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Daddy activity damage

When you hear the phrase “papa activity damage”, do you imagine who is the victim, men or women?

In fact, both men and women have "damage".I will introduce each of them.

I hope that even those who are about to start daddy activities and those who are already doing it will be able to read this and be careful.


Dad activity damage ~ male ~

There were some shocking things I heard from men that men were victims of.

It seems that when I was meeting in the hotel lobby, the man went to the restroom with his luggage left and when he came back, I saw him just pull out his wallet from his bag.

When I questioned the woman, instead of apologizing, she was defiantly told, ``You can't even report it to the police because of your position.''

When he tried to call the police, the woman cried and apologized. That's right.

It's fierce... I've ended up throwing my life away for wanting tens of thousands... It's a crime, so I deserve it.This is unacceptable.


The next most shocking event is the story of a man who was a victim of the "Beauty Bureau".

I've heard the word "beauty bureau", but I thought it was only in movies and dramas, so I thought it was real.

The victim had a legal job, and when he was in the shower with a woman at the hotel, he heard a man knocking on the bathroom door.

Unless you're a guru, you can't open the door to your room, right? The man insisted that he was the woman's husband and said, "I've been following you because you've been acting weird lately."

It seems that the three of them talked in the hotel lobby and were charged about 20 in compensation.

However, since this man's work is related to the law, he seems to have been very calm, saying, "First, if you want to claim and pay alimony, please show an ID that shows your real name. Paying alimony to someone who doesn't even know his name is unacceptable." It's strange," and asked them to show me their driver's licenses, but it seems that they had the same last name.It was a common last name, so it seems that they didn't know if they were a real couple after all.

Next, he said, ``The woman registered for the papa-katsu site herself, and she voluntarily betrayed her husband. It seems that he explained indifferently that he should be his wife instead.

At this point, he also knew the real names of the two, who are believed to be a couple, so he could file a damage report if he demanded more money, so he attacked without being weak.

It seems that the couple did not claim any more alimony because their real names are out.


I don't think anyone reading this would do such a thing, but since the men also know this kind of story, there are many men who are quite cautious even though they don't put it on the table.

So you don't have to make it so that you can trust it, but I recommend you to "appeal as a proper person".

For example, instead of replying in a short sentence, send a few lines carefully with a certain amount of heart (about XNUMX lines are fine).Even if the other party is a short sentence, it is better to reply with that much.Because it's better not to be considered too lighthearted.

After that, I said, "I will definitely contact you if it seems to be late."

Some men are doing papa activities for the first time, so let's reassure them.


Papa Life Damage ~Women~

Next, I will introduce the shocking things that women were victimized.

It seems that when the woman took a shower at the hotel and came out, the money in the man and the wallet had disappeared.

I often hear the opposite (a woman steals a man's money while taking a shower), but from what I've heard, it's more women than men.It's just what I've heard, so it may be different from the actual story, but I hear it often.

However, you can't help but take a shower, and you want your partner to take a shower, too.Many men who are wary of this say, "Let's bathe together."If he doesn't hate it, I think it's better, but I think there are many people who don't like it.In that case, let's get your allowance first.I think it's smoother to say it together when deciding the conditions and amount instead of saying it all at once on the day.

If I receive it first, I will bring valuables to the bathroom.

I think that there are various circumstances, but it is better to build a relationship of trust with each other to some extent by repeating meals several times as soon as you meet.

People who are trying to do bad things don't want to spend time in a relationship, so I think it's safer to have someone you've met a few times.

However, it's not 100% safe, so it's too late if something happens, so no matter how friendly you become, you should definitely manage the crisis.

"This much is okay!" can be fatal.Incidents occur frequently enough to make the news.Don't forget that there are many people who are harmed just by not being reported.

If you think it's dangerous, don't be the next victim!

2nd year as a dad, late 30s. In my twenties, I was No. 20 hostess in Ginza. At the age of 1, he left Ginza and had a lot of things to do, such as breaking off his engagement, and since then he has been working as a dad only for rice.

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