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The dads I refuted

Nice to meet you, I'm Bell♪(*´▽`*)

It's been 3 years and 6 months since I started working as a father.

I've never been married, I've broken off engagements, I don't have a boyfriend, but I do have someone I like. I'm around XNUMX.

To be precise, I will be 38 years old this year (°▽°)

I've met a lot of people through Papakatsu.There are about XNUMX people in total.

We've covered dating clubs, dad-hunting apps, and drinking money.

I would like to share my experiences and impressions in it and help you even a little.

I will write about what I feel and think about being a dad.

Before I started working as a dad, I worked at night as a hostess in Ginza for about seven years in total.

I worked as a hostess in Ginza from the age of 2 to XNUMX (there was a time when I wasn't in Japan for about two years as a backpacker or on a working holiday).

And I have been working as a father since I was around 34 years old until I am currently 37 years old (*´▽`*)

The reason I started working as a father was that my mental health suffered and I fell ill.

I started having panic attacks on crowded trains in the morning and couldn't go to work, so I started doing this to earn a living (´-`)

I'm sure there are many reasons why people become fathers, such as people like me who do it for a living, to earn money for school fees, to pay off debts, to pay for a relative's medical treatment, etc.

I got the impression that there were many people who said they would be in trouble if they didn't have money to live.

I'm currently living overseas, so I'm meeting up with the dads who took care of me when I returned to Japan.

We only meet once every 3 to 6 months, so it's not like I'm fully devoted to being a dad right now, but I've come into contact with a lot of men due to my job, so

I would like to write with that in mind (*'▽'*)

My dream was to live abroad.

In fact, the reason I was able to live my dream overseas was because a gentleman I met through Dad-Katsu gave me a job that I could complete online.

Thanks to that, I can now work from anywhere in the world (o^^o)

It's thanks to Dad-katsu that I was able to live the life of my dreams! ! (*^^)v

There are many different ways to be a father.I will talk about the life of a father until he reaches such a path.


Well, today's theme is ``Dads I've Controverted.''

Unfortunately, not all dads are gentlemen. I guess he has plenty of money since he's living the life of a father.

I thought that there were many people who had a lot of leeway and knew how to treat people.

That was not the case (;∀;)



Dad insists, ``Being a dad is worth the price if you pay for it.''

I once had a discussion with a father who said, ``It's more than just paying the price.''

``I've met with several women and given them allowances, but in many cases it's not worth the price.I don't want to pay them unless my performance is worth the money.''

And that.

``In the first place, even in dad-hunting, if you are paying money, you are paying for it, so if the person paying is not satisfied, there is no point in paying.''

He even said that.

When asked what exactly happened,

``I can see that he didn't talk much while we were meeting, and was just trying to get his allowance as time passed.''

``On our next date, I asked him to watch a movie after lunch, but he asked me to pay him double allowance.I'm disappointed in him for calculating his hourly wage while working as a father.''

I've heard various complaints.

At times like this, I tend to turn on the hostess switch and get to work (lol).

However, this time I said what I was thinking without any bias. Because it's not work.

As if I were the representative of women who are active dads (lol)

``Money = consideration, I understand this.

But you wouldn't go to a restaurant and not pay because you weren't satisfied with the quantity or taste you expected, right?

You wouldn't refuse to pay because the woman you went to at a cabaret club wasn't your type or wasn't interesting, right?

Both were arrested for eating and drinking without paying.

Are you saying the same thing? I understand that you didn't feel well, but I can't justify not paying for it. No price is perfect. ”

I replied (lol)

After that, we continued to have many discussions, saying, ``But...''

``It's not just men who are dissatisfied; there are various issues on the women's side as well.

If you don't think, ``There are people like this out there, it can't be helped,'' then it's better not to be a father,'' he concluded (lol).


A father who wants to live together for 20,000 yen per month

Let's do everything in one month, including helping dad with work, sexual relations, traveling, and general entertainment such as movies and karaoke! ! I made a suggestion.

How to say it's a proposal or a decision.

I’m not a jack of all trades, am I? Why dad's job? Please pay me separately for that. I thought.


``Is this a plan like ``a campaign where you can use Bell as much as you want for a month''?

 I don't mind helping with work, but why aren't I getting paid even though it's work?

 I don't like it because I feel like I'm trying to get my allowance back. ”

Of course, I replied, "That's not my intention."

I concluded by saying, ``It doesn't matter what your intentions are. It's about how your words are conveyed to the other person.''


It's not just sweet stories, but many things that you wouldn't normally think of happen.

You may feel hurt or betrayed.

The day will come when you will be able to admire the father you met after going through so many things ♡


I hope you all meet wonderful fathers (^_−)−☆

2nd year as a dad, late 30s. In my twenties, I was No. 20 hostess in Ginza. At the age of 1, he left Ginza and had a lot of things to do, such as breaking off his engagement, and since then he has been working as a dad only for rice.

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