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Dad life makes small happiness look big


How to show it to dads who have a contract

I think all women who are working as fathers have different ways of thinking.

Naturally, I've had a long history, so I've learned a lot from my memories of my father and other things, and I've been able to think about things in a commensurate way. .

Therefore, every day I go about my life as a father, keeping in mind the important things that are common to all fathers.

When working as a dad, I receive an allowance from my dad as per the contract.

However, I always try to feel that it is a gift that comes from a certain level of consideration for my father.

From a woman's point of view, some women may feel happy about the allowance, while others may see it as a shield for survival rather than happiness.

But what we mustn't forget is that everything we do is possible because of our fathers. (That's why daddy has to take good care of him.)

You could say that this is the origin of dad life.

Well, everyone should understand that a relationship cannot be established unless there are mutual benefits.

Once you get paid, it's not the end.

If you don't provide appropriate services to dads, it's just a one-way street.

Dad-hunting is often said to be a business centered around women, but that's not necessarily a wrong interpretation.

However, if you ask me, that's just a formality.

Of course, all dads are aware that basically everything revolves around women.

That's why there are overwhelmingly many men who listen to what you want from them, and there are almost no fathers who force you to do anything you can't do.

But I don't think we should rest on our laurels.

It's easy to understand if you use my surroundings as an example.

It has become commonplace for women to ask their fathers to do things for them, and the level of service they provide to their fathers has become low, resulting in a surprisingly large number of women breaking their contracts within a short period of time. (That's right, my friend's contract was just canceled last night.)

Don't forget that your father is in a position where he can evaluate you at any time.

Yes, even though it's a dad activity, GIVE AND TAKE is an absolute must.

The longer a woman has been a father, the more she understands this.

Some women are devoted to being a father, while others are like 2nd jobs and earn only the money they don't have in their daily lives.

That's why I can't work a day job in order to concentrate on what I want to do.

Therefore, there are also children who make a living from their father's activities, including living expenses, and who invest the extra money into their dreams.

However, I hear that there are many girls these days who are too focused on immediate money and don't pay attention to services, and recently I've heard that women around me are also making mistakes like that. I've started hearing it quite often.

No one is asking you to provide professional services when it comes to being a dad.

However, I believe that as long as you are simply considerate, there is no problem with being a dad.

How should I convey my feelings?is important in life as a father. (This is just my theory)

Take great joy in even the smallest things

Dads are older than us, and they tend to be more fashionable, but in most cases there is a significant generation gap.

Even if you talk about something simple or normal, most of the time you won't be able to understand what's being said, and even if you bring up a topic, there will be many cases where you won't be able to understand.

I'm sure most women who are active fathers have experienced this.

And I think it's normal to wonder, ``What kind of topics would make him happy?'' or ``I can't keep up with the topics my dad is telling me because they're too old.'' It's something we take for granted every day.

Honestly, I don't think Dad is trying to make you understand this.

But this is important.

It's not a good idea to act like you know something, but if you just listen to him or give him a nod, it's enough for him to have fun.

So, if I had to add something, this is also important.

In any case, if you receive something from dad or hear something that makes you laugh, give him a slightly bigger reaction.

This is a really necessary action for dad life.

From our point of view, there are probably very few people who would feel happy about that, and it's something that normally happens when you're with friends. (Especially the laughter)

However, for dads who have reached a certain age, the act of laughing with other people every day is not something that they do that often.

The same goes for receiving gifts.

Even if this isn't something that pleases you very much, just showing your child how happy he is at that moment makes him feel happy.

When I look at women who make a living by being dads, I see that they are really good at these kinds of actions.

Certainly, if I were to think about it from a normal father's perspective, I would think so too.

It is natural for people of different ages to have different points of joy than us.

So, several years ago, as part of my service, I started doing what I call ``showing my dad how happy I am.'' (I think I'm doing pretty well now.)

Then, although it was just my impression, Dad's face looked like he was grinning.

Also, when I receive an allowance, instead of receiving it without any reaction, I try to accept it by saying, ``I'm so happy, thank you so much, Dad, and I love you,'' even though it's a bit exaggerated.

Some dads say, ``That's an exaggeration.''

But I can't see him hating it for some reason.

To me, it just looks like it's telephoning.

When it comes to dad-hunting, each person has their own values, so I don't think there are many people who can say what is right.

However, one thing we can say in common is that dad-hunting is a service industry, and it is important to make the other person feel comfortable on the spot.

I can say with certainty that there is no father who would dislike this.

The man who becomes a father may have something on a different level from the happiness we have.

Please try to make small happiness big once.

I'm sure dad will be happy too.

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