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How to decide your allowance


Hiyokko was on hiatus from being a dad, but thanks to the smart arrangement of the dating club, I met Big Dad the other day! (I am not registered with Universe Club)

For the first time, it was only a meal, and if you became a mistress, you could accompany me on an overseas business trip for 0 yen a month.

Also, I'm currently worried that I can continue this relationship until my thoughts are solidified! !

By the way, at the dating club, there is a place where you decide in advance how much pocket money (allowance) you will have when you go out with an adult when you register.

7% of the clubs I signed up with did. (However, it seems that the act of deciding in advance and telling a man is illegal.)

This time, I would like to talk about my experience about how to decide the allowance ♪

higher is better

If you can decide your own allowance, the higher the better!smile

On Twitter, it is written that you can get ○ 0, and if you do some research and compare it with other girls, I think 2.3 yen is cheap!

But it's also a problem if you offer a high price and get rejected by your dad.

Especially for a child whose allowance has been decided at the time of the interview, the father may decide whether to meet after seeing the price.

Regarding the allowance for the undecided child, it depends on direct negotiations with the father, so it may depend on the effort...

If you are presented with a lower price than you wished for, you will think about "your own value" and conflict will arise.

thoughts of the club

What is the average size of your club when you enroll?When asked, it seems to be "3 to 5" for a normal child at my level.

However, it seems that some dating clubs receive a lot of offers and propose low prices in order to increase the company's profits, so be careful! !

Also, at clubs that are kind to children, it seems that there are places where children who are struggling with money or who want a lot of settings right away are intentionally set cheap and teach strategies to increase the number of offers.

By the way, if a woman with a tough personality and not very attractive appearance said more than 10 yen, she said that she would register without giving any advice.Lol (I don't think the offer will come)

※ The staff of the dating club said

thoughts of men

I heard an interesting story about allowances from a certain dad.

It seems that there are children who are OK with 2 yen even if they are cute.

According to papa's analysis, 2 yen children have a strong libido and want to earn more.

for that reason"do it with anyoneA little afraid of infectionIt seems that there is an impression that

But there seems to be a lot of demand for it!

A child of 3 to 5 yen is common and "I want to meetIt seems to think.

Even if the child who is over 6 yen is cute,Are you making money?confident and strongI have the impression that they are thinking about making an offer.

"Uncle doesn't have money.But even if all of them come for money, I'm sad, so I won't offer her"It said!

my thoughts

I would prefer a higher salary.

However, rather than the price, it depends on whether the amount of time required and the contents are worth the cost and the burden on the body and mind.

In the past, there was a person who gave me ○0 yen for one night, but I was woken up even if I was sleeping, and the request was so great that I ran out of money!smile

And all that's left is frustration.

I had the impression that the price was not too high and it ended quickly, and I remember that the relationship lasted for a long time.

Conversely, do men who receive a large amount of pocket money try to make up for it?I felt very strong and scared.

In fact

The amount of pocket money depends on the father's feelings, but some people received more than the amount presented.

On the contrary, I have never met a dad who didn't get it or was low even though he negotiated.

But sometimes I see such information on Twitter, etc., so I feel scared.

Papa's characteristics and benefits

I would like to talk about the allowance situation and characteristics of the father I met ♪

・Papa's occupation, who offered a real rich man and an exceptional price, is a tax accountant, president, and chairman!

・The dad who gives me a business card is very serious about it, so there is a high possibility that my pocket money will increase every time I meet him.

・Because dads who are new to dating clubs are not used to it, the hurdles for requests are low, and they are affectionate and give a lot of allowances.

・Papas in Osaka may pay more than in Tokyo! (However, the flirting request is amazing...)

*This is just my experience.

in conclusion

How was that.

A girl's feelings change depending on her allowance!

I hope you can have a relationship that you and your dad can understand!

Let's work hard.

I started working as a dad in the fall.Mainly adult dating, but I have zero libido.I applied because I wanted to work hard with a troubled daddy girl.I would appreciate it if you could help me with a little bit.

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