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The importance of sex in fatherhood.


Are there any women who are working as dads who don't have or have never had a physical relationship with their dads?


My personal feeling is that it is more difficult to find such a woman, including my friends around me.

Daddy life and sex are so closely related that I feel like that.

Now, in the meantime, he has a lot of money and his status is amazing.

That's why I find that part of my father attractive.

However, a physical relationship with my dad is absolutely impossible.

Have you ever come across a situation like this?If you're a woman who's been a dad for a long time, you probably have a girlfriend every year.

Me too.

To be honest, one out of every two or three people will meet such a father.

Honestly, don't you worry?Do you want to sign a contract with this man?Why not?

Of course, depending on the father, there are rare cases where the father does not have sex.

For example, the other man may have ED or a disability.

However, most men are always looking for the body. (Based on my experience)

That's why I worry a lot about men who think it's physiologically impossible.

And only those men are rich, kind, and have great status.

If I had to add to that, I would be able to act like a gentleman without being too stubborn.

I think there are a lot of women who are new to fatherhood who refuse to sign a contract on the spot if it's physically impossible for them.I used to be like that too.

However, recently, many people are signing contracts.

After all, being a dad is a business, and don't you think it's a waste to simply cut off the man who takes care of your finances?That's what I think.

Besides, I feel like once you sign a contract, if it really doesn't work out, you should just cancel the contract.

If you're a woman working as a father, you're probably already aware of this, but recently there aren't as many men left over as there were before.

Especially when it comes to nice men.

I feel like it's a competition between women.

I've been feeling this really strongly for the past two years.

Dad activities have become so popular that many young children are starting to do so. (Is it fair to say that the hurdles are no longer as high as they used to be?)

For this reason, many men may think, ``If you pay the same allowance, younger girls are better.'' (We know a variety of ways to have fun that younger children don't have.)

For me, my current challenge is how to avoid missing out on finding wonderful men when I'm a dad.

Therefore, sex with men is something that I almost always worry about.

If you make a contract with a man who is physiologically unable to do so, and you are asked to do so, what kind of fetish does the other person have?First, I'm going to listen.

In my mind, do I have professionalism in my father's life?Isn't there?I feel like I'm being asked.

As for men who want to play strange things, I basically refuse any kind of men.

The reason is that she is not a prostitute.

However, when it comes to men who want normal play, even if it's physically impossible for them, I'm basically accepting them these days.

However, I would like to express some hope to the man who said that.

For example, if you are unable to provide oral service or are requesting a play that you don't normally do, tell them that you are sorry but it doesn't seem like it will be possible for you to do it.

Most men will agree to this, and some men who are dissatisfied may ask to cancel their contracts themselves.

The important thing for me here is to encourage the other person to make the choice to refuse.

Honestly, it's hard for me to say that since I'm receiving an allowance for canceling the contract. (Especially if the contract was signed at the first meeting.)

However, is it okay to be polite if the other person refuses?That's what I think.

Of course, you should never intentionally be rude to a man.

I feel like if you bring it out naturally, especially as a ``disagreement in the sexual part,'' you can create a beautiful flow for the parting. (Based on my experience)

Sexual relationships are really important when it comes to being a dad.

I think there are probably quite a lot of men who are aiming for that.

From my point of view, even if sex is the main thing, I'm happy that you feel attracted to me.

After all, they value me and pay me an allowance.

It seems that there are many women who are cutting corners when it comes to sex because they are trying to become dads.

I don't think this is really good.

Although many men may be paying allowances through daddy activities, there are many who would like to experience an atmosphere similar to real love that cannot be experienced in adult entertainment.

Among them, how would you feel if you were to cut corners when you had sex with that woman, even though you were paying her allowance?Don't you feel sorry?Even as a woman, I would feel sorry if a man did something like that to me.

Some men who become fathers are trying to fill something in their daily lives through their fatherhood activities in their relationships with us women.

Don't you have times like that even if you are a woman?A relationship with a man fills in some unsatisfactory feelings, etc.

It's the same.

So, what if we cut corners on someone who is trying to make up for something through sex?Honestly, all men who are fathers are really smart.

For this reason, most men understand our actions and thoughts like they can.

That's why even during sex, if you don't do anything, the message will be immediately transmitted to the man.

When it comes to being a father, sex is really important, and whether you have it or not, the amount of allowance you receive will be completely different, and above all, the amount of love that the man who will become your father will have for you will be completely different. (I am using the man I am currently under contract as an example)

Of course, there is no need to force yourself to play with men who are physiologically unable to do so.

But once again, how important is sex in dad life?I want you to reconsider.

Also, please remember that even if you don't like the person, if you sign a contract with them, you will receive a small allowance.

By the way, I generally try to sign a contract with a man unless I really dislike him.

And, as long as it's not a strange play, I try to find the good parts of the man and have a relationship with him.

After all, being a dad is a business to me.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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