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What men want, how to drop daddy

Hello, I'm Bell! (*´∀`*)♫

Today's theme is definitely "What do men want? How to drop it?" ^ ^

It's just my point of view, so it's not necessarily correct.

I will use my insight and insight that I have cultivated as a hostess in Ginza for many years (´∀`=)


Since my time as a hostess, I think that the most common customers are "because I'm lonely" and "sexless".

If you've been married for decades, you'll have less conversations and poor communication, so

I feel that there are many people who are looking for fresh excitement outside.

Men want to be seen as men no matter how old they are, and I think there are many people who want to be popular.That's my impression.


Some of them get along well with their wives and love them so much!Some people say.

This was also a customer when I was a hostess.

It's a simple question why I'm doing daddy even though I love you so much. (smile)

After all, is this different from that? (smile)


Previously, in a conversation, Papa

"If a woman cheats, she won't come home, right? But if a man is grabbed by his stomach, even if he cheats on him, he'll still go home. It's often said that if you don't want him to cheat, you can grab him with H, right?"

They said.


Certainly, I feel that many men who are active in cabaret clubs, clubs, and dads are sexless as a couple.

This daddy you mentioned was also sexless.


I always ask the gentlemen I meet why they started papa katsu.

I'm worried about encountering a reverse beauty station, so I'm listening to protect myself and to know what kind of person I am.


As a result of taking statistics for 2 years, I have the impression that "couple relationship" was the most common.

For example, we are on good terms but have no sex, or we don't have children, or we love and appreciate each other but our hearts don't get excited.

I thought men were difficult (laughs).


Many of the customers who come to clubs and cabaret clubs want to satisfy their desire for approval rather than sexual matters.

Basically, men are a mass of approval desires, so everyone has a desire for approval, but the position of work is higher,

As the business grows, the need for approval grows.

I think that's why there are so many people who earn a lot and have money.

I used to work in Ginza, so there were a lot of customers like that.


I feel that many men who are dads are looking for sexual parts, longing for others, and emotional connections rather than approval.


In other words, if you heal your loneliness and show your emotional connection, the chances of you becoming a dad will increase.

The important thing is to make a good impression on your first visit, and to make you think that it would be great if you could become regulars with this person.

Anyway, the first meeting is the match! ! !


It is common for men to give transportation expenses every time they meet.

For men, the fewer the times, the better, and they don't bother to meet with people they don't like.


How can we meet for the second time?Will you be my daddy?


First encounter mission

“I want to know you” and “I want to know more” appeal

First of all, it is NG to feel protein when meeting someone for the first time.

It is a stance of "Tell me a lot about you".ask a lot of questions about the person

Appeal like, "I want to understand you, I want to know you."

Then say, "I'm interested in you and would like to know more."

No one feels offended when they say this.

In order to meet for the second time, you have to take at least this far.


Women don't talk about money when they meet for the first time

And it is better not to tell the specific conditions from the woman at the first meeting.

Feeling gutted by money, men

Some men think, "I'm not interested in me, it's money after all, it doesn't matter who you are."


Some men care about this area, and some don't.I feel like I can't go wrong if I match the man I care about.

Some men want to decide at the beginning without repeating the number of times and not meeting

Some men want to tell you all their conditions and wishes first.

Only talk about money when you meet someone for the first time when a man approaches you.


If we can meet for the second time, next

"I'm attracted to you"Appeal.

Papa-katsu is different from love-knowing to make a boyfriend and girlfriend, but it is still the same as love to want to be with someone who is excited and fulfilled to some extent.


There are many men who are looking for a heart connection rather than a relationship only for money.

I think I want to spend money on such people.

If you want to meet regularly for a long time, you still have to grab his heart.


I've been a hostess for many years, so I have a vague understanding of how the man in front of me will fall off (only for uncles) and how to lean towards me.

I don't calculate it one by one, but I understand why.

Maybe I subconsciously know this because I've been working for years meeting new men a day.

However, all women who are working as dads are not the same, so I hope I can be of some help.


I hope you all have a wonderful dad (^_−)−☆


2nd year as a dad, late 30s. In my twenties, I was No. 20 hostess in Ginza. At the age of 1, he left Ginza and had a lot of things to do, such as breaking off his engagement, and since then he has been working as a dad only for rice.

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