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Papa Active Women Want to Be Considered Nice by Papa Vol.2


How do I treat my dad?

The number of women working as dads has increased considerably recently, and each man's view of women is completely different.

Isn't it the first time you realize that when you first meet?

How does the other man see me?Some men compliment their appearance, others compliment their way of speaking.

That's why some men praise me for the beautiful way I drink drinks on the spot.

Therefore, when looking at a man from the female side, the most important thing is how to treat him.

That's just one way to treat a man, and the reaction of the man will change completely, and in short, it will affect the contract on the spot.

That's how important "actions to interact" are.

And the better the way you interact with them, the more directly it will make you think, "Papa is wonderful."

Anyway, don't gobble it up.

In my opinion, there is a "female behavior pattern" that every dad likes.

That's a woman who isn't greedy about her own self-interest anyway.

No, even if she has a stubborn personality, she's probably a woman who doesn't show it.

This is the same for all the women around me who have a contract with a reasonable allowance.

I guess you could say that I'm showing some leeway, or maybe I should say that I'm playing the type that doesn't immediately touch the money in front of me.

Besides, she doesn't have the image of a calm woman.

Normally, it's okay to play around, but I think it's fine to say that you want this strangely or that you don't feel like you're spending money.

Men know what it means to be a dad in the first place.

And I'm on the spot on the premise of paying an allowance for contracting with the female side.

So, to put it another way, even though I know that money will be generated on the spot, I feel tired and troublesome when women keep reminding me.

If I were to give an example, it would be the same as going to a restaurant and being told only about the bill by the owner.

Isn't it a prerequisite to pay money and come to eat on the spot?How about when the shop owner asks for it again?Would you like to drop your tension?Don't you think it's noisy?It's the same.

That's why, even if it's the first time you've met him or if you've met him a few times, it's "strictly forbidden" to remind him.

So when do you need money?

Isn't that the highlight of each woman?Can you say technique?Some women are outspoken.

But in my case, it's not that I want money, but that I'm thinking of starting something like this...hey, what do you think, Dad?

If my dad doesn't seem interested, I'll try to talk about things like "I can have fun with my dad..." and attack him from various perspectives.

Still, if it doesn't work, I'll think again about how to make Papa's mood better from a different angle.

For example, acting home-cooked.

I think women have different ways of doing things.

And if you continue to act like that, your dad will naturally think of you as a "nice woman".

If you think of me as a “nice woman,” it may sound bad, but it will also lead to an “increase in your allowance.”

be careful how you speak

Anyway, when I'm working as a dad, I always feel that this is really important.

Really, I see women talking in Tame once in a while, but I can't help but think they're dumb. (especially found in hotel lounges)

First of all, how old is your dad?And we are in a position to receive allowances.

In such a way, would dad see a woman who has no gratitude there as a "nice woman"?If I were a dad, I would never see her as a "nice woman".

On the contrary, maybe I should look at it as a "vulgar woman".

How do you think dad life is nice from men?I think it's important.

I wonder if he's using the tame language thinking about the distance between him and his dad on the spot.

To put it bluntly, a woman who thinks that "distance is shortened" by speaking the same language is quite misunderstood.

Every father is an adult.

Conversely, there are many women who think that the distance between them is shorter than that of women who are able to follow adult manners.

Oddly enough, if a young woman behaves rudely due to shallow thinking, the other man will often take it as rude, so be careful.

Like a family, the act of talking itself is not a bad thing, and it leads to "shortening the distance".

I understand this.

However, Tame is a different story.

To be honest, many of the men who become dads are well-bred or grown up in a certain environment.

That's why most people don't even act like they're talking to their superiors in the same language.

If you think that you are acting like that, it is recommended that you decline, keep your distance, and reconfirm your position.

By doing that, you will be able to recognize yourself properly, and how you will be reflected in your dad.becomes better understood.

By doing so, what kind of action can you take to your dad on the spot to make him think it's nice?You will be able to check again.

The balance you have in your relationship with your dad

Inevitably, dad life will generate money.

So women are not doing charity work.

I think this is the part that both men and women recognize at a minimum.

However, if this balance is even slightly off, it will always cause a temperature difference or cause trouble.

And they lose each other's benefits.

This is the part that is directly connected to the part that makes you feel nice.

Is it worth the money to "look nice" when looking at a woman from a man?is directly connected.

Even if you want the other person to think about you with a pure feeling, if the balance is not good, it will not be conveyed to the other person.

So there is a balance if we have to keep each other.

I believe that this balance is at the core of the attention given to men by women.

By all means, if there are women who feel uneasy about whether they think they are nice once, wouldn't it be a good idea to change the above balance adjustment?

That alone can be quite effective.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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