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Membership reason

I have some desires and purpose in life.

I met one of them.

Dating is just a medium.

Seeking experience beyond that.

I want to be wrapped in the chest of an older gentleman.

A fundamental desire to be loved using your mind and body.

I want to talk about the inside of that chest.


During an interview at a club, I was asked.

"If you work at night, you'll have a date, right?"

I have a purpose and am currently working as a hostess.

Every day begins and ends with encounters with the opposite sex.

For me, the job of a hostess is just a means to an end.

Only that axis will not shake from now on.


But why did you join?

There are two reasons.

1. Work and private life are separate

2. My clumsiness

Somewhere, I feel an indivisible self

I feel lonely, and I'm disgusted with myself, and my sense of emptiness is growing.

I don't want to do the kind of "work" that is required of me as a hostess when I meet people of the opposite sex. . .

I'm in a job that makes me aware of being a woman, but my heart is dry.

I don't feel like I'm a woman.

When I go to work, even an older person like me has the chance to talk to me.

It also means that you are attracted to me, and I am happy.

But more than that, my heart is unmoving.

Because work and private life are separate things.

I want to "kaiho" my heart.

I want someone to feel my heart

Deep in my heart, I still feel that way today.


Recently, the opportunities to masturbate alone have increased.

When I was younger, I wasn't that interested in sex.

I wonder if my body wants something as I get older.

The voice which leaks out while having a sensuality.

Since when"my voice"I want someone to listen to . .

I want you to see me happy. . .

That doesn't mean that sex is the top thing they want from men.

love from a man towards me

I want to feel the warmth from the other person on the extension of that heart.

I want to be hugged tightly.

I want to kiss slowly, gently, and feel each other's hearts.

Are you selfish?

Three major desires of Yuriko. 1. An encounter with an uncle who stimulates my sensibility 2. Intellectual curiosity about a human-like view of the world 3. Maintaining age-appropriate beauty Thank you in advance.

Article by Yuriko

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