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For women who do not receive many offers.Part 3

Overwhelming rice group than bread!

Bamboo shoots more overwhelming than the mountain of mushrooms!

I will not accept any objection.Hello, this is Tsukishima.


hello everyone.For women who do not receive many offers.The continuation of.

This time it's a column for the Universe Club, but I'm going to write something that I've put in quite a bit.

UniverseclubMr., I hope you don't get angry, lol

I apologize in advance of any complaints.sorry.


Well, women who don't get offers or few offers!

In my last column, I wrote about reshooting.

I'm just waiting for the dating club as well as the universe club.

Just until the offer comes.I hear that some people forget that they have registered because they have done too much!I heard that some people quit after not coming for a month.


So to speakI'm with the dog and cat from the pet shop..Rather, it may be advantageous for them to be able to move and appeal.


Therefore, I would like to tell you that as a countermeasure this time,

[Simultaneous registration with various dating clubs]It is that.


Universe Club is relatively safe and secure, and the quality is good.

However, the male-to-female ratio tends to create a disparity in the number of offers.

I think the offer gap is only getting deeper.


there,Simultaneous registration!

Even women who do not hit much with the registered men of Universe Club

Maybe it will be a hit with other clubs.

If you register at the same time, it will be easier for many men to see you.


For example, let's say that Company A puts out a large advertisement on a panel in Shibuya.

But people who don't go to Shibuya can't see Company A's advertisement.


If we advertise Company A at Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, or Ikebukuro Station, it might be a hit with someone.


The important thing is the mother number.

And my picture is an advertisement.So let's do what we can!


Universe Club is nationwide, so the scale is particularly large, and I don't think it's possible to pay attention to each and every woman.

Women who do not receive or have few offers should definitely register with various dating clubs.

In addition, although it is my personal impression, I have the impression that small clubs will always move to make offers.

Some women can appeal!It seems that there is also a club.

However, it seems that there are places where simultaneous registration is NG, so please read the rules carefully.


However, I am registered with various clubs, but among them, Universe Club is polite and has a wonderful response.

Even when the dates don't match, they listen patiently instead of giving up.

(Some clubs give up quickly just because the schedule doesn't match.)


I think there are various colors depending on the dating club.

I think there are various things that women want.

Where you want a sense of luxury, where you value the original part, and where you want to bring out a sense of transparency.


It may be good to guess somehow from the atmosphere of the homepage!


I don't know if I should be careful if I can't meet you first.

Most of the dating clubs can only wait, but do everything you can and wait.

Take a picture, register, and you're done!Only a handful of beautiful women can survive.

Selfies are cute, but not beautiful!

It's normal, or a little cuter than normal.

A beautiful woman is a beautiful person even if someone else takes a picture of her.Don't overestimate your power!


Why don't you go and register on your next free day off?

If you are lazy, you may want to try the ladder of dating club registration. (Change clothes)


Well, recently I've been writing about women, so next time I'll write about some of Tsukishima's thoughts for men.

I hope you will read it.


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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