mr. Kazu, and it is a current situation where I feel annoyed as to where the contribution of the question box like it used to be has gone.

I would like to take this opportunity to make an attempt to reduce the burden on Mr. Maezawa, and to provide useful information that will provide readers with different opinions.


Also, in the current question box, the content of the questions has changed so much that even the respondent completely forgets to look at it.

Readers, questioners, and Mr. Maezawa may also feel this way.

I think the content of the question has changed since loser retired.

It may be difficult to display immediately without such a character.


> The respondent may be in charge of operations.In any case, there are good and bad sides to fixing things, so I think it would be interesting to change them after a certain period of time.

It has been proven that Mr. Maezawa cannot be in charge for decades, and that it is impossible for a staff member in charge different from Mr. Maezawa to do so, so if any respondent can switch the display, it will be delayed until it is displayed. I think you can prevent it.

As Mr. Taro wrote, I don't think it's possible to operate without a considerable amount of power, so it's absolutely impossible for the staff who get paid (other than Mr. Maezawa).I think that it is necessary to protrude from the realm of work.

I hope that Mr. Maezawa will establish a sustainable management method while he is still alive.

>Immediate display

Regarding the question, when you look at the display mark and the answer mark, the respondent's motivation to answer is reduced, the answers are less likely to be answered, and the number of questions with a small number of answers increases, making it more flimsy.

The enjoyment of the respondents and readers has weakened, and the awareness of reading and caring has faded, and I feel that I have lost the will to answer and read.

Is it the direction of interaction such as chat, bulletin board, and 2 channels?

I feel that it is necessary to have a certain degree of tension that the questioner will not be displayed (adopted?) unless the question is properly asked to some extent.

  • Answer date: 2023/03/18 00:15
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Immediate display is fine.In this day and age, real-time updates are the norm, and it's more interesting as a site because it creates more movement.Vandalism and slander are now commonplace, you can skip what you don't like, and it's just a matter of the reader being able to see through the lies and hype. I think.I think it's fine for the club to set a certain standard and thin out, but I think it's good to do it after the fact because it also puts a burden on the staff.When Mr. Maezawa is busy, I don't think anyone is happy that there is no update for a day and everyone is waiting in vain.

I want you to think a little more about the reason for hiding.I think it's fine to hide someone's personal attacks and continuous posting attacks, but isn't the reason "because it's not a question" too strict?For example, when a question is mistyped and consists of only a few letters, the respondent may be confused and unresponsive. I feel.As a respondent, I don't just answer questions, but I often use the question as a trigger to expand the story, so I think I can cook even if the questioner's opinion (= not a question) can be cooked.If the dish is not displayed because it is boring, I will accept it, but if it is hidden only because it is "not a question", I feel that the respondent's efforts are not understood, which is a pity.The same goes for Ogiri, who was mentioned earlier.It's natural for respondents to say silly things in a playful way, or to turn on a switch in a strange place and delve into it.Before I became a respondent, I felt a real sense of reality when I saw Mr. Mack repeating such answers.It is a reality that people who are successful in business have such a side, and this kind of person enjoys dating clubs.Order is important, but there is also an aspect of reality because it is free-range.The current situation feels a little conservative.

The style of bulletin board itself is from the early 2000s, so technically there are many improvements to be made, but as a place for Showa old men and women (although there are some people who are not) to frankly answer questions, including racy questions. It tastes like you're drinking under the guard of Yurakucho, so I think you'll get hooked on it as it is.On the other hand, it may be better to review the operational rules.It's a rule, or an operator.I don't think there is a correct answer for this kind of bulletin board management, and nothing interesting will come out of a safe management that follows the "rules".I think it would be more interesting if someone selfishly managed it.It's not just anyone, but someone who has a love for bulletin boards and has their own opinions for better or worse.In the old days, I think the way Nifty Serve assigned forum managers was excellent.The president is busy, so I think it would be good if the staff had that kind of spirit.The respondent may be in charge of operations.In any case, there are good and bad sides to fixing things, so I think it would be interesting to change them after a certain period of time.Kazu-san → Paper Plane-san → Mac-san → Aya-san → Ayase Nana-san.

Sorry for all you want to say.Hit me up if you don't like it.No need to apologize for the nosebleed.


  • Answer date: 2023/03/18 00:46
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flag maker

column article

I feel that both the column and the question box indicate that the market for this industry has grown to a certain extent, the growth has slowed down, and the momentum is disappearing.

In the first place, even though it is a dating club that has some aspects that are against morals, as the number of parameters increases, something like dating morals is completed, and I feel that there is an atmosphere where those who go against it are criticized.

I'm basically a vaginal cum shot without rubber.It is impossible to have rubber.It's hard to write.

*This is an example.i always wear rubber

A level that I think I have to put in an annotation.

If I write honestly, I can't write honestly because I think that the male members who saw it will misunderstand and cause trouble for Papa Katsujoshi.

There are too many things I can't write in the current question box.I don't think I'm the only one.

Maybe, but if we could create a closed question box for male members for XNUMX yen a month where "anyone can ask questions and anyone can answer", I feel like it would be exciting.On the other hand, I think that the time has come to make money by sharing information in the market because the market has grown completely.

I feel that the question box here can be specialized for external people who give light and safe answers for female members.

  • Answer date: 2023/03/18 01:39
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date ◎ dream

column article

Thank you for your support.

If anything, I think that "display later" is fine.

I wonder if it will be "immediate display" or "later display" depending on the position of the anonymous question box or where you stand.

I think that "immediate display" is fine if it is positioned as information dissemination as a community like SNS.

on the other hand
If it is positioned as information (answers to questions) sent from the universe, "Display later" can check the sent information. I think.

Even now, ``hide later'' or ``partially modify the contents of the question'' is still being done, and I think that the anonymous question box is managed, but even if the question is ``hide later'', it will take a while. There are times when it is displayed for a while.

  • Answer date: 2023/03/17 20:41

Nana Ayase

I don't know how it was before...
It is true that there are bad writings, so I will vote for the display later
Thank you in advance.

Also... if I put my previous question in a more obvious place,
I wonder if I'll be less likely to ask the same question over and over again
I think

I think that there are few people who look at the bottom
How about that.

Nana Ayase

  • Answer date: 2023/03/17 21:19
Male member


Basically, I think it's fine to display it later.

However, it is also a fact that it is possible to raise suspicions that it is censored.

So one option is to publish the hidden question like this later in another place.

When I first used the dating club, I was drawn to the fairness of the universe club.

Other dating clubs were frankly shady.

Wouldn't it be better to leave the format so that men who are trying to register for dating clubs can feel safe in Universe Club?

  • Answer date: 2023/03/17 21:22
Male member


column article

As before, I think it's good to display later.
Since it became visible immediately, more posts have been made using it to express opinions.

I think that certain rules are the value offered in dating clubs.If lawlessness is good there will be another site.

For me too, I think that the immediate display is a drawback that you can escape.
It's not a dating club where you can enjoy running away.

Addendum XNUMX.
I noticed after reading other people's answers, but I think it was the most interesting when Mr. Maezawa had strong authority without showing anything when posting.
Mr. Maezawa seemed to have a hard time.

  • Answer date: 2023/03/17 23:00
Female member


I don't know the old system.
① Questions are displayed immediately and answers are obtained
So I think it's a good system for people who are in trouble.
However, ② content that does not matter or
Content that is not even a question, slandering at the end of the phrase
As a respondent, posts with content like
I don't think I'm going to answer, so I think it's better to hide it.
Also, ③ Maezawa-san's workload has increased, and I'm not sure if it's worth it...
I myself asked a question when I was a beginner in dad life
I have found it useful, and I hope it will be useful for such people.
thinking about.
If you can judge based on ①②③
Also, I'm sure you're busy, but I'd like to read Mr. Kida's sharp answers from time to time.

  • Answer date: 2023/03/17 23:55
Male member

confused 60's

This year marks my fifth year as a respondent.
As a person who knows the past, I think it would be better to have it returned.

I don't remember when this question box started, but I think it was the question box that made me decide to register as a member.
Therefore, many of the answers are common sense and may not be very interesting, but I have tried to be as helpful as possible for those who want to be active.

In the past, questions and answers were displayed after they had been prepared to some extent, so I had time to try to answer from a different perspective than other respondents.
I think the quality of the questions has declined slightly since it was displayed immediately. I was.

The club activities themselves are still very active, so there are many things I would like you to refer to...lol

  • Answer date: 2023/03/18 01:23
Female member


column article

We become indebted to.

I'm not familiar with the previous system, so
I will give my opinion based on speculation and conjecture.

The purpose of the questionnaire is
In the case of "Collecting useful information from respondents (information site-like)" Hide → Show

In the case of "entertainment that increases viewers and page access (including first-time visitors)" Display → Hide

I think it's good.
Originally, the purpose of operating the question box was the former, but now I have the impression that it is becoming the latter.
For that reason, I feel that there are more and more slanderous posts by the same person, male / female (opponent), club members, respondents, etc., like the broken windows theory.

just personally
As a respondent, I feel that
Even in papa katsu, dating is a human relationship, and instead of asking questions and getting answers in places like this, first take over the rules of the club, think about it with your partner, and come to a conclusion. I think it's good etiquette to have a relationship.
Since the female members receive an allowance and do not pay the membership fee, even if there are multiple people in a relationship, instead of thinking about how to capture the men who have been divided into patterns, they are serious with their fathers one by one. I think that it is important to face and find a relationship that can be done with that dad, even if it is a different form of relationship than other people.
My activity is already in the form of a mistress rather than a light dad activity, so I think there are pros and cons.

According to the club's questionnaire, it seems that many men are dating one person?Therefore, even if we consider that many male members (source of funds) who are not in the light segment use this club, we can consider this question box to be suitable for the former system.I think it's a question box as a club, so I think minorities should write a column....
(Those who are doing well even in multiple relationships are able to have serious relationships with everyone, so there seems to be no need to match the light layer.)

Papa activities are commonplace in apps, and since it has become a light one, it depends on which position you use this question box.
I think that the display ⇔ non-display selection will change.
It depends on the management, so I don't know which one is better.

However, before asking a question, consult with the other party, think for yourself, googling, and searching.
I think it's my fault that I couldn't make preparations and come up with countermeasures for urgent questions.There is so much information on the internet, and if you can't date by looking at the other person, I think it's an iron rule to collect as much pattern information as possible in advance.
Also, it's faster to search for yourself than wait for an answer, so I feel a contradiction at that point.

Well, it's still my opinion.
Sorry for the long sentence.

  • Answer date: 2023/03/18 11:09
Male member


This is Zuiki, a male member.

I am the shortest member of the club and the shortest respondent, so I am not a respondent enough to say anything, but I will write a little bit of what I think.

I read past information from my poor search skills.
About two years ago, around March XNUMX, it seems that the current operation was changed to "display immediately after asking a question", "display immediately after answering", and "hide after confirming violations of the rules".

The main reason for the change was
①Suppression of complaints about questions not being posted or taking days to post
(XNUMX) Reduction of human resources required to operate staff's daddy anonymous question box
It seems like it was
Please add if you have any more.

Maezawa's comment at the time
“From now on, it will be displayed immediately, so I think everyone will be happy.I'm just acting on the theory of good nature.』

The fact that Mr. Maezawa suggested that we should return to the original state means the limit of the theory of good nature.
Malicious writes are probably over the acceptable limit.
If Mr. Maezawa thinks that it should be restored, I fully agree.
As a respondent, all you have to do is focus on answering as much as you can on the given stage.
No matter what method you use, there will always be people complaining and writing malicious posts.

However, even so, there is no progress simply by reverting to the original state, so it is necessary to eliminate the reasons for (XNUMX) and (XNUMX) above.
Therefore, as a proposal, as other respondents have written, I would like to propose a method of entrusting a certain amount of management to the self-governing organization of the respondents.
We call it the “designated administrator method”.
Universe Club and Mr. Maezawa will specialize in the role of manager.
The "Anonymous Association Universe Club Papa Active Anonymous Question Box Respondent Committee" will be in charge of operation.
Anonymous lol.

This is my half-joking opinion.

  • Answer date: 2023/03/18 12:23
Male member


column article

In the first place, it is a dubious dating club
Universe Club does not disclose information
be very transparent
It is also the point that I continue
I think it's the best thing about this club

I think immediate disclosure of the current situation is fine

Hide later if inappropriate
Are you satisfied with the current management?

Questioner who repeatedly asks inappropriate questions
the IP address?etc. just block
I think it would be nice

  • Answer date: 2023/03/18 12:32

Kida (President)

This is Kida, the representative.
Thank you very much for your kind reply, despite the private content of the operation.
While reading everyone's answers, I remembered something like a hot passion I had before.

The content that Maezawa-senpai raised this time is not a small operational issue such as whether to display after censoring or to censor after displaying,

(XNUMX) Do you want to create a knowledge base where information is organized without confusing the question box like chaos, and where everyone can see it with peace of mind?

② Do you want to make it a breakdown where anything is possible as a place of entertainment?

I think it's the difference in the direction of the.
I want it to be my second entertainment from start to finish.I agree with Mr. Taro and Mr. Mac.

However, each has its own needs and merits, so I thought it would be better to make a separate bulletin board as suggested by the flag maker.Also, the form of self-government management of the respondents is very interesting.
I think that the club is originally a self-employed group of people who share the same aspirations.

If you get lost in the direction, please let me know.
Thank you very much!

  • Answer date: 2023/03/18 23:40
Male member



For a moody and rare person like me,
Just follow the bulletin board rules and post moderately.

The shape of the vessel will be automatically determined depending on what kind of place the universe wants to be,
I will read it and do it properly, so please feel free to do so.

Regarding the number of accesses,
As the number of salons and lounges increased,
I had to add one click to this bulletin board
(I had to trace it from the voices of members and staff)
I think that

New searchers may not even know it exists.

  • Answer date: 2023/03/20 19:17