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Thorough analysis of the advantages of “Universe Club” over other companies (XNUMX)

The age standards required by the Universe Club are lax

Dad activity is not a privilege that only women in their early 20s can do.

There are many women in their late twenties who have dreams and hopes.

This is a general dating club story, but there are many places that have an age limit at the time of interview.

It also has a fairly low age limit.

For example, with other companies, even people in their late 20s are barely safe.

In fact, when you enter your 30s, there are quite a lot of patterns where the dating club side gives some reason and refuses.

That means that people in their late 30s to 40s aren't treated as opponents.

It's very unfortunate, isn't it?

But this is reality.

When I look at the general dating clubs, they say, "I'm rooting for women," but that just sounds like a formality to me.

After all, when I set the young age limit, I felt that "You didn't think about women" at all.

For comparison, take a look at Universe Club.

The universe club can take an interview without any problem if you are up to about 45 years old.

What do you think, guys?

I honestly felt great.

After all, it's an age that other companies will never deal with.

But don't you feel that the Universe Club is playing a role as a receptacle until the age of 45?

I think so.

This is truly a dating club for women, and I think it can be said that it supports women who are working as dads.

Universe Club does what other companies don't want to do.

Certainly, from a commercial point of view, there may be more demand for young women.

But that's just because there are a lot of men who like young girls, and there must be men who like mature and calm women.

I just want to say, I don't think it's a good idea to not even give you the chance to interview. (Despite all the dating clubs claiming to be friendly to women)

Of course, the Universe Club also has interviews.

So there is no guarantee that you will be 100% accepted.

But I think it's a good thing to say that women up to about 45 years old are also given a chance.

What qualifications does Universe Club actually have?

(XNUMX) Is your body type extremely overweight?Or are you too thin?

(18) Are you under the age of XNUMX?

(XNUMX) Are you in good health in all respects? (People with mental illnesses are more likely to be refused anywhere honestly)

④Is it too self-centered and selfish?

⑤Whether or not you can follow the set rules of the Universe Club.

that's all.

What do you honestly think when you see this?

I took it for granted.

I wondered if the hurdles were "too low" and "too easy on women."

That said, it's good that he's fairly kind to women.

Because all women who register can be positive.

First of all, if you look at ①, your body shape is neither too fat nor too thin.

It's what you call a normal body type.

Let me say a few words on behalf of women.

In the first place, overweight women can damage their bodies, and I think they are too soft on themselves. (unless she is sick)

Conversely, being too skinny is also a big problem. (This is also dangerous and looks unhealthy.)

Dating clubs and men who become dads also waste their efforts and worry about women.

Isn't that wrong?

That's why I think the Universe Club is already set up as a qualification at the time of the interview.

Papa-katsu is a place to find a personal sponsor, not a place to prostitute.

So if you want a man introduced to you by a dating club to support you as a personal sponsor, I think you should be in a suitable shape. (Isn't that the bare minimum of preparation?)

It's not a story that you should lose a lot of weight.

Normal is fine.

In terms of body type, I'm 160cm and weigh 52-55kg. (It might be a bit of a red flag at 60km)

And XNUMX doesn't need any further explanation.

You can't talk about minors.

As for ③, the number of women who are mentally ill has been increasing recently, so isn't that why they are qualified?I think (In particular, women who take sleeping pills have a lot of trouble, so I think it also means that there is a high possibility of causing trouble for men.)

After that, I think that the part of the body shape is also included in the word "health".

Regarding ④, do you have humility?it might be.

It's true that even though I'm in the position of having men as personal sponsors, if I lack humility, it's going to be a bit strange.

After that, humility is better than someone who is too selfish, so I think Universe Club can introduce them to men with confidence.

Regarding ⑤, it's about whether you can listen to the instructions of the Universe Club.

It looks like there are a lot of rules, but aren't they all too obvious?

Did it look like that to me?

I thought it was just that there weren't many rules. (Other companies just don't list it, but it's more detailed and more)

After all, at the point when women up to about 45 years old can receive interviews, isn't it super sweet compared to other companies?

If you know other companies, you should feel that way.

And if you can do the obvious things well, you should be able to register at the Universe Club.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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