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What is the best way to thank a woman who works as a dad for her dad? ②


There is a reason why I chose a hat.

In regards to this, to be honest, it also includes a lot of the responses that I received as a gift.

If your dad is in his early fifties, please remove him from the list.

However, if you are in your late 50s or older, I definitely want you to include it in your selection.

Of course, going shopping together can be one of the options.

Actually, there are surprisingly many gentlemen in their late 50s and above who like hats.

A hat is not a cap.

I recommend a hat.

A hat that can be worn with suits and formal clothes worn by so-called nobles.

The shape resembles a cowboy hat. (Features are that the edge is not curved like a cowboy hat and the brim is not too large.)

And it is designed to match both ordinary clothes and high-end suits.

If you like Hollywood movies, you should have seen it at least once.

Mainly in the United States, it is a hat that is loved as a fairly standard position overseas.

I would appreciate it if you could consider it as an option.

It was the same for me, but is it okay to call it a "generation gap" when men and women are different in age?

Sometimes there are walls that are hard to fill.

So what should I give as a present?I was pretty worried.

I would appreciate it if you could refer to it including the meaning of saying so.


The brand here is quite famous in America.

I'm sure there are not many people who don't know about it.

Even in Hollywood movies, it is also famous for the hats that are always worn mainly in mafia movies. (It is also famous for being worn by Johnny Depp in the movie Public Enemies.)

As a feature, it is a material that has a luxurious feel above all. (Material is high quality wool)

and exquisite shape.

Overseas, hats are loved by young people and adults alike, but in my personal opinion, I have the impression that they are definitely for older people.

If you see the real thing, surely "Ah! ! !There should be a lot of people who feel that.

A hat that makes you feel like an adult.

Can I say that it feels like it's tightening?

This hat can be coordinated with glasses, sunglasses, neckties, and anything else.

And above all, I've never given this hat to anyone.

It's such a famous and classy hat.

The actual gift I gave was a type of hat, and the material was wool.

And when it comes to expensive things, it comes with wings such as red and black. (I put it in the ribbon of the hat and attach it.)

The price is about 4 to 7 yen.

It's a little expensive for a hat, but I'm sure dad will be happy with this kind of hat as it will last a lifetime.

By the way, it would be nice to present a brush to remove dirt from the hat as well.


After all, speaking of hats, it is famous as "Borsalino".

It's so classic that you might say "Italian hat", and it's a hat that every man longs for.

The feature of this hat is that it will make any man look stylish.

When gifting hats from other companies, there are many patterns in which it is necessary to select a considerable amount due to age groups and other factors.

Just a quick question, is this hat for the 60s?Or is this hat for younger men?etc.

However, Borsalino is a specification that can be worn by any age group, so if you are worried about gifts for men, I can really recommend it.

Of course, there are head sizes, so you can go shopping with your dad.

A hat with a ribbon is recommended.

And the material should be rabbit hair.

The reason is that it is easy to care for, and it also has a luxurious feel and a large impact.

By the way, the price is about 5.

tokyo hat

The most famous luxury hat brand in Japan.

I'm sure you all know my uncle, who is a gentleman.

By the way, my dad who took care of me knew.

First of all, the selling point here is that it is made to fit the head of a Japanese person.

And meticulously made.

When I first went to the department store with my dad to buy one, I was surprised.

The material is too good.

In addition, there was no mistake in the seams, which is made overseas, and it was made with a very high-class feeling.

When I asked the staff at the store, they said that most of them were worn by noble men.

Of course, my dad also knew about it, so I was like, "I see."

It felt like a felt-like material when I touched it.

However, this felt is amazing.

When it comes to the high series, they are made from beaver hair.

It is designed to match any kind of clothes and is easy to give as a gift from women.

Since the price is also sharp, the cheapest ones start at around 3 yen.

If you have a budget, we recommend the premium series, such as cashmere rabbits and beavers, for about 6 to 5 yen.

Beaver seems to be especially strong against water, so I chose the premium series because I thought it would be good if my dad would use it for a long time.

I'm sure dad will be happy if you give him a hat. (This is a story from my own experience)

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