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Attention men!

April is the time of meeting and parting.

Every day I realize that Tsukishima's internal organs are steadily being damaged by repeated alcohol intake in such a happy and sad season.

This is no different than slow suicide, so to speak.

My stomach keeps growing

It's the time when your wallet doesn't swell at all.

Hello everyone

This is Tsukishima.


This time, I would like to write a story that hurts the ears of men, or something like a warning.

(I hope I don't get yelled at by the club, lol)

There are rules to follow!Not to break!

I've dated a lot of guys and wondered.

Including Universe and other clubsAbout XNUMX% of the men I met were like that.


[You can't show things that are said not to be shown at the club! ! 】smile

I won't say anything specifically, but!

Moreover, when showing

"Isn't it wrong to say that the club showed it to me? 』

If it's just an introduction, you can't show it! (smile)

May I?Rules are meant to be followed!Not to break!

And show me!Rather than saying, most men themselves say, "Hey, do you know? ’ and show me.
(Maybe it was a coincidence)


Women who know will think about various things and there is a great possibility that various problems will occur.

If you are a manager, I think you can imagine a lot.

Tsukishima, too, is an adult with some social experience in his late 20s, so I was going from right to left,

What if your partner is younger?What if you have a lot of pride?When I think about it, I have nothing but fear. .

absolutely refrain from(Lol)

I understand!It makes me want to say it's a secret!There are often! !

But hold back and just have a fun date.


Or rather, if the club says it, it's fine, but Tsukishima, who is registered as a female, says it's pretty badass!

People who have said it, people who often say it!

Tsukishima, I've heard too much about it, but let's keep our promises, right? ?


Come to think of it, someone once said something that surprised me in bed.

"You paid a lot of money (to meet).It was expensive. 』

Even if we've met several times, it's nice to meet you today! ! ! !

And I didn't want to hear anything! ! ! ! !smile

No, the setting fee is natural, but I knew it would cost,

I don't want to hear such specifics from a man's mouth! ! !

There is only pressure! ! !And no fun! !


And somehow!

not cool! ! ! ! ! (loudly)


As expected, it's kind of disgusting to be told so specifically! ! ! ! !smile

It was said that I paid a lot of money, but it was already quite liked,

I'm sorry, we never had a second date.

Tsukishima likes a mentally mature papa.


(It's also a small thing, but I don't like men who call me [you]! LOL)

(Even my boyfriend hates it...)


How was it? ?

Tsukishima probably shouldn't write about it, but I knew too much about her even though she was registered as a female, so I wrote it!

Let's keep our promises!


And let's stop talking about setting fees!


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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