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Surprisingly, this kind of child is suitable for being a father Vol.1


don't underestimate yourself

What I especially want women who are thinking about becoming fathers to think about is ``self-analysis.''

Even my friends sometimes ask me things like, ``What's it like being a dad?'' or ``Are there really high hurdles for appearance?''

Certainly, all women may be concerned about this before starting their fatherhood journey.

In particular, many children may be extremely concerned about their appearance.

In fact, I have experienced this as well.

But, I want you to remember that this is just your own evaluation of yourself.

I don't want you to think negatively about yourself, like, ``I'm ugly,'' or ``I have zero sense of appearance.''

After all, it's the men who will become fathers who evaluate women in daddy activities.

Women don't judge women, do they? In other words, even if you think you're ugly, from a man's perspective, there's a possibility that he's your type.

Even if you have a chubby body, don't forget that there are many men who like it.

That said, there are quite a lot of women who underestimate themselves. (I would especially like to say this to those who are thinking about starting their fatherhood career.)

There is a line that I always say when I receive such advice.

His advice is, ``Are you dating a copy of yourself? That's not the case, right? If so, why not put your strengths to the forefront, no matter how small?''

I mean, can a slender child definitely earn money by being a dad? If you ask me, that's definitely not the case, and even if the child is beautiful, if she has a bad personality, her father will immediately abandon her and there is a possibility that her contract will be canceled.

Therefore, I especially want children who lack self-confidence to gain confidence by becoming fathers, and I don't want women to lose their individual potential.

In my mind, this kind of child is surprisingly suited to be a father. I would like to introduce this type. (If any of these apply to you, it means that you're probably looking for a father.)

The shyer the child, the more his father likes him.

I think of being a dad as a business.

That's why I've been carefully observing and understanding all the dads I've signed contracts with so far.

Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of fathers I've seen are the type who want to be in charge.

For example, I have the impression that many fathers take a step back if the woman's self-promotion is too strong.

That's why I'm planning to go out to dinner with my dad somewhere.

At that time, you should just emphasize yourself and convey your requests to the other man, such as, ``I want to go to a restaurant with this kind of atmosphere,'' or ``I have to go to a restaurant like this.''

In many cases, the men who receive this information feel pressured by it, and even though they would like to have a good time with the woman, they begin to feel stressed and tired, giving it a negative impression.

In fact, my current contracted father also talked about it.

A woman who had a contract with a man in the past said that it was good that he was open to men, but that he was always forcing his own demands on him, and as a result, the contract was canceled.

Honestly, since there is a possibility that something like this could happen to me, I basically try to comply with my dad's wishes unless he asks me what he wants.

Being a father is a natural thing for me to do since I consider it a service industry, but I'm sure there are many women who don't think so.

Having said that, children who are shy to begin with don't really know how to promote themselves, so they don't put that much pressure on the man who becomes their father.

For this reason, men who become fathers find it easy to handle shy children, and they tend to like them quite a lot.

Indeed, when looking at men from a woman's perspective, shy men are easier to deal with.

Perhaps the same can be said.

Therefore, it is best not to assume that just because you are shy, you are not suitable for being a father.

On the contrary, I want you to understand that it can also be used as a weapon in your father's life.

Surprisingly, chubby people are popular

When it comes to being a father, many men are considerably older. (Just from my experience)

Did you know that the older the age group, the less popular women are if they are too thin? Of course, that doesn't mean everything.

This is just a story of ``the proportion that I feel'' based on what I have seen of men through my life as a father.

Surprisingly, the type of woman who can be successful as a father is a plump woman.

For example, having a big butt or big breasts.

But isn't the image of a woman who is expected to be popular from a woman's point of view a bit different? If anything, don't you get the impression that there are a lot of men who like ``thin and model body''? That's why I think there are many women who think, ``A plump woman like me can't be a father.''

And aren't there many women who abandon the wonderful business of being a father because of this arbitrary decision? I say it clearly.

This is a completely wrong perception.

Maybe that's why I'm so thin.

So, have I ever had a man say anything to me? I can't tell you how many times I've been told the opposite, ``I want you to be my perfect type, so I want you to eat more and gain weight.''

Certainly, it might be a different story if there were positive and negative factors, such as being fat and sloppy.

However, as long as you dress neatly and maintain the basic manners of a woman, there is a good chance that you will be popular among dads, even if you are chubby.

In fact, I have a friend who is quite chubby, and she has a contract with her father, and she also has a long-term contract that lasts for about two years.

The child is chubby and understands her own body shape, so she wears clothes that match it, shows off her natural smile, and understands that her appearance is lower than that of other women who are working as dads, so she wears clothes that match her body type, and she understands that her appearance is lower than that of other women who are trying to be dads. He makes his dad happy by doing things that women don't normally do. (For example, she attends cooking classes just for her dad.)

So, even if you are not confident about your body shape, I would be happy if you could remember that there is a possibility that there is a man out there who will say, ``That's better for you as a father.''

So, without thinking negatively, I would like you to try being a father.

What may be a negative factor in everyday life can become a positive factor in daddy life.

Isn't this also an attractive feature of being a father from a woman's perspective?

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