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About the calendar function

It's finally getting warmer lately!

The weather has stabilized, so how about going out on a date for a little while?

If you walk slowly and talk, I think the distance will be much closer.

Hello everyone.

This is Tsukishima.


I was thinking of writing the last of the dating type series, the dating type E type.

I don't think this type of theme is about money, so I thought it would be good, so I tried a different theme.

I would like to write if there is a voice.

The theme of this time is about [calendar function]!

About the calendar function

What is the calendar function before registration?

For those who say,

A calendar function that allows you to fill in the vacant days on your pageThere is

Men also make offers aiming for the days when they are open.

Ladies, do you have your plans in place? ?

This calendar function didn't exist when Tsukishima first registered.


Women just register and just wait for the offer.That was all I could do.

I think there were a lot of people who didn't get an offer because there was no such thing as an appealing feature.

So I was able to do a very epoch-making and wonderful service!This is what I was impressed with.

In terms of Tsukishima's desire, if I could search for men by date, such as who is available today, who is available tomorrow, etc.

I thought that the establishment of more offers would increase.


Man, Mr. Club!What do you think? ?smile

Please consider it.

Or rather, I'm sorry if the specifications are like that!

Disadvantages of calendars

Just this calendar function.If I were to mention the disadvantages of Tsukishima,

"Honestly troublesome. 』.

It takes a lot of time to make plans.

Moreover, it's troublesome to erase what you wrote when you suddenly have an appointment!

(I'm extremely lazy. I'm sorry.)


So if you make an offer

"sorry,,!I made a plan, and if it's the next day...! 』

I think it's quite possible.

On the other hand, it's a strange story to keep the schedule open for an offer schedule that you don't know if you can enter. .


So, write Tsukishima for now, and if you plan to move it, tell a friend in advance

"I may have plans, but for now I'm fine. 』

I'm trying to tell you in advance and make a schedule.


It's a stance that matches the offer as much as possible!

In the past, before I met you, my dad

"If it's not today, if it doesn't fit, I'll do it with someone else"

Since it has been said,

If you like it, you can exchange plans by yourself from the second time onwards.

you should do whatever you can

This calendar function seems to be available at other dating clubs as well.

(In some places, you can appeal to men by sending messages.)

After all, in various clubs, women must have been thinking about problems just waiting.


You should do whatever you can.

I heard that the dads are checking the calendar properly.

Also, I would like to say to the men, but most of the girls are unexpectedly vacant even if they are not vacant.

Just in case, please listen to it one day if you say no.

It may be troublesome, but let's do our best to write!

And I think it would be nice if there were more functions that appeal to women who are more likely to receive offers!

Universe Club!Thank you very much! (smile)


It would be nice if you could use the function that was made with much effort and get more offers!

Tsukishima will also do his best to write a calendar! (smile)

I'm sure you'll find a wonderful dad after all your hard work!


Well, I'm going to write the next article for men, but it may be a little painful to hear.

* However, if Universe Club gets angry, it may be replaced with another article (laughs)

Please be aware of that.


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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