• There is a woman who returns home immediately after finishing a battle.Some even set alarms.If you want to enjoy the afterglow...


Question date: 2022/08/20 21:06

There is a woman who returns home immediately after finishing a battle.Some even set alarms.Is it impossible to enjoy the afterglow in a club?Are you a little lonely?

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I am very sorry, but I think that the questioner's appearance is too old, or it is difficult for young women to accept it.

Try being in the opposite position.Can the questioner get along with an old woman who is 20 or 30 years older than her, who doesn't care about her appearance and doesn't have a sense of cleanliness...?

As a countermeasure, we recommend that you polish your appearance.I think if you put in the effort, you'll see a big change in women's attitudes.

  • Answer date: 2022/08/20 22:59
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Is there such a thing?

If it's true, the questioner will be quite unreasonable... Are you serious? ?

But I'm progressing to adulthood...
Does that mean that the etch time is considerably long?I wonder if...

If that's the case, shouldn't we just meet at the hotel...


Play time in bed can be reduced to 3/1 or 4/1 of what it is now...
If you don't do that, women will not be satisfied with the current line, but they will be full of dissatisfaction.At the very least, by shortening it, they may make an effort to match the heightened emotions of the woman, and the fact that it ends early will increase the woman's affirmation, and the woman will be more satisfied and happy than now. I think it will increase.Even women can do well if the net time required for orgasm is 3 minutes or 1 minute, so if it's just longer, and if you don't know if men will come easily, you won't be able to match the peak. You'll lose the will to do it.
That's blatantly expressed, I'm sure... that alarm...

  • Answer date: 2022/08/20 21:24
Female member


It's not that you're bad at the club, it's just that your partner is bad.
I don't think it's possible to ask that person for a lingering finish, so I think it would be good to find someone else who is compatible.
If it's just a matter of the last train, I think I can get away with raising the taxi fare, but I don't think so.


Oh, I sometimes set a timer.
Because I sometimes sleep after sex.
If you don't stay overnight, you have to go home.

  • Answer date: 2022/08/20 21:14
Female member

Nana Ayase

Are you talking about a prostitute woman?

No, you're dating, right?
But it's alright
Let's throw away the women who leave quickly and make a new offer There will surely be a wonderful woman

  • Answer date: 2022/08/20 23:20
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I've never been set on a timer, but there are children who are strict about returning home on time due to their work or their physical condition.
If the child is an important person, I will think about the arrangements for the day according to the child, and if I can solve the problem by paying the taxi fare, I will pay the taxi fare.
I don't know what kind of relationship you have with the questioner, but if it's an important person, I think you should match it if there are some circumstances, and if not, look for the next partner. I think it would be nice
There are children who stay overnight, and children who miss the last train and can return home by taxi (of course, we will pay for the taxi fare).
However, if the child continues to respond like now, there is a possibility that there are various problems with yourself in the first place, so it may be better to reconsider.

  • Answer date: 2022/08/21 05:52
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Isn't that just curfew or last train time?
Before going on a date, I always ask, "What time are you okay?" along with the meeting time.
This is required.
On top of that, if you want to enjoy the afterglow, you should go on a date with that kind of time allocation.
I think that's what it means to get close to someone.
I think both the questioner and I have time to spare, but girls don't always.

  • Answer date: 2022/08/21 10:35

Joe Rubicon

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Joe's experience here isn't high, he doesn't have confidence in his sophisticated demeanor, and he's often been disgusted.I've never had an alarm ring.It can be a valuable experience.

It may be risky, but there may be a way to reset everything once.

  • Answer date: 2022/08/20 22:17
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Some women don't go home right away, so I don't think it's impossible.

  • Answer date: 2022/08/20 21:07
Male member

date ◎ dream

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It's good to bet and talk about today's match.
I wonder if I can pass the time happily (laughs)

  • Answer date: 2022/08/20 21:21
Female member


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This is Umu Potashi, a female member.

I feel like it's really just an act...
There is a big difference between the woman and the questioner. .perhaps.

I'm tired after the act, so
About 10 to 15 minutes
It's coming.
I really like that kind of time because when my head is stroked, I like it.
Pillow talk after the act? ?is longer.

Well, I feel like there are people like me in the club, so I think it would be better to find someone who fits the questioner.
I'm sorry if I wasn't there...

However, if the body odor or the scent of sweat is miserable, I can't do it either.
If you don't feel bad about a meal date, you may want to re-examine your own body odor and appearance.

Oops... it was my own opinion and my propensity.Excuse me.

  • Answer date: 2022/08/20 21:46
Female member


I don't think women are like that.
At least I don't set a timer or go home right away.Maybe you don't like it...

  • Answer date: 2022/08/20 21:45
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I understand your feelings, but would it be easier for you to snuggle up to me?

I would rather be thrown out, so I say
It's a severe result theory because there are not enough questioners.It's faster to improve yourself instead of asking the other person for what you're lacking.

change partner?This is also a methodology, but that's not the case, so you wrote it, right?

This dating club is a system, you know it's not a world where you can get it by paying, right?Are we relying too much on clubs?If you look back once more

  • Answer date: 2022/08/20 21:55
Female member


Why don't you tell your partner?

"It's sad that I always go home so soon, but..."
Rather than just blaming the other party,
The point is to simply listen and ask.

The amount of allowance does not match the time limit
Date time distribution is not very good ... etc.
You may get an honest opinion from your partner.

  • Answer date: 2022/08/20 21:11
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Losing man

Timer is normal.However, I will.The only time I don't set a timer is when I go on a date with her.

In Papa-katsu, I tell the adult date end time before the date, but I put a timer as an insurance in case I fall asleep.However, in order to avoid ringing as much as possible, before the timer rings, I say, "It's about time. Let's take a shower and get ready to go home."

Women will be happy even if the timer rings.
When I was shaking my hips, there was a time when the timer turned on and I stopped shaking my hips saying, "Oh no, it's time!"

There may be opinions about how it feels to be divisive, or what the mood is, but in the first place, Papa-katsu is a game about how to enjoy it within the range of divisibility, so I think that the basic rule of the game is for men to set the timer. I will.

However, women's short-time act is out of the question.It's a goodbye choice.

  • Answer date: 2022/08/21 07:09
ス タ ッ フ

Maezawa (Staff)

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Blog post

>Some people set alarms.

I don't think it's normal to set an alarm.
Nevertheless, in the case of the questioner, the fact that there are women who do
I think the questioner has a problem.

Maybe because the questioner tries many times
If that's the case, then it's like two hours, so the time is in the condition.
As a condition for accepting that the allowance is low, the questioner puts time as a condition
I also feel that time is part of the terms of the relationship.

If we weren't talking about time when we were talking about conditions
Do you spend a lot of time at the hotel?
There may be something that you don't want to do for a long time with the questioner.

If you think so, unless you remove the cause there
The same thing may happen in the future
That's the questioner's problem.

If it is difficult for the questioner to improve himself
I would prefer to work elsewhere.

  • Answer date: 2022/08/21 08:56
Male member


It's simply that the questioner's dating partner is acting like that.

There are two possibilities.

One is when the questioner has a problem, and the other is when the other woman has a problem.

In the former case, it's just that I don't want to be with the questioner for a long time.

You may also need to think about whether you are doing something that women dislike.

In the latter case, some of the women in the club meet men on an hourly wage basis.

By the way, I think that there are a lot of such women among A type and D type.

Perhaps because there are many men who feel that way, A and D types are not popular.

However, not all women are like that, so I recommend meeting more women.

  • Answer date: 2022/08/22 14:28