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Is being a dad a waste of time?

I don't want you to lick the papa live girl

Are there any women around you who are currently doing papa katsu?Are there any women around who have confessed that I am doing papa katsu?There are many around me.

I am one of them, and I confess to my close friends that I am doing a good job as a dad.

Because I think it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Occasionally, as soon as I tell a man that I'm doing daddy activities, there are people who look down on me and speak ill of me.

eh?Daddy life?Feel like a prostitute?Are you being held by your father and getting money?What is a dad in the first place?Or really various.

I'm sure that if you're a girl who works as a dad, you've experienced it with a certain story, but she's someone who speaks only the truth.

You're there, right?I'm really not good at this, is there any reason to say it in the first place?That's what I think.

Aren't you ashamed to make money with such a job?Or, from the same sex, take care of yourself more. (This is what people of the same sex say that hurts the most.)

In the first place, what do you know about dad life?Do you know what kind of person Daddy is and how much you have a deep affection for me?There are many things to be irritated with.

So basically I don't want to have bad feelings as much as possible, so I basically only talk to people I'm close with, and I try not to argue.

Rather than saying that we have different ways of thinking, even if we bring up the topic and talk to each other, I don't feel like we're talking at the same table.

I don't know how great the people who give me opinions are and how much they are entrusted with major positions.

But is it great?Is it possible for you to speak from such a high-ranking point of view?That's what I think.

After all, if it's an organization, once you get out of there, you're a normal person, and you might be great at that job.

However, if you go outside, the value is the same as that of people walking around.

I live with that thought in mind, and I don't think the world can be said to be equal without it.

Besides, I wonder if I'll become a person who can't be kind to others.

Occasionally, there are people who come into the store with a big attitude and order at a restaurant with a big attitude, right?So if you don't like it, people who bark loudly.

Are you going to be that kind of person?I don't want to be.

I always want to be kind to others.

That's why I never discriminate against other people's jobs, and I never criticize them.

Recently, I feel that papa activities are easy to target.

Certainly, it would be easy for others to criticize it, and if they were told the truth, there might be some part of it.

However, I think that girls who are actually dads don't live only on the truth.

It is true that there is something in it that cannot be explained, and I feel sorry for not being able to feel it.

So, recently I've been told, isn't it a waste of time to be active as a dad?Serif that says.

If you're young, you have other things to do, right?And.

From my point of view, it's very questionable.

First of all, there are very few questions about whether it is a waste of time.

Where is the waste of time in dad life?I want you to tell me the opposite.

To be honest, I think it would be a waste of my time to go drinking with the young people around me or hang out with the men who work at the bottom of the organization.

First of all, the men who can be introduced at the dating club are business owners or winners in basic life.

I eat with them, talk with them, and go out to play somewhere.

Where is this a waste of time?

In the world of businessmen, on the contrary, they might take it as meaningful.

You want to get along with such people, so you go to golf or go out to dinner, don't you?With Papa-katsu, you can have a straight relationship without doing such a roundabout thing, and basically there is no need to match the other person from here.

Are there other ways to spend your time in such a meaningful way?I want to ask

In the first place, a man who is a winner in life contacts me and we can meet together.

From the moment you are introduced to a man at a dating club, you can say that you have already created a pipeline in terms of work.

Isn't this a great thing and connected to being able to put yourself in a blessed environment?And don't you have anything else to do?The one who says.

"This is what I want to do," I want to say clearly.

How many people in a normal workplace are doing what they really want to do?I want to say

I have a lot of dreams and hobbies while working as a dad.

After all, you need money to do anything.

This is a reality, and those who turn away from that reality do jobs they don't want to do and get low wages.

Is that something you can't forgive me for being different from me?And I take that and ignore people's sarcasm.

Papa-katsu earns more money than a day job, and you can basically experience anything if you are with papa.

You can stay at the hotel of your dreams, and you can ask for anything you want.

That's why traveling abroad is easy. (On the contrary, my dad would thank me for it.)

And from Papa, you can learn everything from management skills to how to get along with people.

That's also directly from the winners in life, right?Please let me know where this is a waste of time.

Certainly, I am still young in life.

That's why I can't take it as I'm learning through dad life.

I want to appeal mainly to the anti-papa activities in the world.

You don't have to force yourself to drink just because you're a dad.

Even at this point, I think I'm better than the barber shop, and Papa Katsu doesn't even have the act of running a business in the first place.

The reason is simple, Papa is not in the position of a customer, but in the position of a lover or a sponsor.

If you are watching this and are an anti-papa activity.

how is it?If you're a woman, you've wanted to try being a dad once, right?Why are some people in denial?Don't you think she's lost her mind?Because this is all true.

That's why the number of women working as dads is increasing these days.

Is it not because the image is completely different before and after doing it?

It's what I say, but dad life is super clean.

Certainly, there are women who are active as dads on dating sites.

Please ignore that.

What I am promoting to the end is dad activity using the dating club.

This is about the same as the moon.

There is a thorough examination of each other, and only those who have been approved by the dating club will be introduced here, and the same is true for the other party.

There are certain hurdles to being active as a dad in a dating club.

I would appreciate it if you could understand the essence of the dating club.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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