• I think [letter date = stingy people use it], but if you're watching this, you found a big dad from a letter date or you don't...


Question date: 2022/08/03 16:07

I think [letter date = stingy people use it], but does anyone who is watching this find or become a big dad from letter date? ?

I heard that there are many stingy people who ask for a letter date because the offer fee is half price, and even if they promise to date from there, the allowance is not obligatory.When I actually received the offer, I was really stingy and surprised.
For this reason, there are many women who do not use it, and the main battlefield for men who use it is probably the app rather than the club.
Even if the offer is successful, I can't help but feel that it's a rare case that you can get a date or meet a wonderful fat daddy.

I'm curious about the truth, so I'm going to ask you a question.

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column article

Setting through humans is analog

Letter dating, which requires less human intervention, is almost digital at the dating club

I think it's positioned like that.

I think letter dating is the shortest way to meet each other until the first date without bothering the staff.

In other words, you can meet early and give the woman an allowance early.

If you're younger than me, I think you'll understand how smooth letter dating can be.I think it's probably reasonable for women to be able to judge whether they're good dads or big dads without having to go out of their way to meet them.It's a waste of time to decide whether to continue after meeting.

In particular, when it comes to writing, I think it's easier to make blunt decisions about things that are difficult to understand just by meeting them.I think it can be said that men's tricks do not work and can be seen through.

With letter dating, since it is a direct exchange with the person in question, the first date is decided in the first few exchanges (just a few minutes to several tens of minutes), so that point is tremendous compared to the setting (several hours to several days) Being early is a big advantage.


I read Misato's and Potashiumu's answers and added them.

Since I have both, I think it's up to the man to decide whether it's a letter date or setting.

And I think the times are changing, just as we have changed from the phone to the LINE era.

When I first started out, I saw quite a few women who didn't like letter dates, but now I rarely see them.

If you adapt to the letter date, you will not be able to set it up.

I think the reason why setting dates are still used is because the setting fee is too cheap compared to letter dates.

I think it would be fine to charge about 5 times as much as the letter date. (Still, I use the setting, and the balance is good, staff!)

People who use cheap settings are more stingy, aren't they? ?yeah? ?Isn't that the case? ?is not it…

  • Answer date: 2022/08/03 17:49
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Looking back, there was a young person who didn't want to see his face except for the first time, so he had to meet and disperse at the hotel and the allowance wasn't much. I refused to meet while thinking, "How many women has this person offered to and how many have been rejected?"
There was a letter date guy with a high salary, but I didn't like him so much that I faded out.
I often feel that the person who offered me directly likes me more.
The reason is that I want to save the setting fee for letter dates, or because I feel that there is a high possibility that I am offering a lot of women.
By the way, I have conducted interviews with people who made direct offers.Why did you offer a date instead of a letter date?and.As a result, she said, ``I feel sorry for women because there is no merit in letter dating, and I thought it was rude.''
Conversely, I've heard it from people on letter dates as well.Then, I felt like, "I don't know what kind of person you are until you interact to some extent, and even if you meet someone who doesn't meet your conditions...".I felt that the former thinks about the woman, and the latter thinks about his own feelings first.
I think that the denominator is small and the data is accurate, but for your reference!

  • Answer date: 2022/08/03 18:46
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column article

This is Umu Potashi, a female member.

First point.
In my (small population) experience, not all people who do letter dates are stingy, but unfortunately some people are stingy?I have the impression that it seems
*The probability is too small to calculate, so I'm sorry.

Below are my impressions

After registering for the universe, the first offer was a letter date, and there was also the influence of reading the questionnaire.It's not a lie that it started with the impression that
But now, other than daddy, the other men who offered letter dates were only meals, but they received a large amount of money.
(Even if I refused, they wanted me to accept it, so I thanked them.)

In my case, it was stingier to receive a normal offer (I know the parameter)
At the time of meal, he said, "It costs money to make an offer, so I'll do it..." It's your own will to do it, but is it my fault?I'm sorry for talking with a proper smile. ’ was the only feeling I had. *The conversation is the beginning of the meeting.

The advantages of letter dating for women are:
I think it's because I can understand the other person's thoughts and understand their mental compatibility, so I can prepare mentally before I meet them.

I feel that letter dating is not suitable for people who are contacting only for dates and conditions, women who are not shy, and who value benefits.

If someone could calculate the causal relationship between letter dates and allowances, it would be a good source of information for women to choose an offer for each purpose...

It's my own opinion.

  • Answer date: 2022/08/03 20:32
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Losing man

I use letter dates a lot.

The reason is simple, because we can tell you the fastest possible treatment before we meet.

You can judge whether you are stingy or not when you hear from me about your allowance on a letter date.

I was rejected on a letter date (did not proceed to a real date) twice, 2 times and 12 times.
I guess they thought I was stingy.

If you are rejected on a letter date, the setting fee will be half price, and the total cost of food and transportation on the first date will save you about 7 to 10 points, so it's a win-win.

Letter dating is very useful because you can find out more or less what kind of person each other is in the exchange by reconciling allowances, dating style, when it is easy to take time for each other on weekdays and holidays.

Also, I just love the moment when I receive a message saying "nice to meet you", so I can't quit.

One of the points is not to chat.

  • Answer date: 2022/08/03 16:59
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confused 60's

I'm in my 60's and confused.

It's a pity to turn away the letter date.

From the top of my head, it's a waste to be judged as a stingy man and rejected.

If you look at the sentence, it's obvious, you'll know the man's personality, and you'll know if he's stingy.
Just take it and judge.Isn't it okay to meet or not after that?

Women who can't even make that judgment will be excluded from the offer first, so in a way I'm grateful (laughs)

  • Answer date: 2022/08/03 23:19
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I've been on a letter date lately too.

If you think stingy will use it, the questioner should just refuse the letter date.

I don't want to make an offer to someone like the questioner, and I have no problem at all.

It is truly the end of the world when the person receiving the allowance is stingy with the amount of money they receive.

Granted, I don't make a lot of money, so I can't meet a lot, but I don't remember skimping on the cost of each date.

  • Answer date: 2022/08/03 23:21
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column article

If the questioner thinks so
All you have to do is turn down the letter date

Some women want to live as a dad even if their allowance is low
I think there is, so the questioner says
Stingy daddy matching with that layer
It's a good thing, if both parties agree
it doesn't matter what other people do

here you go
Questioner, please aim at fat papa
on your profile
Please don't offer anything other than Fat Daddy
Please do not offer unless you are a manager
How about giving some hints?

  • Answer date: 2022/08/04 00:07
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date ◎ dream

column article

I don't think I use letter dates.
If I make a selection by myself and make an offer, the offer will be rejected (laughs)

  • Answer date: 2022/08/03 18:36

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