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Sumire's Dad Life Story ~Part XNUMX~

graduation!student hostesses

I had decided to work part-time at a cabaret club until I graduated from university.

In March of my fourth year at university, my life as a student hostesses came to an end.

Although it was reasonably popular and sold well, I was really glad that I was able to gain valuable life experience.

After actually working there, I realized how difficult it is to generate sales.

Hostesses = Jobs that earn moneyI thought, but I am keenly aware that there is a reason for those who can earn well.

It was a good experience that made me aware of the naivety of my thinking.

On the graduation day of the student hostesses, my dad, who loves me, also rushed to see me, and it was even more exciting than usual.

I remember that the expensive champagne and fruit platters, which are usually not included, were the best tastes I had ever experienced.

And from Papa "Say hello in the future!” and a word.

After graduating as a student hostess, I was waiting for an unknown world of dad life.

Dad activity start

To be honest, I was quite nervous for my first time as a dad.

Although my father and I had dinner together and had a date together, it was the first time we had a relationship without a shop.

I made a contract with my dad by email.

"Dating at 10 yen per month”Just this.

It was a casual affair, partly because I had known him since the cabaret club days.

Initially"Will you really give meAlthough I had doubts, my dad gave me the promised allowance.

When I feel that I have received too much,I don't need an allowance this month!

I see my dad about twice a month.

As in the cabaret club days, the main focus was on dates such as shopping and dining.

Since I had just become a member of society, my father often asked me a lot of unfamiliar complaints about work.

My suit and business card holder were all given to me by my dad.

The items selected by my dad, who is successful at work, are all one rank higher, and not only my peers but also my seniors said, "Fashionable!The more you say.

I didn't tell the people around me that I was doing dad activities, but now that I think about it, they might have noticed (laughs).

Thanks to my dad's allowance, I was able to live without dropping the standard of living I had when I was a student hostess.

It's more casual and comfortable than when I was a student hostess, and it's like a friend.

Daddy's gentleman who doesn't even ask for a physical relationship made me feel dizzy.

memories with dad

I met with my dad regularly, but I will introduce a memorable date among them.

That date was a Harajuku & Shibuya date.

The reason why we started dating was because of daddy's casual words, "I want to do something fun!"was.

As a result of thinking in my own way, it was a guide to Harajuku and Shibuya, which my dad would never have experienced, from the perspective of a 20-year-old.

Dad laughed out loud when I made this suggestion! "It looks super fun!"He said.

Harajuku & Shibuya dates with my dad...

・Eat a crepe

・ Line up and eat at a popular pancake shop

・Take a photo booth

・Move from Harajuku to Shibuya by 100 yen bus

・Go to an entertainment pub

A date plan like a student!

But as a dad, I had never experienced it before, and it seemed to be very fresh.

"I've never experienced anything like this before!' said Daddy.

Seeing my dad smile all the time made me feel happy too.

When I was eating at an entertainment bar, my dad said,

"It was really fun!Let's play together forever!'

I of courseYes!' he replied.

"I will continue to think of interesting dates!' I told my dad.

farewell to daddy

About four years into my relationship with my dad, a man came to me who wanted to marry me.

"I want to get married, but I don't want to stop being a dad'

I kept worrying about how to reconcile my selfish feelings of wanting to capture only the good points.

And when my relationship with my dad was about to enter the fifth year, I decided to end my dad activity.

…but I couldn’t say goodbye to my dad in person.

Daddy who supported me until now, Daddy who spent a good time like a friend.

Daddy, who always treated me like a gentleman without bringing up any kind of physical relationship... For me, I have nothing but gratitude.

As a result, the action I took was to ignore my dad's contact.

I had been in contact with him for nearly five years, so I thought he would contact me persistently, but "what up?How are you?” and only one incoming call.

With this contact, I ended my relationship with my dad.

Papa life was more unexpected than I imagined.

But I'm sure this was the action taken because my dad noticed the change in me.

On the contrary, if I had been persistently contacted, I might have come to hate my dad.

Daddy's actions left beautiful memories of the two of us having fun.

After ending her relationship with her father, she unfortunately broke up with the man she was conscious of marrying.

If I was still working as a dad,Listen to me Papa!” he must have complained.

What I thought while working as a dad

I am glad that I had the experience of being a dad.

Because the standard of living is higher than that of my friends around me, and I can experience various things.

Papa himself has a high social status and is very knowledgeable!

I had a lot of things to teach my dad.

Thinking about it now, it might have been a waste to say goodbye to my dad... (tears).

Recently, both the demand and the supply are increasing due to the boom in dad activities.

If I can find a nice dad, I would like to do dad activities again.

As you can see from reading my experience, depending on your relationship with your father, you can get along like a friend.

If you are even a little bit interested in being a dad, you should try it.

Please take this opportunity to find your father.

The end

Former college hostess, current columnist. She started working as a dad with the motto of "enlivening daddy with conversation and atmosphere".I will tell you about the things about dad life!

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