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What is the best way to thank a woman who works as a dad for her dad? ⑤

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Based on my experience, 9% of the men I've been introduced to at dating clubs drink alcohol.

It seems to me that today's younger generation tends to stay away from alcohol.

Of course, I don't drink alcohol at all. (I used to drink it in the past, but it was just a companionship. I never thought it was delicious and drank it.)

But men in their 50s and older are different.

The impression that most people drink.

and strong against alcohol.

To add to that, gentlemen and rich men know a lot about alcohol.

Speaking of gifts that resonate with pinpoints for such people, is it wine?I thought, and I still remember that when I actually gave it to him, the reaction was quite good.

When I asked a friend who is a daddy like me, he had the same reaction.

"Oh, it's wine.I gave you a good one too~If you give them nice wine, they'll be more happy than if you give them something strangely overly fancy.’ was the reaction.

I certainly had the same opinion.

Once, when I gave the same man a slightly elaborate present from my point of view, he was happy, but I remember that it wasn't as good as the wine.

Therefore, I would like to introduce recommended wines that adult men will surely be pleased with.

The price is reasonable, so there are women who are working as dads here."Level that can be given normallyI will introduce the one of " with priority.

Cabernet Sauvignon Nathan Coombs Estate

Image 1
This is red wine.

Originally, when it comes to wine, many people imagine France.

However, the country of origin is the United States.

It is also quite famous in its home country, and it is a brand that reigns as a high-end wine.

A very elegant wine that smells not only of cassis and blackberry, but also of mocha and black olives.

You can always get this wine at any "wine specialty store".

However, there are many shops that are out of stock because they are a little maniac.

In that case, you should be able to order it.

On the contrary, that much should make daddy happy.

The price is about 60000 to 64000 yen.

It's a little pricey, but depending on the shop, you may be able to get it for around 50000 yen.

Cote Latie La Landonne

Image 2
This is French red wine.

The characteristic of this wine is that only about 9 bottles can be made annually.

Also, the part that can only be made in excellent years is added to its rarity.

Dark garnet in color.

And the flavor of the wine is tea in addition to olive and raspberry.

When you smell it, it's so nice that you think it's an aroma scent. (When I gave this as a gift, my dad drank it on the spot and I only smelled it. It smelled really nice.)

Isn't the price considerably high just because it's a rare wine?I think so.

The price is actually not that high.

Depending on the shop, you can buy it for about 20000 yen.

Of course, there are some shops that charge twice as much if you buy an old vintage item.

However, if it is about 2016, you can buy it for about 20000 yen.

It's a high-end wine, but isn't it an affordable price for a gift?

By the way, I gave this wine to Valentine.

My dad was very happy and drank it with meat food on the spot.

Bichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande 2004

Image 3
This is red wine.

It's a very popular wine from France, and it's even in restaurants.

The aroma of the wine is cassis and blackberry with a hint of undergrowth.

A wine for women.

However, it is quite popular among men just by saying that it has a gentle taste among wines.

If you're a woman who can drink with your dad, I think you'll be even more pleased.

The price is about 20000 yen, so it may be easy to purchase.

Luce 2013

Image 4

The country of origin of this wine is Italy.

You can get this Luce basically anywhere if you have a decent amount of wine.

You can also get it on Amazon and Rakuten.

Many women who are working as dads are too busy to find time.

In such a way, isn't it good to be able to buy a present on the internet too?

Of course, this Luce has various prices and types.

That said, even the most expensive wine is around 20000 yen.

The cheapest ones start at around 5000 yen.

So what about the positioning of wine?

Positioned as a luxury wine, it is very popular with men.

Among them, I especially recommend (the wine my dad really liked) Luce della Vite 2010 (price around 18000 yen) or Luce 2013 (price around 15000 yen).

The reason my dad taught me is the ease of drinking.

It seems to be a place where you can drink without any peculiarities compared to expensive wines from other companies.

They were delighted when I gave them one Luce 2013 and one Luce della Vite 2010 as gifts.

By the way, this brand seems to be quite delicious even at about 5000 yen.

So if you don't have a budget, you should definitely be happy with the cheapest series.

Papa should definitely understand the feelings of the woman who said that.

Why don't you give it as a gift and see how your dad will be happy?

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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