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how to deal with older men


Older men are an absolute existence for dad activities

When I'm working as a dad, I always feel something.

That's how do you face men who are working as dads?The part that says.

To be honest, most of the men I meet while working as a dad are quite a bit older than me.

He's a lot older than me, so if I speak in the same way as someone my age, I'm bound to get hurt.

So-called topics don't mesh at allHowever, their common sense seems outdated to me.

Even if you have a conversation with the other man and pretend to be listening, the air will become strange after the second or third time.

This is not just conversation.

Whether it's fashion or food, if I follow what the other man says, I get tired of it.

Isn't there a way to live a stress-free dad life?In my own way, I was quite troubled, and there were actually times when I was so stressed that I got sick.

Daddy activity itself, although it is a business, often spends time in a space only for two people with men.

That's why I always wondered, "Is there a good way to relieve stress?" or "Is there a way to digest it?"

For example, when I work as a company employee, I get tired until I learn the job.

However, if you remember it, it will be somewhat easier, or you can say that there is a certain flow, and you just follow that flow.

That's why I was often relieved from the stress and fatigue that I said in two months at the earliest.

However, dad life is different.

In the first place, there is no such thing as the form of an organization in a company.

In other words, it might be quicker to say that the male side and the two of us will create the shape from scratch.

So, if the relationship ends in a month with that man, I have to start over again.

Some women have contracts with multiple dads.

In that case, it's pretty hard.

Each man has a completely different personality, and even his favorite food is different.

Is there no choice but to go with men to some extent in dad activities?

I used to think that there must be a lot of people doing well.

Actually, there was a time when I thought about quitting dad activities many times.

The reason is that all dads were contracted with low allowances at first.

The reason is that I didn't want to burden Papa that much, and I thought it was a bit impudent to go greedily from the beginning.

However, for some reason, there was a time when I often broke up with my dad after a month or two after having a physical relationship.

Honestly, I'm sick, is there anything I can do?It was time to explore.

There was one answer.

I myself had a problem with how to deal with men in the first place.I came to think so.

The theory that dad life is a business has not changed.

However, maybe you were trying to make it easier by switching to a private relationship somewhere?That's what I'm saying. (I don't think there are many women who think like this.)

For example, when I talked about my time as a company employee, there was a sense of tension that I was there at work, including the eyes of those around me.

That's why I felt a little more comfortable when I learned the job, and my stress was reduced accordingly.

Wasn't that part missing for me when I put it in Papa Katsu?I started to feel.

So to speak, there was a negative chain that I wanted to take it easy.

Certainly, there is some kind of relationship between the man who will become a daddy that cannot be explained in words.

This is a connection in any daytime job I've ever had.

However, dad life is a business.

From men, it is a splendid occupation that receives money in the form of an allowance.

If you're going to change your mindset like that, wouldn't it be necessary for you to study a little when you're not meeting with men (out of hours)?I started to feel.

Things I don't know about Showa era events and topics, music that was popular in that era.

I remember one thing about music.

Before, when I went to karaoke with my dad, there was a part of me that didn't know what song he was singing.

No matter how you look at it, it was rude and something I should reflect on.

If I had been studying, I might have been able to have a good time with him, and if I had been able to make Papa happy there, my allowance might have gone up.

With that in mind, I thought everything was wrong.

But that doesn't mean that you should just have sex.

After all, men get tired of having the same woman, so they want to make short contracts with each woman and have relationships with various women.

I think that's probably normal.

Because you are paying.

Even though it helps us, it's still paying.

I wonder if this child has come to think that it is important for dad life to make him think that it is not just SEX.

There are many ways to deal with men.

Here, even if you divide it, the other party will not think that you have divided it.

This technique is necessary for dad life.

A technique that makes even fake love look like true love.

This is also very important in dad life.

Surely women who have several dads are doing well around here.

In fact, the way I deal with it has changed quite a bit since I was sick once.

Anyway, at that time, I started looking up information about the ages of the men I was dating, and I think I started watching videos on YOU TUBE.

The same is true when choosing food.

On my second or third date with a man, I asked him what he liked, and he began to request restaurants that mainly focused on what he ate as often as possible.

Inevitably, when I'm working as a dad, there are many times when men take care of me and listen to me.

However, there is a high possibility that the result will be the same as before, so even if you ask for a request, it doesn't mean that you choose what you really want to eat, but as a job, the main thing is what the other person likes. I changed the shift to request the restaurant from here.

After working as a dad in this style for a while, I got completely different results after a year.

Anyway, I've been able to have a long relationship with each and every man, and even if I don't have sex, my contract won't be canceled.

I thought that the way you deal with men really changes your relationship.

Of course, my allowance is more than in the past, and all the dads I'm dating are amazing people.

And above all, just by changing the way I deal with it, my thoughts about dad activities have changed, so I wonder if it has progressed in a good direction.

I feel no stress at all.

By all means, if there are women who are currently stressed by their dad activities, it would be a good idea to change the way they deal with their men.

That alone will change things a bit.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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