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Polishing women with dad activities Vol.3

My daily daddy life gives me a sense of fulfillment. (I can feel the fresh air outside every morning.)

If I don't do dad activities, I won't be able to live happily while devoting myself to such fun and favorite things.

To be honest, I even feel sorry for the people around my age.

After all, I don't know anyone around me who is making a decent amount of money while doing something they enjoy doing.

Absolutely something, all the people who are dissatisfied with the boss or the company.

And all of them are in an environment that I can't think of right now, such as being stressful and hitting people or throwing out abusive words.

Somehow, even among my normal friends, I often see them quarreling.


Besides, there are many times when I am also used as an outlet for the other person's stress.

From my point of view, if you don't like it that much, why don't you quit?I think, but the responsibility of people's lives is not that easy, is it?So in the end I just listen without saying anything.

Don't you think that recently in Japan, the number of people who have said this has increased considerably, regardless of gender?If you walk down the street, you'll find drunk people cursing each other.

Really, I see it often, and I can't help but feel uncomfortable for me who is full of satisfaction every day.

Or rather, it's kind of scary.

I'm sure women who are working as dads are looking at things objectively, and I think there are a lot of people who ignore them.

The reason is that most women who are working as dads have a system that allows them to live comfortably to some extent as long as they have a dad.

Even if you have just started working as a dad, there must be some people who thought, "What? Can I get this much?"

That said, dad activities won't last long if you just do them normally.

Basic, self-improvement and dad life side by side.

If you don't level up yourself, you won't be able to meet a high-level dad and have a long relationship.

Recently, this is the representative of self-improvement that is praised by daddy.

1.Hairstyle and hair type

How often do women who are working as dads go to the beauty salon?

I usually go every week.

Actually, I have a recommendation in Omotesando, but I will keep the name of the shop hidden.

However, there are so many wonderful hair salons in Omotesando, so please check them out online.

It's really divine around here.

Even just the treatment, just going every week is glossy.

And it's even better if you go right before you meet your dad.

Isn't it difficult for women to notice men's reactions other than sex?I'm the type of person who doesn't understand a man's reaction unless he compliments me on a date, except for sex.

However, this treatment gives the impression that something magical has been applied.

Look at his face when you meet him.

Be sure to be conscious of this hair area and smell it.

Honestly, from my point of view, isn't it more important than makeup?It's a level reaction that I think about.

Especially for people with long hair.

I used to think that smell is important only for women, but men react that way too.

Women are very sensitive to smell when it comes to men, right?I'm the type of person who always wants to smell something good.

That's to the extent that some dads think it's a "hit" when they smell good when they meet for the first time.

Talking about my past, the frequency of going to the beauty salon was about once a month and a half.

I wonder if it was about that when I started my dad life.

However, my wallet got a little thicker due to my father's activity, and the frequency of going to the beauty salon increased.

Then I noticed the part that said, "Huh? Daddy's reaction is completely different from before?"

Of course, the act of going to the beauty salon itself is self-improvement, but it turns out that it is quite effective even if you look at it as a dad activity.

I think it was after I started going to the beauty salon regularly.

When I signed a contract with a new dad, I was praised for my smell, and I was able to make a contract with a good impression.

The atmosphere in the area will definitely improve.

By all means, please go to the hair salon regularly and meet with Papa.

Your reaction will definitely change. (Even if it's just a weekly treatment)

2. Gestures when speaking

Is there anything you're careful about when talking to Papa?Do you say it's an action that makes the opponent horny?

I learned something while working as a dad.

I noticed that papa's reaction changed considerably just by putting in some kind of gesture or effort.

Depending on the woman, there are people who are doing it in their bare hands, and it looks sexy.

If I don't make it myself, I can't bring it to such a sexy feeling, and I don't have that kind of skill in the first place.

So I tried many things.

Therefore, the gesture that papa's reaction was the best was the gesture of talking with his hair on his ear.

Of course, a child with short hair or a perm may not be able to do it.

I always see a man's reaction just with this gesture.

Then, the reaction is so good that I grin myself.

Are you imagining something?When I drink a drink or have a meal at the table, I always make a gesture to put my hair on my ear once and put it in one cushion.

Women who can do this once, please try it.

Absolutely, Papa is looking at this with a little disgusting eyes.

From a woman's point of view, I think it looks like normal behavior, but from a man's point of view, does it look completely different?

This daddy's reaction is important

If you look at me with a sexy eye, it will be easier for me to ask you for a favor.

Of course, I think there are some women who don't want to be seen as sexual objects, so I won't force it.

However, if I can't do this gesture, my dad's reaction will be different, so I feel that it will be reflected in the amount of my allowance.

Somewhere, there must be a scene where daddy doesn't want to hold you.

It's a road that will definitely pass in dad life.

I always have a strong desire to be seen as a good woman by my father.

It's because in my case, I think it's going to affect my allowance.

That's why I don't want to compromise even one gesture.

Yes, it's one of the polish I learned through dad life.

I'm sure it's something I wouldn't have thought about if I wasn't doing daddy activities, and even when I go out to eat with men in private, I tend to roll up my hair.

I have never had a bad reaction.

As a woman, are you polished?And she is grasping her touch by herself.

If you are a woman who is going to be a daddy from now on, or if you can't get a good daddy, please try it once.

I don't think it's going to be zero effect, and I think I'm confident in myself.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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