• I have been with my dad for about a year.

    I've been seeing my dad once a week for a year since we met here last year.


Question date: 2021/12/15 19:42

I have been with my dad for about a year.

I've been seeing my dad once a week for a year since we met here last year.

we are good friends anyway
When I stayed at my dad's house, I stayed with him almost all day,
Watch a movie, talk about trivial things, and before you know it, it's evening.

Even if we meet once a week, I want to see him right away, and to be honest, once a week is not enough.

Of course, we quarrel, but we have a proper discussion, make up, and get to know each other better.

But looking at this question box,
I feel that there are many complaints and dissatisfaction with daddy,
Are there people who really like each other and are good friends like us?
Are we in the minority?

Among the people I met in the universe, I often say that we are definitely the most lovey-dovey.
Then, I asked a question from the flow of asking in this question box.

I've become like Noroke,
Please tell us how proud you are of your friends!

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Female member


This is Aya, a female member.

I mainly have three dads, and I get along very well with all of them.

My dad, who has been with me for over two years, is so in love with me that he smiles embarrassedly, "I'm so in love with you."I sleep with you every day lol

My popular dad always calls me after the drinking party saying, "I don't want to worry you."She also gave me the passcode for my phone.

I still see my dad, who I met four years ago, once a week, and we always use LINE in the morning and evening.The contents are yesterday's stock price, today's forecast, and silly dirty jokes.

This man has a strict eye on his wife, and his child is still a kindergarten ikumen.It's sad that I can't go on trips often, but that's why when we can meet, we hang out as much as possible.He often takes me to test drive events and events with Ferrari owners, and he's a fun papa to talk about cars.

My other dad lives in the US, so I don't get to see him often, but we contact him at least once a week and do FaceTime.I'm looking forward to seeing you at the beginning of the year.

I'm still in love with this feeling, but I apologize for the long post.

  • Answer date: 2021/12/15 20:45

Kida (President)

This is Kida, the representative

Please forgive me for being rude because I'm trying to establish a bad-mouthed character.

You shouldn't be sluggish in a place like this.
There was a time when you were desperate for money and women, weren't you?
That's exactly what the people asking here are doing.
I'm desperately asking questions trying to get out of there
You guys can watch porn on your own and stand in the back at a city hotel.
I really don't envy you
happy forever

  • Answer date: 2021/12/15 23:09
Male member


column article


I've been on many trips with my best friend, Arasa-san, and it's always been fun.

Even if you can't go on a trip, people who have been with us for two years are always cute when you look at them, and it's always fun to talk to them. she is XNUMX years old.
I want you to be happy, such as getting a job.

  • Answer date: 2021/12/15 20:39
Male member

date ◎ dream

column article

This is Yume, the date of the male member.

It's good to have a very good relationship ~.
We may not be the best either, but we're good friends! (smile)

We only see each other every other week, but we keep in touch every day.
It's been XNUMX years since we started dating at this pace.

a!The age difference is more than XNUMX, so it's not lovey.
Is it a relationship between a dad active girl and a grandpa?
I'm currently studying investing, but I haven't received any advisory fees (laughs).

  • Answer date: 2021/12/15 20:00
Female member


This is Rin, a salon female member.

This kind of question is good! !
Unfortunately, I'm still inexperienced in dating clubs, so I don't have a relationship like the questioner, but I'm envious!
And I would like to be able to build such a wonderful relationship!

I'm also looking forward to hearing from other respondents!

  • Answer date: 2021/12/15 20:35
ス タ ッ フ

Maezawa (Staff)

column article

Blog post

Maezawa from the president's office will also answer.

>I often say that we are definitely the most in love,
>Then let's ask in this question box

Even if you ask me, I don't know who I love the most
I think that there is value in what we think is the best
don't worry too much about what other people say
I think it's good that we are the most in love.

I thought it was a bit mean

When the questioner wants 1000 million yen
Will Papa give the questioner 1000 million yen?
If it's really love, can you give it to me?
I think.

If it's impossible, I think it's not the best, but just a normal lovey-dovey.

It was kind of mean.

But don't worry about others
I think it's important to be in our own world.

  • Answer date: 2021/12/15 20:57
Female member


I also meet every week and have a lot of sex, but there are still not enough dads.
I love you and love you.
I probably won't lose to the questioner (laughs).


  • Answer date: 2021/12/16 01:33
Female member

Nana Ayase

I'm Nana Ayase☆

I wrote violent things in my profile at the beginning, and I still don't have a daddy.
Even if there is an offer, what is it?
Lately, I've been thinking I'm fine
I'm looking for someone to be friends with
It may be high tide, sorry.

  • Answer date: 2021/12/15 22:59
Male member


column article

Column writer Fuu

We're good friends, even if we're not really good friends
Take care of each other and you'll be fine
There should be quite a lot of dad live couples

The impression of the date is overwhelmingly good
because there are many

I'm in trouble
I want to relieve stress in the question box
It seems that people who want to diss will come

What are Fuu regulars?
Lovey-dovey on the bed

Be considerate of others and have a kind heart
because we care about each other
You can spend the best time comfortably

The person who is being harassed
You might say that it's decided to act (laughs)
But we've been dating for 5 years
It must be difficult to continue acting for five years.
There may be a little bit of acting involved.
i think most are ok

  • Answer date: 2021/12/15 20:21
Male member


column article

This is Kazu, a male member.

I've been dating two people for a year, and I don't think they're as lovey-dovey as the questioners, but we've been playing around and it's night before I know it.

I think there are quite a few couples who have such a comfortable relationship with each other.

  • Answer date: 2021/12/15 20:22
Male member

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

column article

Spring, summer, autumn and winter.

> Are we in the minority?

I think I'm in the minority.
Men want sex and women want money, so I expect that there are not many people who are on good terms with each other, and even fewer people who really like each other.

>Please tell us about your friendship!

People I'm dating now give me sweet words, and they try to cross my arms on the street.
I'm a married woman who won't be funny if she finds out, so I'll dodge it.

I've been with her for a year, and I know her private life, so I think we have a good relationship, but I can't believe her sweet words and actions.
I don't know why, but the current situation is that I'm puzzled by myself who can't get hot.

  • Answer date: 2021/12/16 01:11
Male member

Losing man

He is the loser of male members.

I wondered who was my closest friend, but the former ace (aspiring entertainer) who got back together was by far my best friend.

However, the first priority for each other is that the child is starting to appear on TV, so it's entertainment activities, and I'm a person who loves business, so even if I meet the former ace, I want to finish it in a short time, so I'm attached with a lovey-dovey like the questioner. There is no such thing as

The questioner is smiling and envious.Silent questions are welcome!

  • Answer date: 2021/12/15 20:43
Male member


This is Dai, a male member.

I'm also not that in love.

It's a relationship about once a month, and we're drawing a line between each other...

However, I don't date women who diss men in common question boxes.

  • Answer date: 2021/12/15 21:58
Male member

Joe Rubicon

column article

I'm Joe.
Shi-chan is from Yamagata and was a grandma's child, so she is good at cooking.She started working in the kitchen after Shi-chan gave her a knife for her birthday this year.Her teacher is of course Shi-chan.She's still not very good at handling knives and has a small repertoire, but she's doing her best.She is in charge of most of the breakfast for Joe, and about half the week she makes lunches for Joe and Shi-chan.She makes miso soup every morning from dried shavings she buys at Nishiki Market.It turns out that Joe prefers dried mackerel to dried bonito.
 The problem is tidying up around the kitchen.I'm instructed to clean up and wash while making it, but I'm still not good at it.But I always wash the Aritsugu santoku knife that Shi-chan gave me after using it.Great, right?
Well, a few years before turning 60, I never thought I would become a mother.

  • Answer date: 2021/12/15 22:22
Male member


It's BB7

The current continuous girl has been around for about a year, but we meet without worrying about time.
We stay overnight and travel, we know each other's real names, family status and friends' names
He speaks openly, so he knows his private life.
If I were single and young, I would have had a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

It's not like we're acting, we're meeting each other comfortably with a good sense of distance.
If you look at it in general, it may be a category of good friends

It is said that about 1% of all people criticize or write hate on the Internet,
Isn't it that some of those people are venting their dissatisfaction and complaints here as well?

  • Answer date: 2021/12/15 22:42
Male member


column article

It's almost like that.7.8 hours go by in the blink of an eye, going to the movies, driving, and getting massages.

I feel like I meet and spend time with my favorite child about 2.3 times more often than the questioner.


  • Answer date: 2021/12/16 02:00
Male member

flag maker

column article

column writer flag maker

Lovey-dovey or something like that, it never happened.
It is a XNUMXHXNUMXM relationship.Sad. .

  • Answer date: 2021/12/15 21:16