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A story about being consulted by a male business partner about dad activities ~Part XNUMX~

The other day, the writer had a meal with a male client at a work meeting.

Talk about work is over, and it's a casual conversation.

At that time, I was consulted,How to start dad life"was.

I interviewed various things, such as why I became interested in dad activities.

The reason why men wanted to start dad activities

The main character of this story is a male client in his 40s. (Mr. A below)

I have a wife and a college-aged daughter.

Mr. A is a pretty big person who runs the fashion industry, so maybe some of you know him.

I asked Mr. A why he became interested in dad activities.

"Because of my work, I have a connection with fashionable and cute girls in their teens.'

"But I can't get my hands on it from a position, and I don't even want to get my hands on it.'

"I'm not good at children who are too perfect... I feel calmer when I'm missing.'

"I want to relax and play without work.'

The reason was surprisingly simple.

"My daughter is also a college student and it's not easy to do, and she's getting more and more away from her parents.It's a pleasure.'

"His wife is a perfectionist and when she's with him, he suffocates... (laughs)'

I was a little surprised because on the surface it looked like a harmonious family.

From the tone of Mr. A, I feel that he is not satisfied somewhere.

"Daddy life, if you think that the girl who wants an allowance and the uncle who fills the loneliness is just the right balance, I feel like it's not bad.'

"Manners and customs are easy to play with, but when it's over, emptiness remains.Compensated dating for amateurs doesn't pay off when you consider the girl's background and the risk of coming into contact with the law.'

"I want to fill the gap in my heart, but I think it's a waste to leave some nervousness.'

"In the beginning, girls can be for allowance purposes.But somewhere along the line, I would be happy if she could think, "It's fun to be with Daddy."'

I don't think there are many men who understand dad life so far.

The more I heard from Mr. A about why he became interested in dad life, the more I felt like I was touching something hidden in his heart.

I asked if there was sex or not!

Speaking of dad life, I thought that having sex is also a big point, so I decided to ask a question.

"I wonder if it's good to be a dad on the premise of sex, a child who is fun to be with for the time being!'

"Honestly, if it's just sex, I don't have a problem with the other party (laughs), but I'm sexless with my wife!'

"It's hard to make friends at this age.'

"Of course, there may be men who look for girls on the premise of sex, but I think it's okay.'

"OffI think it's good to become a sex ant depending on the feeling.'

"We both have our own tendencies, so I don't want to have sex where one of us compromises on things like money.'

"Sex is more play-oriented than frequency.'

I've heard from friends who are working as dads that most of the dads I've met have sex as a premise, so I was surprised to see Mr. A's way of thinking.

I'm the same, but "Men always think first about having sex with girls"Isn't it bad if you don't have sex?"It may be linked to such thoughts.

Perhaps, the dad doesn't particularly want a daddy activity with sex, but I thought that the girl was ahead of the game and had sex and adjusted the conditions.

Why Mr. A consulted me

I heard various things from Mr. A about how he got interested in dad life, but the more I heard about it, the more I began to wonder why he consulted me.

To be honest, it's hard to come out, and I'm honestly curious as to why you chose me in an environment where there are many girls around.

"Is it because she's easy to talk to and doesn't seem to have any prejudices?"He said.

I myself am a writer of romance genres in general, so I am used to this and that between men and women.

Some girls say "I won't accept anything other than pure love!It seems that there are some children who have a strong core, such as ", and when I talk to such children this time, they will get a really unpleasant look.

If you think about it, like me, "The relationship between men and women is ten colors!There may be few types who can say.

Perhaps some of you reading this articleI'm interested in dad activities, but I'm worried about being aloneThere may be people who say.

Because of my work, I am often consulted about this kind of story, but both men and women are interested in papa activities, and there are many people who have actually started papa activities, so please rest assured.

Register as a member of the Papa Live App!

Mr. A, who told me that he was interested in dad activities, showed me the screen of his smartphone.

"I'm thinking of using this dad app, but what do you think?"And.

Since it was an app run by a major company,Please register as a member if you are interested.'' I told him.

Membership registration is completed on the spot! (Laughs) Act fast!

Next time, I would like to send Mr. A's story about his experience as a dad!

Was Mr. A able to make his dad activity successful with the dad activity app?

Continued in the second half ♪

Former college hostess, current columnist. She started working as a dad with the motto of "enlivening daddy with conversation and atmosphere".I will tell you about the things about dad life!

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