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Sex Is in the Heel!

Ladies and gentlemen, what kind of clothes do you go to when you meet men?

Speaking of iron plate clothes for dates,

Neat and clean


pretty eyes casual

Is it?


What men see, what women see

The other day, I had the opportunity to go out for a drink after work with two male employees who happened to be on duty.

It became a topic of eye movement when looking at a woman.

How do men look at women

  • Body line (clothing)
  • next face
  • My favorite part (fetish)

And from my perspective as a woman, I'm serious!That was the order.

Of course, this is a personal opinion, so the movement of the gaze is different for each person, but the men sitting in front of me

"I know~!"

I was excited like a high school girl, so it may apply relatively.

By the way, when I look at women as staff

  • First, the face (makeup)
  • Body line (clothes)
  • then the shoes

I feel like I'm watching in the order of

Of course, all of them are important, but Hayakawa, who doesn't have a piece of clothing sense, is terrified that he can't really relax when it comes to clothes that start being seen by men...

Popular clothes for men

What kind of clothes do men like?

I tried to summarize.

・Clean clothes

On a daddy date, many people take me to places I can't usually go.

Meanwhile, the usual casual clothes are NG.

Harajuku style, lolita, gothic punk, leopard print, character printed T-shirts

It's not suitable, so it's better to avoid it when you're a dad.


It's a standard date.Feminine skirts are popular with men too!

However, she doesn't seem to like long skirts very much.

If you're going to wear a skirt or dress, it should be knee-length or a mini skirt that is about 10cm above the knee.

Tight skirts are popular because they clearly show the body line.

·pastel colour

Soft pastel colors such as white, light blue, and pink are feminine and popular.

On the other hand, shocking colors with strong colors and all black are not popular.

I can see every detail

I think, something you shouldn't forget to match your clothes.

it's shoes.

No matter how beautiful your clothes are, if you wear shoes that don't fit, you'll look ugly and you won't look good.

For example, shoes with studs don't go well with a neat dress, right?

Also, the popularity of sandals and socks, which are in vogue recently, is very bad...

Above all, it is NG to go on a date with daddy in sandals.

Let's get along well and let's do it when we go to the beach together.

We recommend wearing heeled shoes to make your body look beautiful.

Flat shoes are also easy to walk in and cute, but when it comes to dates, I would like to be a little more fashionable.


Sex Is in the Heel

So the title of this time.

Sex Is in the Heel

"Sex is in heels"

A song from the musical "Kinky Boots".

The heels are red, and the higher the better, the sexier.Although it is such a song,
High-heeled shoes definitely make your feet look better.

And the shape of high heels is packed with feminine sexy.

First, the triangular space from heel to toe.

A triangular space is often used by models to decide their poses.It gives a sense of stability to the pose and creates a composition that gives a sense of security.

The heel also uses that space to support the body, but the thin heel that seems to counteract it creates a weakness that can't be left alone.

And the flowing curve from heel to toe.

There is a hidden S-shape that models and photographers are concerned about.

When posing, make an S shape with your body to create sexiness, softness, and femininity.

There is no doubt that heeled shoes have an unconscious fetishism that is pleasing to the eye, and something that excites the heart.


Also, fingertips that bend at the toes.

The fingertips that apply force are said to be an orgasm symbol, and that alone adds color and scent.

The buttocks, which have added more force than usual to maintain balance, turn upwards, and the posture of raising the chest to improve the posture accentuates the dignified femininity.

Stand tall, wear heels, and stroll around town.

Just imagining that figure makes me feel a little comfortable as a woman, and I unconsciously want to look back.

And I'm sure the man walking next to you will also feel comfortable with such a woman.


It's true that heels are easy to get tired, swollen, and easy to fall down if you're a little careless.

However, it is precisely because such unstable shoes are dignified that they have the frailty of a woman who wants to protect them.


So far, I've written a column that recommends high heels, and this may be because I have a foot fetish and dream about women's legs and shoes.

However, wearing heels all day can be tiring, so when you go on a date, it might be a good idea to bring a pair of heels in addition to your usual shoes and change them at the meeting place.

Chihiro Hayakawa



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