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Thorough analysis of the advantages of “Universe Club” over other companies ④

A woman can present her relationship with her father

Perhaps the most worrisome thing for women who are dads is their relationship with men who become dads.

It's a very good thing to be introduced to a man who will be a dad at a dating club and have a close relationship from there.

How well can you communicate with individual sponsors?Because there is also a part that is decided by.

In the first place, no matter how many men become dads, do you invest in women who can't get along and can't communicate properly?

Absolutely not.

Isn't it a matter of course?

It's just how to build a relationship with the man who will be the essential daddy?Many women must be worried.

For example, as a lover?Or is it a daughter-father relationship?And so on.

Let's talk about dating clubs in general here.

Basically, in general dating clubs, women say "I would like to have a relationship like this with a man who will be my daddy.Even if you say something like that, it will be ignored 100%.

Probably from the staff of the dating club side "If that's the case, no one will become a dad for the sake of your dreams, right?"And"Is it okay if I don't match the other person to some extent?I think that you will be persuaded to the extent that you can say that. (I was also persuaded many times.)

Certainly from the dating club, it is all men who pay the fee.

I understand what the dating clubs say, "Be a little more considerate."

In the first place, dad life is a place where women can fulfill their dreams and hopes, right?

I can understand if Papa Katsu is a bar business.

But Papa Katsu is not a bargain like a cabaret club or a brothel.

Therefore, women also have the right to say, "What do you want to be with a man who will be your father?"

But most dating clubs explain that before a woman registers, "friendly to women"And"We help women chase their dreams'' says something like.

As soon as a woman registers with a dating club, many places start treating her like a barbershop (be careful of men). (Actually, I have also experienced it)

So naturally "I want to have this kind of relationship with the man who will be my dad.It's not an atmosphere where you can say something like ".

I've had a lot of stress with this in the past.

Due to this, I withdrew from the dating club and moved elsewhere.

Let's take a look at Universe Club.

Universe Club is said to be a dating club for women.

At first, I was skeptical when I heard the rumor.

But the rumors from that woman were true.

for example"I want to refrain from having a mistress relationship with a man who will become my daddy.But there is no problem if you can build a relationship with the man who will be your daddy.Even if my request is a bit troublesome, the Universe Club will listen to it.

This request is definitely out if other companies.

"too selfish"And"That's why I can't introduce you to a nice man”, The dating club side proposes to review the request.

From my point of view, different people have different ways of dealing with men.

In the first place, I thought that it was strange that such a setting could not be made by the female side.

"Who's on the side of women in a dating club that won't ask such trivial things?"

But the Universe Club is on the side of women.

For example, many women who work as dads have various stresses and anxieties, such as being forced to have a physical relationship with their dads.

However, in order to avoid such troubles as much as possible, only men who have given the OK to requests made by women can be introduced.

Don't you think it's a system that is firmly considered from a female perspective?

This happens sometimes.

After being introduced to a man who is going to be a daddy, there are times when you actually meet him and change things, such as "I can talk to this man and want to change this kind of relationship."

In particular, women who are new to dad activities are under a lot of anxiety and tension, and many change their opinions midway through.

Now is the time to communicate in writing.

Therefore, there are many people who are difficult to meet face to face even if they can face each other in writing.

It's called a community disorder.

It is said to be a modern disease.

That's why there are many women who say, "I'd like to start with the meal first," or "I want to get to know a man by going on more dates first."

If it is another company, it will be troublesome, and the request will definitely be ignored.

However, Universe Club accepts women's requests and introduces them to wonderful men.

I don't know how many times I've been helped by this woman's perspective management on my dad life.

I felt that Universe Club, which introduces wonderful men based on requests from women, is considerably superior to other companies.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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